A Conversation...

Bookhound and I were having one of our conversations the other day, it went a bit like this...

Me : 'Clocks go back this weekend.'

Him : 'That means it's only five weeks to Advent and the C*******s bough coming into the kitchen.'

Me : 'But surely it was only last week we packed the deccies away and put them in the loft...'

Dec 16 bough

And we suddenly realised that this year had somehow vanished, and we have no real markers for it other than those we'd prefer to forget. No month in New Zealand obviously, but that apart no umpteen trips out hither and yon to places new or loved to look back on at this stage in the year. They do say that a set routine is the quickest way for time to feel as if its passing too quickly, which is why we often do spur of the moment trips out. 

Falmouth for the day...

Penzance and Lamorna...


Lanhydrock to look at Tommy Robartes' room...

Oct 13 lanhydrock TR ROOM 2

The house and orchards at Cotehele...and who can forget the Monday morning we walked around alone but for two other people...Hilary Mantel and her husband, and I had to suppress all notions of fan-girl adoration and let them walk in peace...

'Bookhound might have been whispering 'Don't you dare.' in my ear as well.

May 16 cotehele 9

A jaunt along the North Cornwall coast...


A jolly along the highways and byways of Devon to find some obscure but beautiful little church that I've read about...

April 15 23 church tpc dresden plate

And all the country and village shows, the rows of golden honey at Okehampton Show...

Aug 15 okey show honey

Morwenstow for that view across to the sea from the church, and the best tearoom ever.

Say we went out two or three times a week somewhere, that would be 120 or more excursions between January and now, and this year we can probably count them on one hand. I won't go on or we'll all end up maudlin and miserable, but if nothing else their absence has done something very strange to the passage of time this year.

We had a good think and we managed to scrape up a few. The visit to Coleton Fishacre and the snowdrops at St Raphael Huccaby on the way home came to mind..



It's not a complaint because it’s the same for most of us and there have been unexpected upsides too, but it suddenly, in a strange instant, felt as if time had telescoped in on itself, it really had stood still, and I wonder if anyone else had noticed this.

Is it just five minutes since you packed away last C*******s and maybe you're wondering what this year's season will hold?

All I can say is if you hold anything, hold the faith that this will pass,  and of course our bough will be coming in as usual, and in the meantime some of us have The Mirror and the Light to contend with. before then.

TwowhTalking of which...

I accumulated quite a few of these little reading guides The World of Wolf Hall, by picking one up every time I was in Waterstones...would anyone who is joining our slow November read like one? There's a very handy list of key dates and characters, an elaboration of themes and some historical context.

You can also order the guide free on Kindle here, but for those non-Kindlers I have seven copies, which will be on their way to the first seven people, based in the UK, to email their address to me dovegreyreader at gmail dot com


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