How Stay at Home Moms Can Stay Entertained and Make Money

As a stay-at-home mom, it can be difficult to stay entertained while the kids are at school, and so some moms may be considering using this spare time to make extra money as the kids grow older. If you are considering how to boost your income to spend extra money on kid’s necessities or even on the occasional treat, here are some money-making schemes that you can start before the festive season.

Take Online Surveys

One of the best ways that you can make money while staying at home is to get paid for your opinion with Branded Surveys, as the only knowledge and experience that you will need for this is your day-to-day life and shopping habits. At Branded Surveys, they can help you to find an array of surveys that you can complete in return for gift cards or cash once you have reached a certain amount of points. This is a particularly great option for moms who love to buy and review products, ranting about their failings and gushing about their benefits, and is a great way to make your voice heard when it comes to the shops that you love. 

Start a Mommy Blog

When you are waiting for the kids to get home, mommy blogs can help you to create a safe space to vent, share your opinion with others, and even create a community of other moms and people with the same interests. Although you have the right experience to start a mommy blog, you should also consider starting a mommy blog that focuses on your hobbies, such as DIY and arts and crafts, and even your career. To monetize your mommy blog, you should consider selling advertising space, reviewing products, and allowing guest posts from brands that are related to your niche. 

Sell on Third-Party Marketplaces

If you want to spend your time creating a small business that you can operate around your commitments as a mom, selling on third-party marketplaces is the right option for you. This will allow you to resell products, sell off your second-hand goods, or even make your handmade products available for purchase, all while leaving the marketing campaigns and website management that is required from other online businesses to someone else. The best marketplaces to sell on include Amazon, ASOS, and Etsy. If you have a mommy blog, you can always use your blog and social media platforms to promote your store too!

Become an Influencer

When you think of influencers, you might imagine flawless models and fashionistas. However, this is not the case, and there are plenty of businesses who are looking for social media savvy moms to share slices of their life with viewers. Not only will becoming an influencer allow you to receive different products to endorse and share with your followers, but you can even be paid to do so. It helps to have a mommy blog and a strong social media following, especially on Instagram. You don’t have to just market your motherhood though, there are plenty of fitness mommies who are changing the game and making money too!

Go Freelance 

If you want to return to work and yet are struggling to find a job around school hours, you should consider going freelance while your kids are young. Freelance gigs like content writing, consultancy jobs, and web development are currently in-demand and can help you to work the hours that you want while also allowing you to be your own boss. 

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