The Classiest Makeup Looks For Women Over 50

As the world has finally come to understand, representation matters, and that truth fully extends to the world of beauty. Our differences are what makes each one of us beautiful, inside and out… so let’s celebrate them!? 

If you’re new to makeup, or haven’t experimented in a while, fear not! We’re here to help. Worried about overdoing it? Classy makeup for older women is well within reach. 

Most makeup brands only primarily market to young adult women. Social media can further emphasize the falsehood that beauty is limited to a specific body type, or age group. But beauty knows no bounds.

 Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a certain age to rock a solid makeup look or the top beauty trends. Women over 50 have every right to feel confident, and classy, in their makeup! 

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Here are five ideas for some of the classiest makeup looks for women over 50: 

  1. A Bold Lip: Color can be intimidating for some, but a solid bold lipstick choice will make you stand out, in the best possible way. Consider your complexion, and skin tone, and start off simply. Maybe try a darker shade of pink, then play around with reds, or purples! There are some really beautiful, bold colors that still look natural, so have fun! Pro tip: To balance a bold lip out, go super light with the eyeshadow.? 
  2. Light Contour: Contouring is a rather new phenomenon in the world of makeup, but when done right, your cheekbones will pop! Many people contour their cheekbones on the cheekbone line, but you’re better off starting a little bit higher up towards the temple, and brushing back and forth diagonally towards the apple of your cheek. Blend it in afterward, and you’ve highlighted the lovely structure of your face! Pro tip: Go just a half a shade darker than your complexion. Too dark, and it will look unnatural. If you’re not comfortable trying out bronzer, use a transparent highlighter powder to enhance your face in a similar way. 
  3. Brows Baby: Every eyebrow type is beautiful. Despite whatever “trend” is in at the moment, your eyebrows are perfect – because they’re yours! If you want to highlight them, make sure to use a spoolie to brush them out, and use a color of eyebrow pencil, or eyeshadow that matches your eyebrow color to follow the natural shape. Pro tip: less is more! 
  4. Lashes: The right mascara can really make your eyes pop. To take it one step further, choose a mascara that complements your eye color! For example, green eyes can really pop with a dark purple mascara, and blue eyes can pop with a brown mascara. Recent market studies have shown that people change their loyalty to makeup brands throughout their whole lives, disproving the assumption that older women are only loyal to one brand. You can switch up your tastes at any age, and people will be pleasantly surprised when they see you trying something new.? 
  5. Fièra Products: Potentially more important than anything else is MOISTURIZER! Using moisturizer twice a day can make a serious difference in the wellbeing of your skin, and skin elasticity. Follow up your moisturizer with Fièra foundation, to even out your skin tone. Many foundations can do older women a disservice by highlighting fine lines and wrinkles, but Fièra foundation is a great alternative. The only foundation of its kind designed for older women, and light enough to give you just enough coverage, Fièra foundation is the perfect fit.

 No matter what age, every woman should feel confident in her skin. Let your makeup serve you! Trends will come and go, but your beauty is timeless, even for women over 50.? 

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