Lush Keep It Fluffy is Back and I’m Heart Broken

Lush Keep It Fluffy Perfume has returned! My god how I’ve waited for this day. Keep It Fluffy was one of the original Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful fragrances and it’s gorgeous! Over the years Lush UK has slowly brought back a lot of the scents from the B Never days and I’ve always waited and waited for the return of Keep It Fluffy but the day never came.

To this day I remember the gorgeous vanilla and rose scent. It’s so unique and so gorgeous.

And Lush UK has finally brought it back!

And I’m heart broken.

I would buy a case of this if I could. A case! But I can’t. The scent launched on Lush’s UK website which does ship to the US but the problem is it’s a 100ML bottle and Lush restricts bigger bottles like this from shipping to the US.

I am so sad and heart sick over this. I could ask my best friend Libby who lives in London to grab it but I don’t know her exact lockdown situation and I don’t really want to bother her with this during COVID.


What’s a Keep it Fluffy girl to do? I emailed Lush and asked of Lush NA would get it! I sure hope we get it but it does say on the site that it’s exclusive.

Sad sigh.

Why Lush why?

There are Keep It Fluffy fans in the US too!

I’m so in my feels right now. Sad sigh.

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