Pat Mcgrath at Costco! Yes, We Have a Costco Membership Now!

Some very odd looking Pat Mcgrath EYEdols Eye Shadow popped up at Costco today!

But first a little back story…

When COVID started we got a Costco Membership. Yes, a Costco Membership. This from two people who used the fridge to store bottle water. Needless to say we used to eat out a lot or order in if we were ever home. Travel, socializing, etc…left us with an empty fridge most of the days of our lives but when the pandemic struck we decided that a Costco Membership was needed. We needed to be prepared because we knew the zombie plague was upon us and everything we had planned for the big day wasn’t implemented. Were we ready for the zombies? Did we have enough food? Enough cans of soups? Twinkies?

We were not prepared but Costco would prepare us.

No, but seriously we did actually get a Costco membership during the pandemic. We travel a lot and we don’t stay home often so having lots of food on handy was a bit wasteful but nowadays we do Costco hauls (And we cook food on the stove in our kitchen! Who even knew you could do that?). There’s something to be said about buying big boxes of toilet paper that last you a year. It feels very adult-like shopping at a warehouse store that sells bulk bins of grapes and fifty can cases of soup.

Costco also sells cool stuff like makeup and skincare. But I gotta admit when Pat Mcgrath popped up the website I raised a brow! These do not quite look like the EYEdols Eyeshadow we know and love. One good plus is the fact that they have eliminated all the wasteful sequins these typically come packaged it. That’s cool however, the casing is completely different. EYEdols Eyeshadow has a more rounded case and these are flat. Hmmmm….! Honestly at $9.99 each I’d say get them at for $12.50 instead as these look a little off!

What do you think of the Pat Mcgrath EYEdols Eyeshadow Costco Edition?

Where to buy

Costco Pat Mcgrath

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