Lush Mamma Mia Body Spray Brings Back Fond Silky Underwear Vibes

Lush Mama Mia Body Spray is one of several new body fragrances that launched for Spring 2021 on Lush’s US site. These released in Lush UK in December and they are just starting to roll out in stores here and of course, online. I am so glad I did a blind buy of Mamma Mia because it brings me back to the day that I brought some of my first Lush products 10 plus years ago and Silky Underwear Dusting Powder happened to be one of those products. I collect old Victorian powder jars and vanity sets and I always felt so special pouring Silky Underwear into some of my powder jars! It made me feel so fancy. To this day I keep several body powder jars on my vanity to dust on and yes, of course, I always pour out my Guerlain Shalimar Perfumed Dusting Powder into a pretty powder jar.

Mamma Mia is contains notes of vanilla, bergamot, and rosewood which are obviously nothing like those of Silky Underwear but it does smell like a lighter version of it!

Lush Mamma Mia Body Spray mists out of the bottle like Silky Underwear! I smell a light powder jasmine and rose but jasmine isn’t actually in the notes here so my nose is misleading me I guess! None the less, that initial spray is gorgeous!

As it settles down the lightest touch of rosewood comes out to play and a sweet layer of vanilla mixed with a touch of bergamot settles onto your skin. There’s a powdery element to the fragrance that gives in a pretty vintage touch! I love it! It smells like old Hollywood glam to me! If you like Silky Underwear this feels like a lighter version of it.

This is a very feminine and classic fragrance that wears close to the skin with a moderate throw and a fairly long wear for around five hours.

All in all, a another fab pick from Lush!

Lush Mamma Mia Body Spray is available now!

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