Official Trailer for 1960s Drama 'Son of the South' Starring Lucas Till

Son of the South Trailer

"You're gonna have to decide which side you're on." Vertical Entertainment has unveiled an official trailer for Son of the South, a coming-of-age drama set in the turbulent times of the 1960s. This premiered at the American Black Film Festival last year, and it arrives on VOD next month. Lucas Till stars as a grandson of a Klansman who comes of age during the early 60's in the deep south and eventually joins the Civil Rights Movement. Based on Bob Zellner's autobiography "The Wrong Side of Murder Creek". The film's ensemble cast also features Lex Scott Davis, Lucy Hale, Jake Abel, Shamier Anderson, Ludi Lin, Dexter Darden, Sienna Guillory, Chaka Forman, with Cedric the Entertainer. This looks like it's trying to confront racism head on, but it's also another white savior story we've seen many times before. Check it out. ›››

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