I see you

Until last fall, the view of this house from our deck was obscured by two very tall pine trees. Our neighbor has since had those trees removed. And now that the leaves have fallen from the other trees, this is what we see. Fortunately for us, the neighbor who owns this house does not live in it. She uses it for holidays and summer visits. When she's here, she's very discreet. We hope she has no plans to sell.

I see you The view should be blocked a little better when the maple and other leaves come back in the spring.

I'm looking forward to spring and the return of leaves to see how much we'll be able to see when summer comes. This view is of the back of the house, a bedroom, bath, and w.c. on the main floor, and a couple of skylights in the attic bedrooms. For eighteen years, we could pretend there wasn't a house over there. No longer.

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