2021 Guide to Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level

Has your kitchen seen better days? Considering this room is one of the main focal points for any family home, an old, tired kitchen isn’t going to help raise the mood of you and your loved ones. 

Transforming a kitchen with a renovation project is no easy task, admittedly. It’s one that many even try and put off due to the work and complexity involved. Yet, with the right amount of planning and a healthy budget, you can give your kitchen the overhaul it deserves. 

Are you ready to make the jump? If so, here’s a quick guide to transform your kitchen and bring it to the next level with the top 2021 kitchen trends. 

Replace the cabinets  kitchen

Can you add a fresh lick of paint to your current cabinets? Yes. It can also be an effective way to bring color to your kitchen. However, it isn’t the approach to take if you truly want to create the kitchen of your dreams. 

By replacing the cabinets, you can potentially change up the configuration of your kitchen. You can create more storage space or move around where certain appliances are placed. 

Most importantly, if you use a specialist company like Home Counties Joinery, you can receive luxury bespoke cabinets that are exactly to your specification and in keeping with the 2021 kitchen trends. Forget about picking your cabinets out of a catalog – now you have full control. 

Update the floor and walls  kitchen

If your kitchen hasn’t received any updates for a number of years, it is likely its existing floor is displaying wear and tear. Instead of living with this, now is the time to check out the 2021 kitchen trends and put down a new floor that will supply a fresh look.

From tiles to hardwood flooring, it’s not difficult to give this aspect of your kitchen a modern and upmarket design. Depending on what you pick, you may even decide to add an extra luxurious touch with underfloor heating

Along the same lines, don’t ignore your walls if you feel they need a new coat of paint. Additionally, this is an opportunity to re-grout – or replace – your current wall tiles. 

Bring the light  kitchen

Light can make all the difference for your kitchen’s mood and overall aesthetic. One of the top 2021 kitchen trends is large light fixtures that are a focal point. Be sure you don’t neglect lights under the cabinets too. This can create a welcoming, contemporary atmosphere. 

You don’t only have to focus on artificial light. Is it possible to introduce more natural light into your kitchen? If so, try and promote this as much as possible. Along with helping make your kitchen bright and airy, natural light even provides several health benefits

Modernize your appliances  kitchen

If your refrigerator or oven is only a couple of years old, it isn’t exactly necessary to replace these just yet. However, if you have any appliances significantly past their best or not fitting into your kitchen’s layout, it could be time to shop for new ones. 

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As well as big appliances, don’t ignore smaller items like a toaster or kettle. Finding small appliances which match your kitchen’s décor can help to give the room that extra layer of welcome detail. Learning about the 2021 kitchen trends before you do your kitchen makeover, is critical!

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