4 Ways To Avoid Upsell Overspending

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Anytime you deal with a salesperson, you’ll likely be subject to an upsell attempt.  The upsell is a sales pitch which attempts to get you to buy something more expensive than originally intended. The salesperson doesn’t care about matching you to your needs or your budget.  What they do care about is their commission or quotas. If you go into a situation with a salesperson, unless you’re ready to deal with the upsell pitch, you could end up spending a lot more than you intended, or even worse, more than you can afford. It’s wise to learn how to avoid upsell overspending ahead of time.

My son and I went into an electronics superstore to upgrade his cell phone. When we told the salesperson what phone we wanted, he immediately switched into upsell mode as the desired phone was not the latest model. We refused his suggestion and moved on. Later, he suggested we add a protection plan. We firmly declined again and continued on.

Had we not been prepared for the upsell, we might have given into his suggestions and spent more than we intended. Here are five ways to avoid upsell overspending:

Research Your Purchase

My son and I had walked into the store knowing exactly what phone we were going to buy, and why. We had done the research and knew the pros and cons of our selection. This goes hand in hand with having a waiting period before making a major purchase. In addition to doing online research, we had visited the store a few days earlier and asked some questions. Only after pondering our decision for a few days did we go back to the store to make a purchase. There was nothing the salesperson could tell us that would make us change our minds.

Anticipate Questions

Having shopped at this particular electronics store for years, I knew the salesperson would eventually push the protection plan. I had researched the cost and weighed it against our historical need for protection. I already knew he was going to push the plan, and I knew I didn’t want it. Therefore, it was easy to decline his suggestion.

No Explanation Needed

You may feel like you need to convince the salesperson as to why you are turning down the upsell. You don’t owe the salesperson any such explanation. Simply say, “No.” If he or she continues the upsell pitch, threaten to walk out.

Useful Phrases

When resisting the upsell, the following phrases can be very effective:

  • I’m not interested.
  • I can’t afford that.
  • I’ve already decided what I want
Be Firm

Salespeople can sense indecision and will try to exploit it. If you’re going to decline the upsell, do it with conviction and confidence. Otherwise, they’re likely to keep trying.

The salesperson upsell is unavoidable. Sometime, somewhere in life, you will experience it.  If you’re unprepared it could end up costing you a pile of cash. But recognizing when it’s going to happen, and being prepared for it, will help you walk away with exactly what you intended to buy.

How about you, Clever Friends, when was the last time you had a salesperson try to upsell you?

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