5 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Attic Space

Repurposing your attic space is smart to add to your home, especially if you live in a city. City-living often has you sacrifice space for the convenience of having shops, restaurants, and more right off your front step, but with an attic conversion, you can get more out of your property. You can do so much with it once it is done, so consider these top options on how to do fashionable renovations to your attic space. 

Add a Bedroom

The best way to repurpose your attic space, if you have 2 meters or the equivalent of headspace, is by transforming it into a bedroom with an experienced company like Touchstone Lofts found at touchstonelofts.co.uk. This is one of the best renovations to add, not only because it works to increase your property’s value between 20% to 30% and because it is infinitely cheaper to renovate your existing property to add a bedroom than it is to buy a larger home. It is the perfect solution for growing families, and with a top contractor, you have everything from planning permission to fire safety covered on top of the renovation. 

Tip: If you can, consider adding an en-suite to this bathroom so that the space is comfortable and functional as a bedroom. 

Make it an Art Studio 

If you don’t have a growing family to consider, then that new bedroom space can be used for almost anything. An art studio is a great thing to consider for your new attic space, as it will allow you to make as much of a mess as necessary and keep it relatively contained. This is particularly true for musicians. Just remember to add the extra sound insulation so that you can block out any remaining ambient noise and, of course, so that the rest of the house can stay quiet. 

Make it into an Office 

With working from home so widespread and set to become more of a regular occurrence now and long into the future, it makes sense to use this new attic space as your home office. As it’s away from the rest of your home, you can stay focused and productive in this area of your home and relax everywhere else without an issue. 

Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Bathroom  Image Source: Pinterest

Unless you are lacking a full bathroom in your home and cannot adjust the floor plan of your lower levels to accommodate them, you won’t want to transform your loft into a bathroom. It’s a long way up for a shower or bath, but that being said, not everyone has space in their main living areas for a full, spa-worthy experience. In these cases, go all out with your loft-converted bathroom. 

Make A Playroom 

It’s a bit of a waste to use a bedroom conversion for a playroom or toy storage, but not every attic can be made into a full room. In these cases, consider using it for a kid’s playroom or toy storage. Kids don’t need as much headroom so an attic space might be just right for a playroom and a place to keep all the kid’s toys!

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