A cricket ball lurking behind UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock

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Ged Ladd was watching UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, being interviewed by Sophy Ridge On Sunday.

“Just to the north-east of the cabinet minister’s ear, I can clearly see a cricket ball,” he said.

This is not perhaps the most unlikely location for a cricket ball as Hancock’s affection for cricket is fairly common knowledge.

In 2005, he went on an expedition to the North Pole during which he played a game.

14 years ago, I trekked to the North Pole. Fueled by 5 meals a day, I went on to play the most northernly game of cricket. pic.twitter.com/FxliAiLTcc

— Matt Hancock (@MattHancock) June 7, 2019

We’re not sure which one of those people is Hancock.

He later explained: “I played the most northerly game of cricket out on the Arctic ice and to prepare for that – instead of dragging all the food you need, because we took everything and pulled everything behind us in a pulk – I ate enormous amounts of food and I put on three stone. I ate five meals a day and one of those meals was entirely flapjack.”

Since then, we’ve had a pretty excruciating game of office cricket for the 2019 World Cup…

.@EnglandCricket give me a call if Ben Stokes is unavailable?

Office cricket this morning to celebrate the World Cup pic.twitter.com/lIXitJRE9i

— Matt Hancock (@MattHancock) May 31, 2019

… and also this, which is just pure Competitive Dad.

Cracking game of cricket outside Parliament today with Friends of Street Children Bangladesh pic.twitter.com/WfaomTxc1W

— Matt Hancock (@MattHancock) May 9, 2019

“24, 25, 26… 26 of the Queen’s runs.”

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