What's in a wall?

Here's what's in this one. One of our neighbors is having some work done, but I'm not sure what it is. So far, the enduit (render in British English, exterior stucco layer in American English) has been removed to expose the house's stone wall. That happened last winter and nothing has been done since. I don't recall any cracks or other obvious problems with that section of wall. So, we'll wait and see how the project evolves.

What s in a wall? All sizes and shapes of stone went into this wall.

Today is paques (Easter) in the Christian world. We will prepare our annual meal of rabbit. This year it will be lapin en gibelotte (a rabbit stew), with smoky bacon and mushrooms. I also got what's called a pâté de paques: seasoned sausage meat and a hard-boiled egg wrapped in flaky pastry. That will be our appetizer. For dessert I'm making an amandine aux figues (fresh fig and almond tart). There may be photos.

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