Why and How to benefit from Instagram Stories

  1. Instagram is the largest social network today, and the communication power it offers businesses is unique. It is one of the best tools you can find to build brand awareness and grow your engagement with your public, which is what consumers expect companies to do today. Here is why you should use Instagram stories, and how to do so.
Using Instagram Story Templates

How many other ways do you have to reach a market of 500 million people? That is the number of worldwide users Instagram gathers each day, on its app. Bringing a service or a product to your customers is not a cold mathematical concept anymore. Your marketing has to reflect what the users are looking for, if you wish to remain relevant. And today, they expect companies to communicate with them, regularly. Instagram is the social network where you should start, if you aren’t already using this media.

Consumers expect you to be creative, even funny; but only if you are completely sure about your method! If your message reaches them, you will build engagement with your customers and gain new ones. That is why so many people are using Instagram story templates to create quality posts that will gain them brand recognition. Days when simply posting a picture with a text would suffice are long gone. Now, you need each stories to be enticing, beautiful and looking as professional as can be.

From Feed Posts to Stories

Instagram will celebrate its 5th anniversary this year. That shows how fast they managed to take over the market of social network. But one of the main reasons why they did so, is that they were (and still are) able to adapt quickly to what the market wants. At the beginning, influencers were using feed posts to get their message across to consumers, and it worked so well that some of them were handsomely paid by brands to do so. But today, the game has completely changed.

Now, consumers want to be more involved in their relationship with the brand. The connection has to be more direct and authentic. That’s why it’s all about Stories today. It is expected of brands to be able to come up with short videos, not over-produced, to “entertain” their clients, in some ways. That is partly the result of the incredible success of Netflix. Today, everyone wants to watch videos, where they tell a story. Therefore, you need your stories to reach its target by presenting Instagram users with more exciting videos than your competition.

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