Magalu: Shopping Inside Songs

Have you ever thought about having the same microphone used by Iron Maiden's lead singer Bruce Dickinson in the iconic “The Trooper”? Or maybe, buy the same bass from Dua Lipa’s hit “Don't Start Now”? What if it could be possible to listen to your favorite songs and buy the instruments (the same or similar) used by the biggest artists in music? Something that seemed unlikely to happen is now possible, thanks to technology and creativity.

Under the name "Decifrei" (Shopping Inside Songs), the new feature offers a unique shopstreaming experience that combines entertainment with technology. It displays the main instruments on each song while it's playing and, with one click, give users a seamless way to purchase them on Magalu’s e-commerce, the biggest retailer in Brazil. Instantly.

Tags: Advertising, Brazil, Bruce Dickinson, Dua Lipa, Magalu