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Sign up for Email Updates from Construction Law usingsRecently Google has changed its Feedburner services and eliminated email subscriptions as one of the Feedburner offerings.  Because of this change, I have moved the email subscriptions (though not the RSS) database over to MailChimp.  Those of you that already have subscribed via email in the old system should continue to get updates with each new post here at Construction Law Musings.  If you are not receiving these updates, whether because of an email change or “operator error” on my part, please re-subscribe here or using the link on the right of this post or the Musings home page to re-enter your information.

Email is the best way to assure you are aware of any new posts, so I encourage readers new and old to subscribe.  I promise you will only get the periodic updates of new posts and nothing further.



I welcome and encourage your comments below, please share your thoughts.  Also, please to keep up with the latest Construction Law Musings.

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