Editors’ Picks: 10 Gifts for Mother’s Day 2021

Not your usual Mother’s Day gifts: here’s a roundup of what we’ve been coveting lately:

Above: Fan “would be quite happy to receive one of these adorable Scalloped Jewelry Dishes by Alix Soubirian for LA shop Nickey Kehoe; $60 each. (And for more on the subject, see Trend Alert: 21st Century Scalloping.) Above: According to Permanant Collection’s founders, Fanny Singer and Mariah Nielson, “For our collaboration with the Calder Foundation, we selected the luxury Italian textile house, Gentili Mosconi, to bring Alexander Calder’s ink ‘cartoon’ from 1949 to life in wearable form.” The Calder Silk Scarf is $325 from Permanent Collection; note that the shop is “offering a special 20 percent off promotion on our Calder Scarves and JB Blunk Jewelry collection, to show our appreciation for the most special women in our lives.” Above: Margot and Julie because obsessed with the Pineapple Linzer Cookies from Té Company in the West Village; they’re made with two discs of hazelnut shortbread and filled with pineapple jam; a box of six is $20. According to chef and co-owner Frederico Ribeiro, the cookie is an interpretation of the traditional Taiwanese pineapple cake. (Read more at Té Company: The Loveliest Tea Room in New York.) Above: The Mother’s Day Bedside Table Set from A Vida Portuguesa includes an embroidered placemat, a lavender sachet, a ceramic ramekin, and Rose Amélie body cream and lip balm; €39.75. (Also see Margot’s post on the shop at Armchair Souvenir Shopping: 8 Favorites from A Vida Portuguesa.) Above: “I’ve been thinking about buying a clay pot for a while, something like the Kamodo-san Lid Donabe Rice Cooker from Toiro (shown above) in LA,” Fan says. Prices start at $135 for the smallest size. Above: For  the environmentally-minded matriarch: A Pack of Nine Kana Dish Cloths designed by ByHaus is $29 from Kana Lifestyle. Made in Sweden from 70 percent cellulose and 30 percent cotton, the cloths are 100 percent compostable and can be washed up to 200 times before they need replacing. Above: Fan has her eye on a Mangyan Cotton Indigo Tea Towel, handwoven by the indigenous Mangyan people of the Philippines; it’s $45 from Handa Textiles. Above: “I’d love a tin of Louis Sherry Two-Piece Chocolate Truffles; $9 from Salter House in Brooklyn Heights (other sizes are available as well),” Margot says. “Once the chocolates are gone, the tin is great for storing buttons.” Above: Margot also has her eye on the 10¹² Terra Large Vision Vase with hand hammered brass lid; $110 from Ukiyo Home. Above: Francesca recently discovered SOS Chefs in NYC, purveyors of spices and fine ingredients from all over the world; we like their Mother’s Day Set ($110), which includes blended tea, ruby honey, harissa maison, turmeric vinegar, housemade body scrub, a handmade tea strainer, and a vial of jasmine perfume.

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