Top 3 Summer Trends You Have To Start Wearing Right Now

Top 3 Summer Trends You Have To Start Wearing Right Now

The peepers are peeping, the birds are chirping, and the trees are budding! Spring has definitely sprung here in New England I couldn’t be happier! I feel like I stay locked indoors for months on end because I just hate the cold weather, so once spring finally arrives, I bust outside like a kid out of school when the bell rings. FREEEEDOM!

My other favorite thing about spring is looking forward to SUMMER TRENDS! You ladies know I’m all about fashion, so naturally, I’m really excited about the latest fashion trends. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite summer trends. (Hint: stackable rings are my favorite!)

Stackable Rings stackable rings

Ya’ll know how much I love stackable rings so I’m glad this is a hot trend for summer! I don’t care what those young’uns on Tik Tok are saying, I’m in love with rose gold and I don’t care who knows it. I don’t care if that makes me a millennial.

There is something so feminine and yet modern about rose gold. I have to admit my collection of rose gold rings is some of my favorite jewelry. I love getting them from trustworthy jewelers that have ethically sourced sustainable gold.

stackable rings

I used to change my rings frequently, but now that I have this beautiful collection of high-quality stackable rose gold rings, I never bother putting on anything else! You can dress them or dress them down, so wearing them every day is no detriment to my fashion statement.

The thing I love most about stackable rings is that it doesn’t matter what size they are, as long as you have one that is the right size on the outside, it will hold the rest of them on! I bought some of these when I was pregnant so obviously, once I lost 50+ pounds, they were much too loose! So I just bought one more stackable ring in a smaller size and put it on the outside of my stack to hold the rest of my stackable rings on and voila! No worries!

PSA: stackable rings make a GREAT gift idea, especially for Mother’s Day!

Flared Jeans

Oh my GOSH I’ve been dying for flared jeans to come back into style! As an 80’s girl, I have to say I couldn’t be more excited to see flared jeans on the menu again and I didn’t waste any time getting a fresh, new pair from American Eagle.

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As a mom of 5, I have to say I prefer high-waisted jeans even though I’ve lost over 25 pounds in the last year, I still don’t have a completely flat stomach and I’ll most likely never be totally happy with my tummy. So high-waisted jeans it is! I’ve found that American Eagle and Express jeans seem to fit my body the best right now. I also need my jeans to have a little bit of stretch to them. What are your favorite brand of jeans?


This summer’s hottest trend is definitely co-ords and thankfully, all of our favorite stores took notice. Oh, what the heck are co-ords you’re wondering? No, coords is NOT short for corduroys! (Those are definitely not a hot trend and won’t be anytime soon, hopefully!)

co-ordsnoun [ plural ]
short for coordinates: clothes, especially for women, that are made in matching colors or styles so that they can be worn together: This season’s key trend is co-ords: matching two-piece sets in print or plain.

Whether it’s comfy loungewear or cute, matching top and bottoms, co-ords are a great way to maximize your wardrobe because you can wear the top and the bottom together, separately, or mix and match. I got a cute top and bottom from Stardog Loungewear that I’m in love with. (pictured above)

Top retailers like Target, ASOS, SheIn, Nasty Gal, and more have taken notice and have a great selection of affordable summer co-ords! Here are some cute choices…

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What summer trends are you looking forward to? What trends would you love to see me wearing?

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