White Outfit Components and Grey Hair

I’ve noticed how fabulous white outfit components look on people with grey hair, and my clients generally feel the same way. By white, I mean shades of white, which can range from cool-toned optical white, off-white and bone, to warmer off-whites, ivory, cream, and a very light tan. By grey hair I mean any shade of salt and pepper and darker grey, to all sorts of silver, light grey, and white. 

Here are some examples.

The pairing of a white outfit component with grey hair is especially fab to my eye when the whites and greys match in tone. For example, matching cool whites with cool grey hair, and warmer whites with warmer grey hair.

The white components of the outfit can range from subtle to bold. A solid white top or topper that is closely positioned to grey hair, thereby strengthening the colour match and repetition, is a bold approach. A more bookended approach of white bottoms and footwear can be equally effective, but less bold. There’s the more subtle approach of wearing white components in patterns and textures that pick up the white bits in grey hair. And there’s the subtle accessory in a shade of white, like pearls, handbags, belts, eyewear, and jewellery, that reinforces the aesthetically pleasing colour match.

1. Cool Tones

Here the wearer has cool-toned white hair that works beautifully with the cool-toned optical white topper, and white soles of the shoes. Beautiful.

Cool Tones

2. Dark and Light

The wearer here has darker cool-toned grey hair that is combined with cool-toned white bottoms and a pattern with a cool-toned greyish white embroidery. Smashing matching.

Dark Light

3. Warm Tones

The wearer has warmer grey hair making the warmer, off-white bottoms a super match. The bookended white footwear is cracked with gold, which softens and warms the starkness of cold white. The necklace with white stones and gold metal are a fabulously warm and matching finishing touch. Gorgeous.

Warm Tones

Over to those who have greying or grey hair. Do you enjoy incorporating shades of white in your outfits because of the delightful colour match? If so, do you do so in a bold or subtle way?

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