Tea Time! Why Is Sephora Shoving Their Collection At Us So Much? Fall Relaunch?

Hey! Gather around ladies and lads!

Let’s spill some tea.

What’s up with the Sephora Collection lately? Anyone have an inside scoop? I contacted some industry friends but no one knows anything. Sephora.com has a 4x bonus point on all Sephora Collection purchases with code SCBASKET and recently they also had the entire collection on sale for like 40% off.

Are they relaunching/repromoting for Fall 2021 do you think? It sure feels like they keep shoving these Sephora Collection offers down our throats lately.

The thing is the Sephora Collection for me is a lot like E.L.F…..very hit or miss. Sometimes you find the most amazing gems (especially the brush line. Lipstories Lipsticks, etc….) in it and other times it’s a complete waste of money. I’m sort of sad to say it’s also not something I actively seek out when I go to Sephora. I think when you head in store or even online you’re just wowed by any number of incredible brands and it’s not like you walk into that brightly lit store and say to yourself, “I NEED TO GO SEE THE SEPHORA COLLECTION FIRST!”

The Sephora Collection for me is a little like filler. It used to be something I used to tip me into a free shipping zone (that’s not really necessary anymore since they provide free shipping anyway) or if I wanted to round off my bag. I do like browsing their new releases but many of the newer items are very cheesy and cheap and feel more like they are marketed to someone that’s 12. Ok, yeah, I know, I act 12 but I don’t ALWAYS want makeup that looks like it was created for a tween.

I swear I’m not belittling the collection! Far from it because I do think there are some great products in it. I’m just curious what’s up with all the sales lately…!

I’d love to see them relaunch it but I think it might be too expensive to do so.

We’ll see when Fall 2021 arrives.

What do you think is going on?

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