Why Did No One Warn Me That Kopari Coconut Body Milk Lotion Smells So Edible?

Kopari Coconut Body Milk Lotion is my new obsession of the moment! This incredibly lightweight, hydrating lotion contains coconut oil and smells like Lush Vanillary (and pairs with it wonderfully) and I’m obsessed!

Kopari was really lovely and sent me over a few of their items recently in a PR set. I literally thought I’ve tried everything Kopari has to offer but obviously not as this Coconut Body Milk Lotion is a new one on me.

I’m a huge body lotion hater. I hate how it makes me feel sticky, I hate when I apply it to my legs it makes my clothes sticky to me, I dislike how heavy and greasy some body creams and lotions feel. But I can’t not go without lotion because I’m actually part alligator on my father’s side. I’m obviously kidding but the moral of this story is I have dry skin and I really do need to take care of it so it’s nice and smooth and touchable and doesn’t feel like you’re running your hands over a piece of sand paper when you touch me. This stuff is divine. Creamy but not too thick! Absorbs easily but isn’t tacky or sticky when it sets! You can sort of feel the oils in it (coconut and sunflower) but it’s not something that feels gross or greasy on skin just nicely hydrating!

Of course, like any girly girl I migrate towards anything that smells amazing. I know, I know some folks are sensitive they don’t love heavy scents or fragrances in their body lotions and potions. I am forever guilty of loving scented products. I love smelling pretty. That’s it. There’s nothing deep about it. I just like to smell good. And Kopari Coconut Body Milk Lotion smells amazing. I thought it would smell more coconut but it’s actually a light, vanilla that reminds me of Lush Vanillary. Most fragrance lovers would liken the real smell of vanilla to a light sugar cookie-like fragrance with a bit of bitterness and woods. I personally like my vanillas to smell like white wedding cake. That warm, yummy delicious dessert smell. This smells tropical cake-y! A little smidge of coconut but mostly vanilla. It pairs really well with Lush’s Vanillary perfume! The scent lingers nicely too to a point you want to lick you arm ha…! Seriously, it just smells edible! Like some yummy vanilla cake!

I will absolutely buy this again after I run out of this sample!

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