Netflix Trailer for Mexican Thriller 'The House of Flowers: The Movie'

The Movie Trailer

"Something strange is going on at our house…" Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for The House of Flowers: The Movie, also known as La Casa De Las Flores: La Pelicula in Spanish, from filmmaker Manolo Caro. This is a continuation of the Netflix series and the first "movie" based on the "The House of Flowers" show, created by Manolo Caro who also directs this film. The members of the De la Mora family return home, well… former Casa de las Flores, with one single purpose: to fulfill Delia's last wish and seek revenge against Agustín. And although neither Paulina nor Virginia claim to have any memory of this, it will take a journey back in time to avenge Pato's death. This stars Cecilia Suárez, Aislinn Derbez, Dario Yazbek, Juan Pablo Medina, and Paco León. This is pretty much a contemporary Mexican soap opera movie, with all the usual family feuds and drama and revenge and chaos and everything crazy. So watch out. ›››

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