Pet Portraits: How to Turn your Photos into Art

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If there is one thing that connects all pet owners it's the love we share for our pets. These animals are so much more than just pets however, they are part of the family. It's customary to display photos of your family members around your home and this tradition should include pets as well. However, if you're looking to take it one step further, you should consider having a custom pet portrait (or two!) created.

Stellar Villa is a small business based in Brooklyn, New York that specializes in custom pet portraits. It's an easy process to have a portrait created; simply upload a picture of your pet and a real artist will hand illustrate an artistic masterpiece from your photo. Stellar Villa offers 10+ portrait styles so you are sure to find one that suits your taste. They have recently launched two new options which are designed in a cartoon style. You can choose a cartoon illustration of just the pet or the pet and it's owner together in the same portrait. These custom pet portraits can be seen here.


There are a number of reasons you may want to opt for having a pet portrait created. A custom portrait is a special piece of art and a unique way to transform a photo. If you choose a pet and owner portrait, it can be a time capsule for memories and great times you've had with your furry friend. These portraits are a great way to incorporate your pets, whether it's a dog, cat, horse or another animal into your home decor. It's also an excellent way to create a memorial for a pet who has passed on. They make excellent gifts for any pet owner and are guaranteed to be something they will cherish.


One of the most important things you can do to get the best custom pet portrait possible is to provide your artist with a good photo. Artists use the photos you provide to create the artwork and so it's important to keep a few things in mind. Artists draw what they see, so it's important that your photo shows your pet with all their features and there are no ears or other body parts cropped out (if you'd like those in the artwork). You also want to make sure that the pet is in an attractive pose. If you need some ideas for poses, you can find some here on Pinterest. When taking the photo, try to snap the picture from eye level with your pet. Make sure that the lighting is good and avoid dark areas or areas where the lighting is extremely harsh. Lastly, ensure the photo is clear and high definition so the artist can see fine details.



Some people start with just one pet portrait but after you have one made it can become quite addicting. A great idea and a fun project is to create a gallery wall in your home starring your pet. You can mix in pet portraits, quotes related to pets, photographs and more. When building a gallery wall, you can even mix up the frame colors although try to stick to no more than two or three. For an easy hanging solution, check out adhesive picture hanging strips. Regardless of how you choose to display your art, your pet portrait will have you smiling every time you walk by it.


A HUGE thank you to Stellar Villa for creating a cartoon portrait of my dear Oscar.  Although he's been gone for almost 6 years now, the Legend of Oscar lives on.  Forever in my heart!


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