Today’s Outfit: Relance Running Shoes from France

My daughter and I were just talking about signing up for Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run because Instagram and Facebook have been showering me with their ads. And let’s face it, that pumpkin hoodie and finisher medal looks really cool. If you carry a pumpkin for the run, you get the Tough Pumpkin finisher medal. I’m thinking that’s worth a shot!

Every runner knows, the key to a good 5k is a great pair of RUNNING SHOES! That’s why French company, Relance, set out to make the most comfortable running shoes on earth. And I’m pretty sure they succeeded.

If you want lightness, great cushioning, excellent support, and a fit that feels custom-tailored for your foot, then Relance running shoes are for you!

As soon as these sneakers arrived, my 14 year old daughter promptly stole them from me, tried them on and declared she was keeping them.

I’m like, “Wait! What?! No! I just got those to review! They are running sneakers! They are for running!”

She’s like “I don’t care. I’ll start running just to keep these sneakers. They are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever tried on in my whole life. They feel like you’re walking on a tiny trampoline lined with memory foam.”


Her assistance on how comfortable the insoles were made me pull them out and look at them and HOLY MOLY, the entire insole of the Relance running shoes have more cushion and squish to them than most over-the-counter insoles. They are really that good. No joke.

“I just love them!” she yelled.

Well, I mean if she’s going to start running with me just to keep these running shoes, I guess I’ll let her have them…

A few weeks ago we went to the Enterprise Bank Boot Scootin’ Boogie 5k in Londonderry NH and had a great time! I think this got her thinking about running and being more active.

After the 5k arranged by Millenium Running, there was live music from Cashwood, a brewfest, and a huge bonfire for everyone to enjoy! It was a fun family event and everyone had a great time!

If you like running, then you should definitely check out the Relance running shoes Kickstarter and get yourself a pair of these unbelievably comfortable sneakers. Their Kickstarter already surpassed it’s goal so you can see how popular these amazing sneakers are going to be. You won’t believe how comfortable they are until you try them for yourself.

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