A Love List About Men That Turn Off Your Alarm And Let You Mist Them With Vanilla Perfume

Good Morning friends.

It’s been a very long time since we love listed together. What’s on your love list this week? Won’t you share with me?

Today my love list goes out to the man who turned off the alarm on my phone this morning and made me sleep until 5:30. Sigh bad bad bad! I’m normally up every day, no matter how late I go to bed, at 4:45AM. As you know I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON.

Me in the morning:

But I like routine, order, and discipline. So, every morning, at 4:45 AM my phone alarm rings, and I drag myself out of bed to get my day started. I don’t love getting up early but my logical side demands it. Typically my early morning routine includes either a good kick-in-the-ass Peloton session with Cody (please hold the skincare advice buddy!) or a two to four-mile power walk. I’m pretty proud of myself guys because as you know I’ve been jogging a little with my walk. Remember the post I did about If Someone Can Eat a Tarantula On Tiktok You Can Be Brave Enough To Do New Things Too? Remember how bloody encouragintg you people were telling me I can jog? Well, I’ve been amping it up and trying to slowly work it into my power walk. I can’t thank you enough for your encouraging words on that post. It really helped me so much.

Today I’m a little slower waking up and being myself. It was a long night and I’m a bit tired, drawn-out, and not feeling entirely myself (I’m having one of those days but my head will clear slowly as the day progresses!). And that’s ok. My boyfriend already knew this and he turned off my alarm this morning and made me sleep until 5:45. I was a little out of sorts because of it but he made me a breakfast shake and told me he’d go on my walk with me. He never walks. He’s simply not a walker. He’s a runner and he does it 7 damn days of the week and makes me jealous he has that much stamina and discipline. When we got out there this morning the humidity hadn’t really set in. New York has been pretty humid lately but this morning was a good crisp one. He started jogging next to me as I power walked and I was able to keep up with him easily enough. I think I shocked the hell out of him as the final leg of the journey I jogged beside him. He didn’t realize I had been working on it since he hasn’t been home and I didn’t tell him because I really wanted to be able to work on it more before I told him. But I decided today I’d show him. He was pretty proud of me and praised me for it.

Sometimes in life, you need the people you love the most to offer praise. I know and realize that praising ourselves is pretty important and it really should come from within before it comes from anyone else. But whenever he tells me what a good job I’m doing I really take it to heart and feed off it. So, yes, remember to praise yourself but also, don’t be shy about seeking out the people you love the most and getting praise from them as well.

That being said, I want you all to know I think you kick ass. I’m proud of you and I know you’re all awesome humans.

As out of sorts as I’m feeling today I got my little dose of serotonin when I saw Cloud Intense Eau de Parfum arrived at ulta.com and yes, it was a joyful moment when I clicked that add to cart button and checked out. I know many, many of you love the original Cloud fragrance because it smells so much like Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540 (although, I am still convinced that R.E.M. Eau de Parfum smells a lot more like BR540). Chances are Cloud Intense isn’t going to be an intense version of the original! They’ll likely change and rearrange the composition of the notes but I hope it isn’t done in a way that eliminates the DNA of the original blend. I’m very, very eager to smell it. It was an insta-buy for me this morning.

It arrives at an excellent time in my opinion as the cooler weather is setting it now and a richer, fluffier version of Cloud is most welcome. Speaking of fine Fall fragrances I reached for Fève Délicieuse this morning as it was fitting my mood but I ended up misting myself with Vanilla Diorama instead which was added to the La Collection Privée a month or so ago. My boyfriend was a VERY, VERY, VERY good sport about indulging my ever need this morning and one of those needs was misting a little Vanilla Diorama on him because I was terribly curious how it work would with his body chemistry. He raised a brow, did his, “REALLY?” look, sighed, and said, “Fine go ahead bells!” The scent isn’t the cake-like vanilla I was thinking it would be and it has an almost bitter spice note to it. I mean, I’ll be honest, if he was to walk around all day smelling like a delicious white wedding cake I would be most happy indeed. He wouldn’t be. But I would totally be into that. It’s quite a masculine scent and ironically it worked better on him than it does on me. It’s not Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille if that’s what you might be wondering about. Oddly it almost had a Guerlain Elixir note of old to it! I felt like I smelled a little Gourmand Coquin in there. My recommendation for you is if it interests you and you don’t already own Fève Délicieuse I would choose it over Vanilla Diorama. But all my masculine fragrance lovers out there should definitely give it a try! I know you all love a good filthy vanilla and this might just fit your style.

And finally, to end my love list today, I’d like to let everyone know my beloved Joseph Birdsong is officially on Tiktok. He was Live yesterday but of course, my battery died midway through the Live because I’m one of those people that uses my phone without charging it enough! He’s halfmoonjoy on Tiktok if you want to follow him.

Smile at strangers today, feel good about yourself, and make today greater than yesterday friends.

Be the good humans I know you are.

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