Southern Gothic Ghost Thriller 'Ghosts of the Ozarks' Official Trailer

Ghosts of the Ozarks Trailer

"There is no revenge on the dead, if you can't fight the will of the ghosts." XYZ Films has revealed the official trailer for a supernatural thriller titled Ghosts of the Ozarks, which originally premiered at the 2021 Austin Film Festival last fall. It is now opening in February direct-to-VOD for anyone interested. In 1866, a young doctor is summoned by his uncle to a remote town in the Ozarks only to discover upon his arrival that this utopian paradise is not all that it seems to be… Tim Blake Nelson, David Arquette, Angela Bettis, Thomas Hobson, Phil Norris, and Tara Perry star in this exciting new take on the southern ghost story. The ensemble cast also includes Graham Gordy and David Aaron Bake. Described as a "visually stunning", "beautifully designed horror western." This does look seriously atmospheric and creepy. ›››

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