Watch: They're Back! 'TS2 Terminators 2: Primary Targets' Short Film

Primary Targets

He's back! A few years ago, a French editor named Fabrice Mathieu put together a fun fan film titled TS: Terminators, mashing up footage from all of the Terminator movies to tell a different story involving Arnold Schwarzenegger's various robots fighting each other. He's back again with TS2 Terminators 2: Primary Targets, the highly anticipated sequel to his first TS short. The story in the sequel takes place after James Cameron's Terminator 2: Judgment Day - "this time, the Connors are on their own." As amusing as this is, there's so much creativity in taking existing content and remixing / re-editing to make something new. That rad little car from the movie Black Moon Rising is pretty dang cool, I want one now. Fire this up and enjoy. ›››

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