Riddle Me This: Victoria’s Body Mists Are $19.95 or 5 for $38

Guys, it’s been a while for me but how long have Victoria’s Body Mists been $19.95? I haven’t ordered a body mist from them in a very long time and I recently did an order over the Holidays as they were $6-$7 each for body care and body mists but at the time I didn’t take note of the original price because really who pays full-price for Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works anything right?

But I just realized the body mists are $19.95 each. What?

Wait, what?

Have they always been this high? I mean, I’ve noticed Bath and Body Works have been creeping up lately. They are currently $16.50 each but I didn’t really notice Victoria’s Secret doing so until just now. $20 bucks per body mist are grossly high. I say that only because we all know how badly the staying power on both these and Bath & Body Works formulas are. If they had good sillage I would be more inclined to dish out money on them but not as they are formulated now.

I think the weirdest thing about this is their sale option which forced you to go into a $40 purchase since it just makes more sense than purchasing five mists for $38 versus one for $19.95. That’s nearly $100 worth of product at 50% off. I really had to look at the price a second and a third time because the fact one was $19.95 and five were $38 was just not computing for me.

Granted, as I said above, none of us are every going to dish out $16 or $19 per a mist at either Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works but it still shocked me to say the prices go that high.

Inflation is real, kids.

And it’s starting to creep into the beauty world.

Did you notice how high body mists are now?

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