Achy breaky

I got my booster shot on Friday afternoon and, boy, am I feeling it this morning. It's not anywhere near bad, just that my arm, hip, and neck muscles feel quite sore. It's a stronger reaction than I had with my two previous shots. They were Astra Zeneca, this one's Moderna. Maybe that has something to do with it. From Ken's experience last week, I expect the achy-ness to subside in twelve to twenty-four hours.

Achy breaky Abtract lighting in a Parisian café, September 2006.

So, anyway, I'm boosted and now have an updated (and therefore valid) pass vaccinal or, as they say in English, an EU Covid Certificate. Not that I need it for anything. The important thing is that I'm caught up, more protected, and less dangerous to others. We also got a supply of new KN95 masks yesterday. I understand that they're the latest in pandemic fashion. La-dee-da.

In other news, our deck contractor (actually his employees) came by yesterday morning, unannounced, and cleaned out our roof valleys and the gutters around the house. That was part of the work we contracted for. Then the boss showed up and took the measurements of the garden shed for the stuff he needs in order to close a huge (and by huge, I mean you could pass your fingers through it) crack that formed in the side of the little masonry building. That's also part of the work order. And they all acknowledged that deck work has certainly not been forgotten. Progress!

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