Pickle of Korea people scare buying prevents MERS to say pickle can touch disease-resistant poison

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Stage intermediary says, korea MERS epidemic situation diffuses continuously, because catch a disease is dead those who die is much for body young old people, to enhance oneself immunity power, korea people is latter salmon of frenzied scare buying, pickle, pachyrhizus, ginger conduce to the food that enhances immune power. Ministry of sanitarian happiness and benefit is announced 12 days, MERS diagnose patient adds 4 people newly, number of diagnose of add up to is added reach 126.

Korea MERS epidemic situation diffuses continuously, to enhance oneself immunity power, korea people is latter salmon of frenzied scare buying, pickle, pachyrhizus, ginger.

The electron when Taiwan is medium signs up for on June 12 cite Korea " national daily " the report

上海千花网论坛 says, korean think generally, salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acid, can promote immunity effectively force; Pickle ferment food can restrain the breed of harmful bacteria inside body, it is reported, past SARS erupts period, korea ever also had a report to call pickle OK and counteractive virus. Contain a lot ofcarotene and vitaminic A as to pachyrhizus; Ginger can promote immune cell activity.

According to Korea large supermarket is bought easily so that 10 days of released data show, will come 8 days on June 1, salmon sales volume relatively 3 Zhou Qiancheng is long 26% , the sales volume of pickle, pachyrhizus and ginger grew 12% respectively, 11.5% , 10.8% .

Cadre of MERS government the way to deal with a situation points out in the center of mini

上海千花网论坛 stry of sanitarian happiness and benefit, middle east breath is asked for integratedly (MERS) diagnose patient adds 4 people newly, all is be sufferred from to infect by disease of the 14th diagnose. Up to 12 days till in the morning, because affect heal of MERS death, 7 people to leave hospital,Korea already had 10 people.

On June 10, two pedestrians pass ground of inhabit a region of Chinese of Korea head Er big forest a shop of the hole. The door affirms Korea Ministry of Public Health that day, citizen of a China is breathed to solicit case integratedly for middle east by diagnose in Han. Some is in patient gold path thing capital city and its environs east hospital of beach emperor heart works, case of illness of MERS of diagnose of a patient. Jin Mou on June 8 by diagnose, han Ding nods a hospital to keep apart cure now. Occupy ministry of happiness and benefit of Korea health care additionally 10 days to report, at present patient of Korea MERS diagnose rises to 108 people, 9 people of dead patient, share 3439 people to be kept apart.

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