Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

3 Practical Steps for Reaching the Mission Field in Your Neighborhood

Three practical steps will help you reach the mission field in your backyard.

6 Lessons for Tending Your Time

What can us schedulers learn from farmers and gardeners?

Yes, You Need to Talk to the Manager

When strivings for justice lose hope, they become weaker, not stronger.

How Charles Spurgeon Promoted Meaningful Membership

How did Spurgeon practice meaningful membership in a church with over 5,000 members?

Are You Gentle Enough to Do the Hard Work of Christian Leadership?

Consider whether you’re gentle enough to do the hard work of Christian leadership.

Most Embarrassing Wedding Mistakes

Outreach Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Ed Stetzer, recently asked pastors to share their most embarrassing wedding mistakes.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: A Debt of Gratitude to Arnold Dallimore

An Ontario pastor gave the world a gift at great cost to himself, and we’re better for it.

Saturday Links

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