Red Wolf Headline Hunters

The latest news out of Texas is that the DNA of a wolf declared extinct in the wild lives on in a Texas pack.I am not surprised.While extinctions are a very serious thing, they are a lot less common than folks would have you believe.In fact, only a few hundred animals have gone extinct in the last 400 years, and most of these are birds endemic to small Pacific islands decimated by rats and feral cats.Today, about as many animals are "rediscovered" as BEING NOT EXTINCT as are declared extinct.P...
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Mardi Gras Dog Parades That Help Animals in Need

Mardi Gras is just around the corner! In cities across the US, pet parents can bring a bit of The Big Easy to their buddies that bark by celebrating the holiday at one of the many dog-friendly Mardi Gras festivals that will offer visitors a virtual gumbo of frivolity mixed with philanthropy. Following are a ... Read More about Mardi Gras Dog Parades That Help Animals in Need
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How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?

This set of four articulated skeletons of brachycephalic dogs put together and articulated by Alan Turner in Yorkshire, who is a true osteo-artist.  He sells some work, does others for museums.  Check him out and maybe commission a piece for teaching purposes.  TV folks doing a piece on pedigree dogs and need good action B-roll with powerful visuals?  I bet this gentleman would assemble a piece for you and give you an awesome interview as well. From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To...
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Where the People Are

Places where population density is greater than 30 people per square mile. From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To order the book.. [Author: PBurns]
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Griffin the service dog gets a college degree

AP photo  G riffon was with his owner, Brittany Hawley, every step of the way as she completed her master’s degree in occupational therapy from Clarkson University in New York. As a reward he got his own doggie cap and gown to receive an honorary degree presented by the university board of trustees. “I pushed for him to graduate from Day One.” Hawley said. “He did everything I did.” Hawley, 25, suffers from chronic pain and uses a wheelchair. Griffin, a Golden Retriever, brings her items tha...
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Coffee and Provocation

Britain is Ass Deep in Fox From Wildlife Online: "The Mammal Society and the Animal and Plant Health Authority suggest that the stable (i.e. pre-cubbing) British fox population is around 430,000 animals, while a recent analysis from Brighton University suggests about 150,000 these live in towns and cities.... there are no data to suggest that the 2004 Hunting Act (which made it illegal to hunt foxes on horse-back with dogs) has had any significant impact on national fox numbers." This last ...
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Africa Has an Amazing Future

Chief David Mashupha of Basutoland is at left, with one of his generals in 1900. I was born 59 years later and not too far away (by Africa standards).Colin Turbull once observed that there was a loneliness in the heart of the African of his era (1962) in that they knew their past was in leather shields but that their future was in Cray computers. How could they possibly get from one to the other?In truth they are getting it done.Today, I hop in a taxicab driven by a Nigerian, and I make a joke ...
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Building Right Relationship With The Spaces Around Us

When thinking about cleaning your space, probably the first thing that pops to mind is pulling out the vacuum, dusting and mopping. But there’s more to it than that. This week’s Reawaken Right Relationship podcast guest Phil Johnson talks to us about the importance of clearing our homes and the spaces around us energetically, thus bringing us into a more straightforward, heartfelt and personal relationship with them. Phil says that about 10 years ago the Elements came together and pointed him to...
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Silicon Valley landlord rents $1,500 studio to 2 cats

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Two cats are living large at a $1,500-a-month studio apartment their owner rents for them in Silicon Valley, where a housing shortage has sent rents skyrocketing. The Mercury News reports the 20-pound (9-kilogram) cats named Tina and Louise moved to the studio in San Jose after their owner moved away […]
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New Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dance Video

This new Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dance video is going to terrify the GOP. From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To order the book.. [Author: PBurns]
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