IGIVE A ROD Makes Blair Braverman a Total Winner

Blair Braverman and her Iditarod sled dog team finished their first Iditarod on Sunday. Braverman's social media fans call themselves the #UglyDogs. During the race, they raised $7,000 funds for a remote Alaskan school in 24 hours. When that project was funded, they turned to other school projects listed at few hundred miles into the race, teachers started hugging her in villages. “We haven’t been able to buy new glue sticks in six months, but now my classroom will have a gard...
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7 Things Your Dog Should Never Do in the Car

This post includes affiliate links to products we think you will love. Purchasing through our links does not increase your cost. Thank you for supporting our small business! We love car travel with our dogs, whether it’s on vacation, a doggie day trip or just to the bank’s drive-through window. But safety has to take ... Read More about 7 Things Your Dog Should Never Do in the Car
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A Great Deal of the Past Is Rot

The rotting stone of an old graveyard on a winter’s day. Nearby, next to a line of Confederate graves, was the plaque below. It takes deep intellectual failure to couch fighting for the forced enslavement of people stolen from their home continent as a fight for “southern rights.” From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To order the book.. [Author: PBurns]
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When Animal Control Fails

First the pony was killed.  Will a child be next?  It's not easy being an animal control officer. You see people and animals at their very worse, and the job too often puts you in direct conflict with people who are emotionally volatile.That said, the job does require officers, at times, to step up and safeguard the public from dangerous animals.Sadly, not every Animal Control officer is competent do the job.Consider this situation in Aiken, South Carolina, where a group of free running ...
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How to Calm an Aggressive Dog: Step-by-Step Guide

Fomobones has sent us a very interesting and useful article on aggression in dogs: If your dog is aggressive on or off his leash and has started growling, snapping, trying to bite other people or animals, or demonstrating territorial aggression, then you could be facing a serious behavioral issue that requires your attention right away. Dog aggression is one of the main reasons that quality dog trainers are always in demand; as if it is not dealt with as soon as possible then it tends to only...
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Ultrasonic Groundhogs?

Have you ever noticed how the groundhogs you see on top often end up being the hardest ones to dig to?Now a study in the journal Nature may explain why. It turns out that Richardson's Ground Squirrel uses ultrasonic calls, inaudible to most other ears, to sound the alarm and warn others in the colony that a predator is about. The squirrel's ultrasonic calls, dubbed "whisper calls," are in the 50-kilohertz range-far above the 20 kilohertz that humans can hear.Not surprisingly, there is also some ...
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National Puppy Mill Dog Laundering Ring

Iowa Attorney General Stephen J. Miller has filed a lawsuit claiming that the state is home to a national “puppy laundering” ring that sells puppy-mill dogs as rescue animals. The Hill newspaper reports that:“Hobo K9 Rescue, a nonprofit based in rural Iowa, reportedly paid for-profit commercial breeder JAK's Puppies in exchange for animals provided by puppy mills. Puppy mills notoriously keep animals in dirty and crowded conditions.“The lawsuit notes that the state can't pinpoint where the pupp...
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Dog walks perkily through rain in spiffy raincoat and booties

“Hey. Are you coming, or what?” Unmute this one for the swishies. “Swish, swish, swish, swish.” This dog is almost entirely water resistant. I mean, golden retrievers are naturally pretty water resistant anyway, but this takes it to the proverbial whole 'nother level. I'm so glad the tail shows. Water resistant! [via, from IMGURian gpm1120]
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Ed Abbey's Promise

“One final paragraph of advice: do not burn yourselves out. Be as I am - a reluctant enthusiast....a part-time crusader, a half-hearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While it’s still here. So get out there and hunt and fish and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rive...
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A nation of wooses

I’m the first to admit that my little dogs and I self-identify as wooses. However... in our Walter Mitty world we have great admiration and respect for those who challenge themselves at high levels of competition: The blind runner who trains guide dogs to help him complete a half Marathon, the 67-year-old woman running her 15th Iditarod. But there are people who have no connection to, or understanding of, dog sledding who are insisting that the iconic Iditarod be shortened. Why stop there?  ...
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Mother Nature Likes a Hybrid

I’m getting used to the various wild hybrid ducks around here, but I rather liked this green and white-headed job. From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To order the book.. [Author: PBurns]
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Stop Burying Your Pets in the Backyard

I buried my first and only pet when I was 7.Read more...
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Self-taught Pet Photographer raises $100,000 for Animal Charities throughout the U.S.

  AGoldPhoto celebrates milestone with Third Annual Fundraising Road Trip AGoldPhoto reached a major milestone this week, raising more than $100,000 for animal charities, photographing more than 2,200 pets and hosting over 200 fundraising events since July 2016. Founder and lead pet photographer, Adam Goldberg is celebrating the best way he knows how - by embarking on a road trip to raise even more money for animals.     The third annual Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Tr...
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6 Tips for National Puppy Day

For more dog holidays, visit our Pet Holidays page! Writer Jonathan Swift once stated that “Every dog must have his day,” and for our tail-wagging chums in the springtime of their life that day is March 23rd — National Puppy Day! Founded in 2006 by celebrity pet and home lifestyle expert Colleen Paige, the message ... Read More about 6 Tips for National Puppy Day
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An Ornament in the Hedge

Cardinals are riots of color and song that we take for granted because they are so common. In a winter hedge, they stand out like Christmas ornaments. From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To order the book.. [Author: PBurns]
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The Control of Nature

Rolling with the wee wolves. This is a short covered pedestrian bridge over a creek that runs through a long park. The park acts as a water catchment area when the creek floods.   The picture, below, is not mine, but shows what happens when a massive storm flood hits. The creek is semi wild on one end of the park, but is channeled with terrific stone work and a rather amazing horse-shoe shaped waterfall before it enters a “river walk” area edged by restaurants. There the now-slowed creek is fi...
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GIVEAWAY: Win a Cat Lover’s Metal Sign

We’ve just added two new metal signs to our PawZaar gift store, each sure to put a smile on a cat lover’s face! These vintage-style tin signs are each 8 x 12 inches and created in a vintage style. Designed to be used indoors, each sign features four pre-drilled holes for easy mounting on your ... Read More about GIVEAWAY: Win a Cat Lover’s Metal Sign
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Humphrey Bogart Was a Dog Lover

From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To order the book.. [Author: PBurns]
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Warning: Do not press the wrong tooth

Do not press the wrong tooth. Only press the correct other tooth. When you press the wrong tooth, something very surprising will happen, it is a big bamboozle. When you press the wrong teeth [via]
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What Do You Feed an Iditarod Dog?

Corn-based kibble, chicken fat, and animal meal, are the primary foods of sled dogs. More fats are fed during the winter racing season, less fat in the warmer off-season. From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To order the book.. [Author: PBurns]
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“Under-Cats”: Photographer Andrius Burba Captures Photos Of Cats From From Underneath In Colorful Backgrounds

British Shorthair According to Andrius Burba (previously featured here and here): “Hi guys, my name is Andrius Burba and I’m a photographer from Lithuania. I’m happy to present my new project photographed on the glass plate from underneath! “Underlook” project started four years ago when I saw a ridiculous looking picture on the Internet. It was a cat sitting on a glass table... Source
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Yup'ik Wins Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Thirty-one year old Peter Kaiser won the Iditarod on his tenth attempt, with a time of nine days, 12 hours, 39 minutes and six seconds. Kaiser edged out the defending champion, Joar Leifseth Ulsom, by 12 minutes. Kaiser is from Bethel, Alaska in the Yukon Delta between the the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers. Though Kaiser is Alaskan native on his mother's side, it was his father, Ron Kaiser, originally from Kansas, who introduced him to mushing. The prize for winning this year's race includes $50,...
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