European Cities of Love

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling? The one that you get when you’re on a date with your partner? That feeling that started in those early stages of dating? There are cities across the globe known for inspiring couples to fall in love that are the classic setting for a true love story. Being the hopeless romantics we are, we couldn’t pass up the chance to explore (virtually, of course) some of these beautiful cities and the activities you could do on your honeymoon. Continue reading European Citi...
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What Can Florists Do If The Flowers I Want Are Not Available?

Sometimes you can have your heart set on a particular flower only to learn it is not in season, or perhaps it is not available in quite the right shade to work with the wedding colour palette. Maybe your dream flower should be in season during your wedding but you find out weeks out from the big day that something has affected the availability. What can you do in these situations? Well, I have a few ideas for you to give you the wedding flowers of your dreams. Continue reading What Can Florists ...
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Vendor of the Week – Townsend Wedding Films

Happy Monday Dotties and Happy winter to you! The brisk days are just the time to grab a hot cup of something and hunker down inside and dream your dreams and plan. To help you explore the possibilities our Polka Dot Directory is filled with vendors who will sit down with you and help you create your day. We have Jewellery,  we have Venues, we have Cinematography and Photography – we even have Bridesmaids Gowns and Styling & Hire. Continue reading Vendor of the Week – Townsend Wedding Films ...
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Polka Dot Groom’s Three Favourite Capital City-Chic Weddings

With “The City” as this month’s muse, we are throwing back to three of Polka Dot Groom’s absolute favourite inner city love fests, comin’ at you from trendy Melbourne, stylish Sydney and sunny Brisbane. These stunning capital city celebrations are each very different in their styling, vibe and traditions but they have one thing in common – two very handsome grooms at the helm. Hazeley & Simon’s Intimate & Quirky Melbourne Wedding Images: Gold & Grit Paul & Paul’s Stylish and Sincere Gay Wedding ...
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My Boyfriend’s Mother Insists on Sleeping with Him

From a young woman in the U.S.:  So, I recently discovered that my 27 year-old boyfriend sleeps with his mother. Now, the issue here is that it’s his mom who leaves her bedroom where she sleeps with her husband and goes to his 27-year-old son’s room to sleep with him. She says is because her husband’s snores don’t let her sleep. But they have been married for more than 20 years! I’m just shocked that a full grown up man sleeps with his mother for whatever reason. OK. The thing is that his parent...
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The City Issue is Here!

t’s a virtual toast to The Big Smoke” this June on Polka Dot Weddings as we launch The City Issue! While beautiful gardens, rustic farms and picturesque wineries are indeed superb, as a true city slicker myself there is nothing more exciting than the energy and colour of the “concrete jungle.” Who doesn’t love walking the mean streets of a bustling metropolis, getting squished on a subway, devouring street food or wreaking havoc in a department store? Continue reading The City Issue is Here! ...
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Snapshot Sunday – Our Best Poses

Continue reading Snapshot Sunday – Our Best Poses
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Chic black + white Ace Hotel Palm Springs wedding

What do you get when a pro skateboarder and an event planner tie the knot? A super cool, and very chic, Palm Springs wedding, it turns out! San Diego natives Nicole of Nicole Manalo Events and Jimmy embedded details from their 15-year relationship (not to mention their little man, Mason) and love of all things Anthro, throughout a classic, sophisticated celebration that had guests chanting, “ain’t no party like a Jimmy and Nicole party” all night long. See more details as you scroll through the...
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Gorgeous Austin Wedding With a Splash of Southern Charm

We’re convinced southern weddings are the best ones out there, and this one designed by XO Moreau Weddings at Austin wedding venue The Addison Grove is no exception. The saturated mix of deep reds and delicate pinks captured by ML Photo & Film just pushed us over the edge with all the pretty! The best way to describe our wedding would be modern, boho-chic, vibrant, and fun! The Addison Grove offered a perfect backdrop for us to tie the knot with it’s timeless and natural beauty that enhanced...
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Madi Lane “Marrakech” Bridal Gown Collection

The new “Marrakech” collection from designers Madi Lane is an utter delight. Set it the stunning city of Morocco’s Marrakech, the Australian designer embraced all the beauty, the texture, the life and colour of this beautiful region to inspire their Fall 2020 collection. Make no mistake, this design house knows what they’re doing, head designer Liz Young has a background of over twenty years in the bridal industry. Leading her all-women team, Liz dreams of creating a collection of gowns that “in...
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Jitaku Keibiin 2 Stains Both a Marriage & a Wedding Dress

Jitaku Keibiin 2’s second release has concluded the adulterous affair with the brunette from the previous episode as she is ravaged whilst blindfolded and to the point that her wedding dress is sullied; the tormented victim eventually succumbing to the evil male protagonist’s charms. Omake:
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Taimanin RPGX Experiences a Non-Virgin Wedding Night for June Event

Taimanin RPGX has decided to (at least temporarily) make the game’s top tier women romantically commit for the currently ongoing “June Bride Again” event, which sports a variety of new wedding outfits for the game’s Taimanin as well as plenty of tender loving sex. The June Bride Again event takes place on a random day […]
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Without disappointment, boundaries aren’t possible

Sometimes we’re afraid of saying no because we know with every fibre of our being that this is exactly how we feel. And we mistakenly believe that it’s selfish to honour those feelings and disappoint someone. But surely this renders our emotions useless? It turns us into the equivalent of a traffic light that only uses one of the three colours. We’re failing to utilise and develop our emotional intelligence when we act as if the only purpose our feelings serve is to remind us of where we have...
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A Lavish Ombre Floral Runner and a Bold Color Palette at Balboa Park

"Ombré is out of style"... said no one ever. We don't know about you, but we couldn't be happier this trend is here for the long haul. Today's stunning editorial from I Love You More Events features a gorgeous auburn gown, a floral ombré runner by Bloom Theory that will take your breath away, and a secret garden venue. Head on over to the full gallery from iamletreuo photo to see all the inspiration.Continue reading on Style Me Pretty
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A Bosc Pear – AKA the Wedding Color Palette Inspiration We Never Knew We Needed

Did you ever think a Bosc pear could be the perfection inspiration for your wedding color palette? Neither did we. Luckily, the creative geniuses at Willow & Ivy Events figured it out. Leah Erickson Floral brought their vision to life with dreamy, mustard blooms (trust, they're swoon-worthy)... Head on over to the full gallery captured by Sarah Harris Photography to get out of the typical blush and green wedding box and into something completely new and fabulous.Continue reading on Style Me Pret...
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