PornHub: Keep it SFW this Masturbation Day

Even though many of you may be working from home, that doesn't mean you should get too comfortable while you’re on the clock. So however you enjoy your breaks between e-mails and conference calls, remember to keep it SFW. Because even if it’s Masturbation Day, a true professional leaves the funny business until after hours.
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Muscular Dystrophy UK: Walk your bit

Muscular Dystrophy UK has teamed up with creative agency Atomic London to create an innovative new campaign to raise £1m towards lost income. The charity, which leads the fight against 60 rare and very rare muscle-wasting conditions that affect more than 70,000 people in the UK, is encouraging Londoners to stay away from packed tubes during Covid-19 and join Carmela in a virtual walk to work by donating their £3 tube fare. The campaign will feature ...
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Xerox: White

The color white can symbolize many emotions, from peace to hope to newness and a fresh start. The science behind printing it is no less complex.
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Polaroid: Forever Now

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Mitch&Me: Dalmatian spots

Mitch&Me (a brand of dog shampoos) wanted to remind about the need of keeping social distance. So we made a special print dedicated to the completion of self-isolation in Russia, where we placed the spots of the Dalmatians at a safe distance from each other on brand's official Instagram account.
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Veet: #VeetIsMySalon

Ramadan is an important moment for the beauty and hygiene routines of women in the region, and now more than ever, both the women who usually go to salons and those who don’t, will beautify themselves at home. So, while Veet was always there for women as their ‘salon at home’ option, it is now their best option. To bring this insight to life, throughout Ramadan Veet has challenged some...
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Castello: Feed Your Senses

How does sound affect our sense of taste and flavor? With the help of Castello, Material Scientist Dr Johnny Drain seeks to find out.
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La Redoute: Lou

Video of La Redoute - Lou
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Bumble: Time to connect

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Vivian Yang to Step Down as Chief Legal Officer of The Trade Desk

LOS ANGELES — Global advertising technology leader, The Trade Desk (NASDAQ:TTD), announced that Vivian Yang plans to step down as its Chief Legal Officer. Ms. Yang has served as The Trade Desk’s first Chief Legal Officer since 2016. In that time, she has built The Trade Desk’s legal function and led the legal and regulatory […] The post Vivian Yang to Step Down as Chief Legal Officer of The Trade Desk appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.
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Foster's: Half-things

Make your video call a good call with the Fosters Working From Home range. Why have a whole product when they can only see half? The products are available on eBay. Bid on any one of the five exclusive model products, and all proceeds will go to the Heineken Community Fund. ...
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Industry Spotlight: Hylan’s Joe Cecin Talks Infrastructure & the Pandemic

Internet infrastructure is essential to modern society, so there may be a pandemic but the trucks are still rolling, fiber and radios are still being deployed, and bandwidth demands are going nowhere but up.   That means engineering and construction firms like Hylan have been busy despite it all. With us today is Hylan Group CEO […]
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Short Film “886” Delivers For Vimeo’s Stories in Place

886 is a moving and complex documentary short directed by Stink director Law Chen and Co-Edited by Chen and Cut+Run’s Chris Hilk. This film is part of Vimeo’s Stories In Place series that chronicles small businesses as they navigate a world in flux. Shuttered due to the pandemic, NYC Taiwanese restaurant 886 turned to delivering bento boxes in order to provide food and resources to those most affected. View it here.As the film reveals, 886’s call for donations ultimately helped keep staff employ...
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Nike: Don't Do It

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COVID-19: Second Chances

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Brightcove Kicks Off First-Ever PLAY TV Over the Top Streaming Experience

PLAY TV viewers can access free, innovative streaming video content live or on demand with feature episodes from award winning journalists and artists like Jimmy Chin and Soledad O’Brien BOSTON — Brightcove Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV), the world’s leading video technology platform, announced that its first-ever over-the-top (OTT) streaming experience focused on video, PLAY TV, is officially underway […] The post Brightcove Kicks Off First-Ever PLAY TV Over the Top Streaming Experience appeared first on ...
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COVID-19 Will Have Limited Impact on Worldwide Telecommunications Services and Pay TV Spending in 2020, According to IDC

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Worldwide spending on telecommunications and pay TV services will reach nearly $1.6 trillion in 2020, a decrease of 0.8% compared to 2019, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Semiannual Telecom Services Tracker. IDC expects the decline to continue in 2021, but at a somewhat lower degree. Worldwide spending on telecommunications and […] The post COVID-19 Will Have Limited Impact on Worldwide Telecommunications Services and Pay TV Spending in 2020, A...
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COVID-19: Covid Products

Every communicational channel, be it governmental or independent, was bursting 
with news on the coronavirus. A flood of depressing news and the interim lifting of the quarantine, the general population developed an unconcern towards the official communication and its regulations. Memes were popping up about the Chief Medical Officer 
and his operational tea...
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ebay: Stronger as One

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COVID-19: Flatten the Curve

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Preuss und Preuss: Homeoffice recruiting

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Pet Health Pal: Questions and Concerns

AMV BBDO created a bot in partnership with the research and development centre, the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, which answers users’ questions via the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chat bot functionality. The partnership ensures Pet Health Pal is equipped with the latest information, in accordance with government-issued guidelines and pet wellness experts. AMV BDDO worked clos...
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WhatsApp: Rays of Sunshine

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Budvar: B 33

This project was developed from the beginning as a collaboration between Kaspen JVM x Wolfberg. The initial idea was to stir up the usually conservative beer communication with something wierd, Budvar as a quite classic beer is coming with their first bitter lager, which is big deal for its consumers. So therefore also this project was a mixture of different filmmaking approaches and technics out of the beer world. The project was very freestyle, a continous puzzle till the fi...
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Extinction Rebellion: How Normal Was Normal?

A one-minute film for Extinction Rebellion to announce the activist group’s ‘No Going Back’ campaign. Extinction Rebellion is once again giving voice to global dissatisfaction – this time around returning to ‘normal’. Stating that the challenge of addressing the pandemic is inseparable from the climate and ecological emergency – both must be addressed in tandem to secure a safe future for all. The activist group asks the public to take part in a series of silent protests on S...
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Callaly: Unboxing 1930s Women’s Products

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Hellenic Paralympic Committee: Road to Tokyo

Four athletes, one shared goal: to participate in the Paralympic Games of Tokyo. Not knowing the COVID-19-Pandemic will change the course of the whole world. But the fighter is always a dreamer.
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Lexus Brings Together Two Outstanding Athletes In The Power of Two Campaign

Sporting icon Seb Coe meets the up-and-coming sprinter and aspiring Olympian Alex Haydock-Wilson in a new film for the Lexus RX Hybrid, created by for Lexus UK.The Power of Two reveals what happens when the wisdom of experience meets the raw potential and promise of a new generation. In the 12-minute film Lord Coe, an Olympic gold medal winner and current President of World Athletics, takes 20-year-old Alex Haydock-Wilson out for a spin in his Lexus RX Hybrid.The two men find out a lot about e...
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StopVEO: The words I won't say

Recently voted in France (40 years after European countries like Sweden), the law for the educational violence abolition (slapping, spanking, pinching, humiliation) states that parental authority is exercised without physical or psychological violence and prohibits all Ordinary Educational Violence. Beyond the law, and after centuries of existence, habits persist in French homes. It is the mission of the StopVEO association to support parents towards awareness and good parenti...
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U.S. Space Force: Make History

The ​U.S. Space Force​ (USSF), the newest branch of the Armed Forces, along with its creative partner, Austin, Texas -based agency, ​GSD&M​, is launching “Make History” showcasing, for the first time, the unique generational opportunity USSF offers to Gen Z as space innovations and advancements rapidly change what is possible. The campaign also highlights USSF’s ​critical mission of organizing, training, and equipping space forces in order to protect U.S. and allied interests ...
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