'Fortnite's' Epic Games learned how to evade Apple's 30% rate before it got kicked off the App Store. Here's why developers have long been concerned by the fee. (AAPL)

Apple just yanked the "Fortnite" app from its store after Epic Games added an in-game direct payment option for players. The new option would mean that Epic Games could skirt Apple's standard 30% commission that it says it charges all developers in the App Store for in-app purchases. Developers have long aired their frustration with the company, claiming the 30% fee gives Apple and its own services an unfair advantage in the market. The "Fortnite" app removal comes as Congress continues to inv...
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Apple Removes Fortnite From App Store [Update: Epic Files Lawsuit Against Apple]

Just hours after Epic Games introduced a new direct payment option for Fortnite that skirts Apple's in-app purchase rules, Apple has pulled the Fortnite app from the App Store. Fortnite is no longer available for download on the iPhone or the iPad, and Apple provided a statement to MacRumors on Fortnite's removal:Today, Epic Games took the unfortunate step of violating the ‌App Store‌ guidelines that are applied equally to every developer and designed to keep the store safe for our users. As ...
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Fortnite May Have Just Laid the Perfect Antitrust Trap for Apple—and They Fell For It [Update: Epic Games Is Suing Apple]

Everyone is mad about Apple’s App Store guidelines right now, especially when it comes to cloud gaming services. Microsoft isn’t bringing Project xCloud to iOS. Google’s Stadia app can’t let iPhone users actually play games. Facebook also had to axe the ability to play games for its Facebook Gaming iOS app to be…Read more...
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Apple just removed 'Fortnite' from the App Store, and the company behind the game hit back with a scathing video that roasts the iPhone maker's most iconic ad (AAPL)

Epic Games, the company behind "Fortnite," aired a video on Thursday roasting Apple and its iconic "1984" television ad after Apple yanked the game from the App Store.  Epic also filed a lawsuit against Apple on Thursday, alleging the company engaged in "unfair and anti-competitive actions."  Epic's video said Apple retaliated against Epic for defying "the App Store Monopoly" and urged "Fortnite" players to "join the fight to stop 2020 from becoming '1984.'"  Titled "Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite,"...
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England’s new contact-tracing app has a big distance problem

A revamped version of England‘s troubled contact-tracing app is beginning trials today, but the new system has got problems of its own. The app uses Bluetooth to detect if people have recently been close to someone who’s tested positive for COVID-19. The government says the system’s “designed with user privacy in mind so it tracks the virus, not people.” Unlike the previous version, user data will stay on the phone rather than go to a central database. The app also includes a range of new featur...
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Fortnite / Epic Games: Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite - #FreeFortnite

Epic Games has defied the App Store Monopoly. In retaliation, Apple is blocking Fortnite from a billion devices. Visit and join the fight to stop 2020 from becoming "1984".
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The Reckoning Over Apple and Google's App Stores Has Been a Long Time Coming

Epic Games was prepped for battle when it added a new feature to Fortnite this week that allowed users to buy the game’s virtual currency (V-Bucks) directly from Epic, simultaneously bypassing the payment systems built into the iOS App Store and Google Play store and eliminating Apple and Google’s usual cut. Read more...
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What to stream this weekend: Apple TV+ documentary 'Boys State,' Netflix's 'Project Power'

With theaters closed, new films are streaming. Out this weekend: Apple TV+ documentary 'Boys State,' Jamie Foxx and MGK's 'Project Power' on Netflix.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Apple's reported service bundles could help keep price-conscious consumers within its ecosystem

This story was delivered to Insider Intelligence Connectivity & Tech Briefing subscribers earlier this morning. Insider Intelligence publishes hundreds of insights, charts, and forecasts on the Connectivity & Tech industry with the Connectivity & Tech Briefing. You can learn more about subscribing here. Apple is reportedly planning to release subscription bundles that make purchasing multiple services more affordable, according to Bloomberg. Sources familiar with the initiative said the bundle...
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Review: Logitech's Folio Touch With Trackpad for iPad Pro is an Affordable Alternative to Apple's Magic Keyboard

When Apple introduced updated iPad Pro models earlier this year they came with a new accessory, the Magic Keyboard. Priced starting at $299, the Magic Keyboard for ‌iPad Pro‌ is Apple's most advanced keyboard yet, offering backlit full-size keys and, more importantly, a trackpad. At launch, there was no third-party equivalent to the Magic Keyboard because trackpad support for the ‌iPad Pro‌ was new, but last month, Logitech unveiled the Folio Touch, a $160 keyboard case that works with 2018 a...
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How to watch 'Lovecraft Country' on HBO when it premieres on August 16

  "Lovecraft Country" will premiere on the HBO cable channel and HBO Max streaming service on August 16. The series is produced by Jordan Peele ("Get Out"), Misha Green ("Underground"), and J. J. Abrams ("Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker"). "Lovecraft Country" incorporates elements of drama, fantasy, and horror as it tackles racism in 1950s America along with supernatural terrors inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. To watch the show, you'll need an HBO cable subscription or an HBO Max st...
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What to stream this weekend: Netflix's 'Project Power,' Apple TV+ documentary 'Boys State,'

With theaters closed, new films are streaming. Out this weekend: Apple TV+ documentary 'Boys State,' Jamie Foxx and MGK's 'Project Power' on Netflix.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Apple Registers Domain Name

Apple recently registered the domain name, according to a WHOIS record discovered by MacRumors. The new record indicates that Apple obtained the domain name on Thursday. The record's domain information lists Apple Inc. as the registrant organization. The registrar is CSC Corporate Domains, a firm that protects domain names for large corporations, and is used by Apple for its domain name registrations. While the domain does not currently point to an active website...
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CRM Playaz on TikTok: Respect for Customer Data Trumps Huge Engagement Numbers

  The CRM Playaz are not going to buy TikTok. Let me explain why. Last week Microsoft made it known publicly that it was interested in acquiring a stake in TikTok, a wildly popular video sharing platform that has been in the news a lot lately. But the Microsoft news seemed to set off a bunch of reports that other companies were also interested in, including Apple and Twitter. In fact, so many TikTok acquisition stories started cropping up my CRM Playaz co-host Paul Greenberg and I started explo...
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A five-person startup says Apple is 'bullying' it over its fruit-shaped logo (AAPL)

Apple is seeking to have a startup's logo patent dismissed over concerns it is too similar to its own.  Prepear, a five-person food blog, says its pear logo is "obviously" not an apple.  The company's fighting back in behalf of other small businesses it says have been similarly bullied.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Fruits can be confusing, if you ask Apple. The tech giant is fighting a trademark filed by Prepear, a five-person food website, over its pear-shaped logo. ...
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Facebook pushes back against Apple’s App Store fees

Facebook joined the growing ranks of companies publicly complaining about the 30% fee that Apple collects on payments made through its App Store. Those complaints came midway through a blog post about the social network’s new feature supporting paid online events. Facebook said that to support struggling businesses, it won’t be collecting any fees on those events, at least for the next year, which means that those businesses keep 100% of payments on the web and on Android. But Facebook said t...
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Fortnite developer sues Apple and Google after it was removed from both app stores

Epic Games, the developer of the popular game Fortnite, has sued Apple and after the two took down Fortnite from their respective app stores. The removals had come after Epic Games started allowing users to pay directly to them for in-app purchases, by essentially bypassing the official payment mechanisms that both Apple and Google mandate. The app was not present on the Indian app stores at the time of publication, MediaNama has verified. What led to the removals: At the heart of the issue is...
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You Can Still Download and Play 'Fortnite' on Android

Google and Apple yanked Fortnite off their app stores yesterday after Epic made changes to the in-game payment methods. Epic’s suing both companies in response, but Fortnite’s removal means you can’t download the game from either app store anymore.Read more...
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Fortnite Booted from Google's App Store Too [Update: Now Epic's Suing Google Along With Apple]

Google kicked Fortnite off its Play Store on Thursday following the unparalleled theatrics of its removal from Apple’s app store earlier today.Read more...
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Google Pulls Fortnite From Play Store, But Game Remains Available Through Other Android Sources

Just hours after Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store, Google has also pulled the Fortnite app from its Google Play Store. Epic made the same in-app changes in the Google version of the app that it made in the App Store version, allowing players to bypass Google’s in-app purchase system. Subverting the Play Store in-app purchase system is against Google’s rules. From Google’s guidelines: Developers offering products within a game downloaded on Google Play or providing access to game con...
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Apple to Launch Bundled Subscription Services Called 'Apple One'

Apple will launch a new range of subscription service bundles called "Apple One" as soon as October, according to a new report by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The series of bundles would allow customers to subscribe to several Apple digital services together. This is expected to result in a lower monthly price than when the services are subscribed to individually. Bloomberg reports that the Apple One subscription bundles are planned to launch in October alongside new iPhone models. Gurman expla...
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Deals: Amazon Begins Discounting 2020 iMacs by Up to $99

Amazon has Apple's brand-new 27-inch iMac on sale this week in two configurations, representing some of the first notable discounts on the 2020 desktop computer. Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running. Sales start with the Retina 5K 27-inch iMac with a 3.1GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD for $1,699.93, down from $1,799.00. This model is being sold ...
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Apple and Google remove Fortnite from their app stores, and Epic declares war

Oh dear, oh dear, today has been very exciting for Fortnite fans. Apple has banned the game from the App Store, and developer Epic Games has now retaliated with a lawsuit. Even that’s not doing the acidity of this feud between the two justice. And now Google has also banned Fortnite from the Google Play Store. What the heck happened? Epic Games has defied the App Store Monopoly. In retaliation, Apple is blocking Fortnite from a billion devices. Visit and join the fight to...
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Fortnite’s Maker Is Suing Apple After The Game Was Removed From Its App Store

(CNN) — The maker of Fortnite is suing Apple after Apple blocked the wildly popular online video game with hundreds of millions of registered players from its app store Thursday. Apple said it had removed Fortnite from the platform as Epic Games was violating the tech giant’s guidelines by announcing a way for players to buy in-game currency without using Apple’s proprietary payment systems. Apple’s swift decision to boot Fortnite reflects the enormous influence of Epic Games, Fortnite’s owner. ...
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The best password managers

You need a password manager — plain and simple. It's no longer possible to memorize the hundreds of unique passwords our daily lives now require. Instead of writing them down in random places or using the same one over and over, a password manager will safely store them in an encrypted manner. Most password managers can also store credit card numbers, ID card information, and personal information that's handy to readily know. Beyond some of these obvious reasons, having a password manager also a...
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Fortnite May Have Just Laid the Perfect Antitrust Trap for Apple—and They Fell For It [Another Update: Google Just Kicked Fortnite Out of Its App Store, Too]

Everyone is mad about Apple’s App Store guidelines right now, especially when it comes to cloud gaming services. Microsoft isn’t bringing Project xCloud to iOS. Google’s Stadia app can’t let iPhone users actually play games. Facebook also had to axe the ability to play games for its Facebook Gaming iOS app to be…Read more...
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How to delete saved passwords on your Mac computer, either one-by-one or all at once

You can delete saved passwords on a Mac by opening the Keychain Access app. Any password that's used to access an application on your Mac can be saved to Keychain Access, which is a password manager built into the computer. You may want to delete a saved password if you no longer use the account or don't want to have that password on file. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. When you enter a password into Safari, and your Mac offers to save it, it'll be saving it...
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Read Apple's response for removing 'Fortnite' from the App Store after Epic Games skirted the tech giant's controversial 30% fee (AAPL)

Apple yanked the app for the popular game Fortnite from its store Thursday after its parent company, Epic Games, began allowing in-game purchases. The new direct payment system means that Epic Games would skirt Apple's 30% App Store commission, a controversial fee that developers have said gives Apple an unfair advantage. "We think all developers should be free to support direct payments in all apps," Epic Games said in its explanation of its new payment method. But Apple said that Epic Games'...
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Idris Elba Will Grace Apple With His Presence in a New Romantic Spy Thriller

Apple keeps signing big names as they build their streaming empire. The latest: Idris Elba, who has signed on to produce and star in a romantic spy thriller for the streamer, with Simon Kinberg also producing. The film will be set in Africa, but beyond that, there’s very little info. Kinberg wrote and produced Mr. & Mrs. Smith, so he has a history with romantic spy thrillers starring attractive people. THR has the news on the Idris Elba romantic spy thriller headed to Apple. There’s no title...
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Apple Kicks Fortnite Out of App Store for Challenging Payment Rules

Fortnite, the social shooter made by Epic Games, has been removed from the Apple App Store, the only way to install software on iPhones. From a report: CNBC searched on the App Store on Thursday and did not find the game. It was previously available for download earlier in the day. App Store promotions about the game brought up a message that it "cannot connect to App Store." On Thursday, Epic Games challenged not only Apple but Google by introducing a new way to buy digital goods like character...
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