Big Money Is Now Flowing Into Podcasting— Is It Inflating A Bubble?

Just since the beginning of this year, Spotify has bought podcast producer-distributor Gimlet Media for $230 million and a $100 million startup called Luminary is developing a paid-subscription-only lineup of 40 new podcasts. As one exec said, “The capitalists are here!” Yet, asks Boris Kachka, “What distinguishes a boom from a blip — the beginning of a golden age from a spike of irrational exuberance?” – New York Magazine
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Abstract, a versioning platform that helps designers work like developers, raises $30M

Design and engineering are two sides of the same coin when it comes to building software and hardware, and yet — unlike engineers, who can use services like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or many others to help manage their development process — it’s traditionally been slim pickings for designers when it comes to tools to manage the iterations and collaborations that are a part of their workflow. Now, we are seeing a rising wave of startups responding to that vacuum in the market. In the latest devel...
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Harnessing The Arts To Power The Ongoing Recovery In Puerto Rico (And ‘Hamilton’ Helps)

“While the government’s priorities shifted a bit in the immediate aftermath of [Hurricane Maria], as the island works to rebuild, tourism, particularly arts-fueled tourism, is playing a significant role.” The biggest example so far was the tour of Hamilton that Lin-Manuel Miranda brought to the island (and which attracted a lot of visitors) — and Miranda established a fund that funnels profits from that tour to local arts organizations. – Fast Company
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Actors, Politicians, Even Nancy Pelosi Speak Up In Support Of Striking Chicago Symphony Musicians

As negotiations over a new contract drag on and concerts get cancelled, members of Chicago’s acting community have joined musicians on the picket line, both candidates for mayor in the city’s runoff election have come out in the strikers’ favor, and the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives has issued a statement of support. – Chicago Tribune
Tags: Art, Music, Chicago, Nancy Pelosi, U S House of Representatives, 03.19.19

What’s With All The Enormous Statues Going Up In India?

The “Statue of Unity,” which is actually of independence leader Vallabhbhai Patel and is currently the world’s tallest statue, was completed last fall, and more are on the way: a statue of the 17th-century warrior-king Shivaji in Mumbai, and enormous images of the Hindu god Rama and the 19th-century holy man Swami Vivekananda in Ayodhya. Why? A desire to stand out on the world stage, sure, but even more because of the Hindu nationalism of Narendra Modi’s government. – Apollo
Tags: Art, India, Narendra Modi, Mumbai, Visual, Rama, Swami Vivekananda, AYODHYA, Statue of Unity, Vallabhbhai Patel, 03.11.19

Novelist Writes New Narnia Book With Out C.S. Lewis Estate’s Permission

Francis Spufford, who won a Costa Book Award and an Ondaatje Prize for his 2016 book Golden Hill, has spent 3½ years working on a Narnia prequel he’s titled The Stone Table. “After finishing the novel, Spufford made a ‘tentative’ approach to ask the Lewis estate if they might agree to publication, but did not receive a reply. Eventually he printed up 75 copies and started giving them to friends” — who are praising it to the skies. – The Guardian
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Rachel Ingalls, Author Of ‘Mrs. Caliban’, Dead At 78

The daughter of a Harvard Sanskrit professor, Ingalls settled in England as a young adult “and began to publish short stories; her editor at Faber’s, Charles Monteith, said she was ‘a genius – not a word I use lightly’. In 1982 she published her masterpiece, Mrs Caliban, the tale of an unhappy housewife who gives shelter – and more – to a handsome sea creature who has escaped from a research institute. … [The novel,] largely ignored at the time, was republished in 2017 to huge acclaim and she w...
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How Podcasts Went From Like-Radio-But-More-Amateurish To The Hot New Medium

Adam Sternbergh: “When you first heard about podcasts, do you remember how excited you weren’t? Do you recall the first person who said, ‘Did you know you can now download audio files of people talking?’ … They’ve spent a decade in a state of perpetual arrival, [but] they’re here. What’s more, these humble chunks of audio have emerged as the most significant and exciting cultural innovation of the new century.” – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Media, Adam Sternbergh, 03.18.19

‘Theater That Gets In The Way’ — A Company Puts Itself On The Front Lines Of Poland’s Culture Wars

Two years ago, the actors of the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw had to barricade themselves inside their building against conservative Catholic protesters angry about their production The Curse, about the suxual abuse of children by priests. This year, the company is following up with a staging of Mein Kampf. No wonder its slogan is “Theater that gets in the way.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Poland, Catholic, Warsaw, 03.19.19, Powszechny Theater

Mini Tele Shirley Bag

With an outer made from flexible PVC, the mini Tele Shirley bag from Staud is a practical little bag with a retro-future aesthetic. With an inner pouch crafted from white calf leather and wrapped in swirling telephone cords, it’s finished with a calf leather handle. Opt for just the pouch or carry the whole bag for a bit more room—it’s eye-catching either way.
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here

The advent of electronics had ushered in the third Industrial Design revolution but we are slowly moving beyond the realm of tangible, screen-based interactions to discover multiple new possibilities. These discoveries are the cause for which, the World Economic Forum and many other leading research agencies are deeming the upcoming trends as the fourth Industrial Revolution. In the article below, Paul Hobcraft explains what exactly does this fourth revolution entail and how will it affect the i...
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The Spirit of Experimentation: Westward Whiskey

We tour the brand’s facilities in Oregon Straight ahead, through the front doors of Westward Whiskey‘s new distillery, there are dozens of bottles in varying shapes and sizes with an assortment of labels tucked into a glass case. These are the Portland brand’s archive bottles, stretching back to when they were originally founded in 2004 as House Spirits Distillery. There’s a small-batch bourbon whiskey, an original …
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A Truly Pocket-Sized Projector!

Being able to share memories with friends whilst on-the-go or immerse yourself in films on the big-screen whilst in the comfort of your own home is possible with the use of a projector. The Swivel Projector concept takes this to the next level with the use of small dimensions and a nifty operation method.Swivel is truly pocket-sized. The tightly packed unit fits comfortably within the palm of the hand, meaning it can be carried around almost unnoticeable. When the projector is not in use you wou...
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J.H. Kwabena Nketia, Father Of African Musicology, Dead At 97

“In a career stretching back to the 1950s and continuing into his 90s, Dr. Nketia wrote hundreds of articles and books in English and Twi, a Ghanaian language, on topics ranging from music theory to folklore, as well as scores of compositions. … His 1974 book, The Music of Africa, is widely considered a definitive historical study, and Ethnomusicology and African Music, a collection of his writings published in 2005, is used in classrooms throughout Africa and across the world. – The New York T...
Tags: Art, Africa, People, Kwabena Nketia, Nketia, 03.19.19

Think You Know This Photograph? Take Another Look

The Swiss artists Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger recreate famous historical photos in their studio, to remind us we shouldn’t always believe what we see.
Tags: Art, Icons, Photography, News, Germany, Gallery, Adrian, Jojakim Cortis, Adrian Sonderegger, Sonderegger, C/O Berlin (Berlin, Cortis, Jojakim

Create the Art Styles You Never Knew You Were Capable of with This New Design Kit

Having a library of tools and assets to work with is the best way to explore new art styles and create stunning results. Using ready-made resources such as textures, graphics and brushes eliminates the worry of having to switch focus from your main project to construct the tools you need to finish the job! The products in this new Creative’s Design Kit will save you countless hours by having the laborious work done for you, by some of the best professionals in the industry! It contains 21 best s...
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Social Studies: The Pioneers of Postmodern Dance, 60 Years Later

The movement upended all notions of what the form could be. Today, it’s still shaping how we see the world around us.
Tags: Art, News, Dancing, Theater, Anna, Brown, Cunningham, Judson Memorial Church, Lucinda, Childs, Trisha, Mendieta, Schneemann, Merce, Ana (1948-85, Halprin

David Bailey: 'Deneuve said it's great we're divorced – now we can be lovers!'

As he powers into his 80s, the photographer recalls shooting everyone from Kate Moss to Andy Warhol, shares his regrets over voting leave – and reveals how Gordon Brown pulled a fast one on him‘You look knackered,” says David Bailey, greeting me at his studio. It’s up a small mews and sprawls so casually across two floors that it still feels like the 60s inside. “Look at you,” he says. “Your buttons aren’t even done up right.” I look down at my jacket: that bit is true. But I tell him: “I’m not ...
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How I Get 1000 Email Subscribers a Week

If you’re wanting to start a newsletter, get into email marketing, or simply just want more email subscribers, listen up! This is the method I use to get 1000 email subscribers a week, using lead magnets on my website. To get started:  & Capture emails with a lead magnet popup, such as my free logo ebook For part two, I recommend using the conversion optimisation software, OptinMonster. I use Aweber for sending my emails. OptinMonster FLASH SALE (2 days only) Get 35% off between March 19-Ma...
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Baseball Reliquary videos published

We have a multi-year relationship with The Baseball Reliquary, a sort of “people’s Baseball Hall of Fame.” Not only do we film many of their events (such as the one below), we set up their YouTube channel and have begun populating it with archival footage that the Reliquary has provided to us. Pretty fun, right? Check out the video, and enjoy some of most fantastic baseball music that you have ever heard, courtesy of 2018 inductee Nancy Faust!
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Introducing the Moleskine Paper Tablet - Creative Cloud Connected

Introducing the Moleskine Paper Tablet - Creative Cloud Connected AoiroStudioMar 20, 2019 Our friends from Adobe has shared with us their latest collaboration with Moleskine. Introducing the Moleskine Paper Tablet - Creative Cloud Connected, it's their second collaboration and this new notebook will allow users, as its name suggests to link their work created on paper to Adobe Illustrator CC, where it can then be further developed, edited, colored, refined, o...
Tags: Design, Adobe, Bruce Chatwin, PEN ELLIPSE, Moleskine Pen Ellipse, Vincent van Gogh Pablo Picasso Ernest Hemingway, Moleskine Stores

A plywood stool with some bounce!

Exploiting plywood’s ability to be flexible but hold its shape rather well, designers from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen created the Mågen stool, a stool that takes inspiration from Sori Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool, but adds some bounce to it! Comprised of six individual molded plywood pieces, the Mågen stool allows you to sit on it, and the two upper plywood layers flex under your weight, giving you the feeling of sitting on a cushion. The flexible layers not only make the Må...
Tags: Design, Copenhagen, Product Design, Seating, Plywood, Stool, Magen, Sori Yanagi, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Fatima Fransson, Pernille Løgstrup Iversen, Rikke Palmerston

Ensconced in Kinglike Comfort, Mykonos Hasn't Looked as Ravishing

Mykonos needs no introduction: its Cycladic beauty, cosmopolitan élan and legendary beachside lifestyle have made this small Greek island into a world–renowned, first-class holiday destination where Hollywood celebrities mingle with young tech moguls and social media stars. From the quiet fishing village of the 1950s when Christian Dior was mesmerized by the local handwoven textiles, to today’s...
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Wearable Tech: Superhero Power Plant

Get Ready For Comic Con With This Laser Cut Electronics Project You don’t have to be billionaire genius Tony Stark to incorporate some wearable tech into your wardrobe for your next appearance at Comic Con, a Halloween party or anytime you need to stand in superhero pose to boost your confidence (hey boss, I need a raise!). Thanks to the folks over at Adafruit, this guide will show you how to make your own electronic glowing reactor with a cool pulsing effect. The post Wearable Tech: Superhero P...
Tags: Design, Adafruit, Tony Stark, Product & Design Ideas

New York – Angel Otero: “Milagros” at Lehmann Maupin Through April 7th, 2019

Angel Otero, Splintered (2019), via Lehmann Maupin Currently on view at Lehmann Maupin, artist Angel Otero’s Milagros, marks a new trajectory for the artist, a series of recent, large-scale tapestry-like oil paintings that hang entirely free from a stretcher bar and which twist and pull the notion of the composed canvas through a series of rigorous […]
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For Brooke Davis, Craftsmanship is Where CNC Meets Handwork 

Texas-based designer Brooke Davis continues to "push the boundary of CNC as a tool" with her latest designs, including a quilted nightstand with a perfectly plush tufted surface made out of wood. Davis brings her background in fine art to her design practice and uses digital tools to push the forms she can achieve and impart a sculptural feel. Her process involves sculpting in clay, digitally modeling in the computer, and prototyping with a CNC machine until the design is finalized. While the CN...
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It Just Sucks: What It’s Like To Be Freelancer Worker In The Arts

Freelancers in the arts hit the instability jackpot. They enter a market with no money and ask for the scraps, billing for what the organisation can afford, not what the job is worth. Unlike employees, they’re never paid for the in-between times; they sometimes lose money in preparing for and delivering jobs, which employees don’t. And it’s probably the only industry in which taking on a PhD just to live off an associated scholarship – which one respondent to the ArtsPay survey reported doing ...
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.18.19

This robot will park your car for you as you rush to the airport

We may not be near having artificial intelligence drive our cars, but we’re living in an age where robots and AI will park our cars for us. An airport in Lyon, France is debuting a robot designed by Stanley Robotics, which will latch onto your car and park it for you as you rush to board your flight. Given that parking your car on a tight schedule can often result in a loss of precious minutes, the Lyon Airport is relying on an army of car-parking bots that gently carry your car to the nearest v...
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How The Vietnam War Changed American Art

The shock of Vietnam made conventional art forms such as painting and sculpture look inadequate. Its reverberations inspired a rapid expansion of the possible forms art could take and a search for new audiences. Public performances, video, installations, land art and agitprop all flourished during the war. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Vietnam, Issues, 03.18.19

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