Is The Future Of Newspapers 24/7 Online, With Actual Newsprint Only On Sundays?

That’s already the case in Little Rock and Chattanooga, while the Tampa Bay Times prints only Wednesdays and Sundays. Many other papers throughout the US have cut some hard-copy days, especially Saturdays. Yet they all post news online all week long. – Local News Initiative (Northwestern University)
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Netflix Is About To Milk The Hell Out Of Roald Dahl’s Stories

“Netflix has acquired the Roald Dahl Story Company (RDSC) and will expand their existing deal to … create a universe across animated and live action films and TV, publishing, games, immersive experiences, live theater, consumer products and more.” – Variety
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France’s Top Book Prize Has A New Conflict-Of-Interest Scandal

One of the finalists for this year’s Prix Goncourt, The Children of Cadillac, was written by François Noudelmann, the romantic partner of one of the 10 jurors, Camille Laurens. What’s more, Laurens recently savaged a competing book on the shortlist in a review for Le Monde. – The Guardian
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Long-Delayed Guggenheim Abu Dhabi At Last Has An Opening Date (And It’s Not Soon)

The Frank Gehry-designed museum, one of several starchitect-designed brand-name cultural institutions planned for the Emirati capital’s Saadiyat Island, is expected to be October of 2026, 16 years after the originally planned opening and a full two decades after the project was announced. – Artnet
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The Rivals: As The Delta Variant Rages, Sydney Reopens Its Theatres While Melbourne Stays Closed

The difference is not in case numbers; it’s in state government policies. New South Wales (Sydney), governed by the conservative Coalition, has relatively laissez-faire rules (and higher COVID caseloads), while Victoria (Melbourne), governed by Labor, has been unusually strict with lockdowns, masking rules, etc. – The Guardian
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Major Italian Baroque Painting Turns Up At Ordinary Suburban New York Church

An art history professor happened to be in the Church of the Holy Family in New Rochelle when he saw a painting that made him do a “double take.” It turned out to be Cesare Dandini’s Holy Family with the Infant St. John, dating from the 1630s. – Artnet
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Sex toy design has a lot to teach big tech

Design, at its heart, should be about making things better. Whether aesthetically or experientially, the craft should operate as a seamless bridge between a product’s function and the person operating it. The thing is, I’m just not sure that’s the case any longer. Over the past few years, it seems that design has become less user focused, concentrating far more on keeping us addicted and hooked, rather than actually improving our lives. I wanted to find out if this was true, or if I’m spouting n...
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Employee Engagement as a Strategy for Community Engagement

Guest Postby Kathleen Riemenschneider Kathleen Riemenschneider For more than two decades I have managed and developed education and community engagement programs, but while earning my doctorate in leadership studies I learned about ‘employee engagement.’ I began to wonder if there was a relationship between community engagement and employee engagement. There are similarities: both are about increasing involvement in the decision-making process or at least giving a group more input into a...
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Famous Lug Styles That Have Defined Modern-Day Watch Design

Lugs… One of the make-or-break elements of a watch. In the best scenario, lugs define a watch. In the worst of situations, they can ruin a watch. When I just got into watches, the latter played a more significant part in my opinion about a watch, or rather than recognizing great lugs. I used to […] Visit Famous Lug Styles That Have Defined Modern-Day Watch Design to read the full article.
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Charlotte Ballet – Artistic Director

Organization Established in 1970, Charlotte Ballet’s vision is to be the leading dance company in the Southeast region. Charlotte Ballet is renowned for its athletic dancers and versatile programming that ranges from full-length classical ballets to cutting-edge contemporary dance. The company presents five to six performance series in Charlotte from October through June and tours across the Southeast region and nationally. In recent years, Charlotte Ballet was invited to perform at the Amer...
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Assistant Professor, Dance (African Diaspora – TT)

Responsibilities The University of Akron School of Dance, Theatre, and Arts Administration seeks a dance practitioner in African Diaspora dance with the skillset to drive UA Dance to new heights. Candidates should possess expertise in multiple African diasporic dance forms such as hip-hop, African-inspired jazz and / or tap, contemporary African dance, dances from any region / country in Africa, Afro-Caribbean, street jazz, or urban dance. This position requires the candidate to possess qual...
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BURIED TREASURE: Arthur Farwell’s “Hako” — Will String Quartets Have the Courage to Perform It?

In the world of classical music, it sometimes happens that a major work lies dormant, undiscovered and unperformed,
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Why Podcasts Are So Popular (As A Medium)

 New research finds that of all media, podcast content generates the greatest degree of consumer concentration. –
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The Next Era: The “Exponential Age”

The Exponential Age is challenging our assumptions about globalization. A car can be designed in Guiyang and assembled in California with remarkable ease. But it also represents an inversion of globalization—a return to the local. Strategy + Business
Tags: Art, California, Ideas, Guiyang

It’s A Weird Time To Be A Critic

The instinct to abuse critics is justified by the idea that it is “punching up” at elitist gatekeepers. But unlike Siskel and Ebert, modern critics are neither famous nor wealthy nor powerful. – Unherd
Tags: Art, Issues, Ebert, Siskel

The News Shared On Facebook Gets Smaller And Smaller

The percent that are about news — defined broadly, including sports and entertainment — is now somewhere less than 4%. It’s something of a niche interest for Facebook users. – NiemanLab
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More Governments Are Censoring Online Content

Governments are limiting or banning applications, content and connectivity itself — and Big Tech companies, rich and powerful as they are, can’t or won’t fight back. – Axios
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Someone Thought Putting The Bible, The US Constitution, And Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” In One Book Was A Good Idea

“Big-name Christian authors penned a letter blasting it as ‘dangerous,’ and more than 900 people signed a petition decrying the decision to print the book. The advertised publisher, part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, disavowed the book and denied it ever planned to print it in the first place.” – Slate
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7 Photography Logo Styles – Which is Right for Your Photography Business?

Photography is a creative and artistic business. Which of these seven photography logo styles works best for your business?
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Clearing Up Simplicity: The Fallacies Of Occam’s Razor

Cited widely in science, but often misunderstood, for some it’s invaluable, hinting at profound truths about the nature of knowledge. For others it’s worse than useless. – Prospect
Tags: Art, Ideas, Occam

Pathbreaking TV Writer Irma Kalish Dead At 96

Most female scriptwriters in the 1950s and ’60s had to churn out proto-Hallmark-Channel movies, but Kalish thrived in comedy. Her biggest mark was in Norman Lear’s sitcoms All in the Family and its spinoff Maude; she co-produced the Maude spinoff Good Times. – The New York Times
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Pennsylvania School District Bans Children’s Books On MLK And Rosa Parks

In a clip from a meeting aired by CNN, which reported on student protests of the ban, members referred to the list of reading and educational material as “divisive” and “bad ideas.” – Miami Herald
Tags: Art, Cnn, Words, Rosa Parks

Free Artistic Expression In India Is Being Gradually Strangled

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party, “censorship (is) no longer about nudity, gore, or promiscuity. It (has) firmly set its sights on whether (a) narrative matched the right-wing Hindu nationalists’ narrative.” – Slate
Tags: Art, India, Narendra Modi, Hindu, Issues, Bharatiya Janata Party

Looping — Perhaps Hollywood’s Most Surprising, And Most Secretive, Profession

Loopers are the equivalent of extras: they’re voice actors who provide realistic background chatter for just about any setting or subject. And no, you can’t become one: says one insider, “No one gives up their spots. You have to kill someone to get in.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Sci-fi script and a cage-shaped mosque: Islamic art gets subversive

From subtle riffs on traditional script-based decoration to a late father’s letters to his lover, the artists vying for the Jameel prize generate deep emotion from meticulousnessWords have had outsize importance in Muslim culture since the beginning. The Qur’an, which literally means “recitation”, was of course revered as the word of God. But, crucially, images of human beings and animals were disapproved of because they could distract people from prayer; as a result, artists poured all their cr...
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Scientists Have Created The Whitest White Ever

Their original goal was to create a paint that would effectively reflect sunlight away from a building, which required producing an extremely white pigment. – Hyperallergic
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Ethiopian Popular Culture Is Making The Chinese Its Bogeymen

As investment from China flows into Ethiopia, social media and entertainment are voicing worries about inexpensive made-in-China versions of Ethiopian handicrafts, mocking Chinese eating habits, and stoking anger that the country’s donkeys are being stolen and shipped to China to make a traditional medicine. – Global Voices
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China Now Has Its Own Version Of The Carbuncle Cup

Each year, an online architecture magazine offers a list of 80-odd edifices from which readers can vote for the ten ugliest buildings in China. What’s the purpose? “To provoke thinking about the beauty of and ugliness of architecture and promote architects’ social responsibility.” – The Guardian
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The Royal Ballet’s Most Unlikely Star Says Farewell To The Stage

Edward Watson was a very promising student, but the gangly ginger never fit the handsome-Prince mold. As he retires after 27 years with the company, 16 of them as principal, his astounding flexibility and dramatic intensity have created a new model for male ballet stars. – Dance Magazine
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Do You Know About #DarkAcademia?

On Instagram, the tag #darkacademia now has over 1 million posts, and Grazia has named the aesthetic as autumn 2021’s biggest trend. The TikTok generation has keenly embraced the tweedy cosiness of scholarly life. – The Conversation
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