Kickstarter x Autodesk open-source 3D Printing...

Kickstarter x Autodesk open-source 3D Printing Test. Incorporating everything from dimensional accuracy and overhangs, to fine feature flow control, bridging, negative feature resolution and more... (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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This Muhammad Ali exhibit shows his ‘Greatest’ achievements as boxer, civil rights activist and philanthropist

There’s a new exhibit at the Beverly Center that’s shining a light on the late boxing great Muhammad Ali’s legacy inside and outside the ring. Dubbed “Muhammad Ali: Greatest of All Time,” this ticketed exhibit opens Friday, Nov. 2 and runs through Jan. 20. It chronicles the evolution of the celebrated sports star born Cassius Clay from his days as The Louisville Lip to his fame as Ali. Presented by Muhammad Ali Enterprises, the exhibit features more than 100 artifacts, including rare photographs...
Tags: Art, Mexico, Sport, Visual Arts, Things To Do, Soccer, Theater, Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay, Ali, Chinatown, Louisville, Frankenstein, Claremont, Marchese, Bart Simpson

Yves Béhar Designed a Customizable System for Tiny Homes—Here's What it Looks Like

In partnership with LivingHomes, the design Studio of Plant Prefab, industrial designer Yves Béhar designed a customizable system for tiny homes that will be officially unveiled tomorrow at the Summit Festival in Los Angeles. So far, only renderings are available, but essentially the following images are what a few different combinations will look like: The YB1 system is customizable to accommodate different roofs, window layouts and climate conditions, but there are three main options for fl...
Tags: Design, Los Angeles, Yves Behar, Architecture, Forest Stewardship Council, Design News, LivingHomes

Aesop always has such beautifully packaged...

Aesop always has such beautifully packaged holiday gift sets - for 2018 the theme is The Atlas of Attraction in collaboration with Iris van Herpen. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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The WAYB Pico is an 8 lb compact travel car...

The WAYB Pico is an 8 lb compact travel car seat made of aerospace-grade aluminum and high-performance mesh designed and manufactured by outdoor gear vets. It looks like the Aeron Chair of car seats. Currently crowdfunding. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Nervous System Coral Cups are finally available...

Nervous System Coral Cups are finally available for pre-order (and will make it for the holidays!) Computationally-generated and handcrafted in porcelain, the Coral Cup is inspired by the form of brain coral. It's been amazing to follow their process. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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The Lights of the Revolution: Join Berlin’s Biggest Public Performance

On Sunday, the 11th of November 2018 you will have the chance to be part of a unique creative performance with TOOLS FOR ACTION. Their latest artistic project “Signals, Resonating Revolutions” is a collaboration with Kulturprojekt Berlin and the choreographers of Tänzer ohne Grenzen, and you can take part in this creative resistance to fight for unity and the good values in our society! On the 11th of November,  Berlin celebrates the 100th anniversary of the German Revolution, namely when the fi...
Tags: Art, Fashion, Berlin, Events, Revolution, Performance, Demonstration, Tiergarten, Grenzen, Politcs, Waisenstraße, Art In Public, Tools For Action, Kulturprojekt Berlin

This green-roofed home for a master gardener embraces nature

Tapped to design a home for a master gardener in Portland, Oregon, Olson Kundig crafted the Country Garden House, a light-filled home that frames garden views from every room. Designed for indoor-outdoor living, the home features walls of glass that overlook stunning vistas and spans 5,300 square feet to accommodate the needs of a multigenerational family. Clad in reclaimed barnwood, the home’s simple gabled form and ample glazing are evocative of traditional farm architecture. Completed in 20...
Tags: Design, Dan Hinkley, Jeremy Bittermann, Country Garden House, Portland Oregon Olson Kundig, Leo Adams, Olson Kundig Photography

These postcards pay tribute to the most recent iconic moment in modern art

People stood absolutely aghast at Sotheby’s as a framed print of Banksy’s mural, the ‘Balloon Girl’ automatically began shredding just seconds after it was auctioned for a cool $1.4 million. The shredder was cleverly built inside the artpiece’s frame, and designed by Banksy himself. The idea was to completely shred the painting in front of the buyer’s eyes, giving consumerism a monumental middle finger, but the shredder failed mid-way, with the print half-inside intact, and half-outside shredded...
Tags: Deals, Art, Design, Amsterdam, Packaging, Banksy, Postcards, Shredded, Rijksmuseum, Sotheby, General Gifts, Lesha Limonov, Hello From Banksy

‘A Quiet Place’ Mondo Poster Captures One of the Movie’s Best Visuals

People weren’t expecting much from A Quiet Place when it was first announced, but John Krasinski‘s high concept horror film took Hollywood by storm when it debuted earlier this year. With its great story hook, quick pacing, excellent performances, and memorable sound design, it’s still one of my favorite films of 2018 so far. It only makes sense for a film that like to get the Mondo treatment, and now artist Matt Ryan Tobin has reimagined one of the movie’s most effective visuals in the very fi...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Movies, Horror, Poster, Paramount Pictures, Mondo, John-Krasinski, Krasinski, Tobin, Scott Beck, Platinum Dunes, A Quiet Place, Bryan Woods, Matt Ryan Tobin, Quiet Place

Toronto’s Tafelmusik Posts 18th Balanced Budget

Announced at Tafelmusik’s Annual General Meeting yesterday, Canada’s largest period orchestra and choir have reported a consecutive operating surplus of $51,000. Tafelmusik also achieved their highest subscription revenue in five years, and the second-highest number of single tickets sold in the orchestra’s history. The results represent overall concert revenues of almost $1.9 million and an increase of 12% over the 2017 fiscal year.
Tags: Art, Music, Toronto, Canada, 10.31.18, Tafelmusik Posts 18th Balanced Budget

Inside Huckberry’s NYC Pop-Up Shop

The brand's first brick and mortar effort is a pop-up focused on storytelling Huckberry, a San Francisco-based digital destination for all things outdoorsy, has claimed a brick-and-mortar space after nearly 10 years of strictly online existence. The pop-up shop opens tomorrow, 2 November, and runs through 31 January 2019, in NYC‘s West Village. This corner is far from the woods or an ice-cold surf spot, but the …
Tags: Outdoors, Design, Style, Shopping, NYC, San Francisco, Retail, West Village, Huckberry, Pop-ups, Outdoor Apparel

A rustic, surfside home connects a young family to the beach

Surf’s up for a young couple living in the southwestern France surfing mecca of Soorts-Hossegor. Custom-designed by Paris-based firm Java Architecture, ‘Une Maison Pour Surfer’ serves as a home base for the surf-loving couple and their new baby. Keeping within a tight budget and focusing on minimal impact to the environment, the architects created an elongated home using prefabricated modules. The 1,000-square-foot home was built in collaboration with the homeowners, a young couple who lived i...
Tags: Europe, Design, France, Architecture, Gallery, Ocean, Paris, Surf, Surfing, Beach, Vacation Home, Prefab, Prefabricated, Prefab Housing, Minimalist Living, Wooden Homes

Study: Micro-doses Of Psychedelics May Enhance Creativity

Participants in a small-scale study scored higher on two measures of creativity after swallowing a tiny serving of hallucinogenic truffles—about one-tenth of a recreational dose. The drug did not stimulate similar improvement in an intelligence test, suggesting that its effects may be limited to enhancing innovation.
Tags: Art, Dance, 11.01.18

Critic’s Pick: A Long Overdue Light on Black Models of Early Modernism

A new exhibition at the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery revisits mid-19th-century Paris to examine the significance of black female models.
Tags: Art, News, Paris, Art Gallery, Blacks, Matisse, Manet, Denise, Frederic, Miriam, Henri, Wallach, Edouard, Murrell, Miriam and Ira D, Bazille

Miniature Paper Birds

Detailed small scale wildlife sculptures of colorful birds crafted out of paper. Miniature paper birds made by talented Indian artists Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama ( NVillustration ). Also check out: Fork and Spoon Birds
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Nayan Shrimali, Vaishali Chudasama

Kimerly Rorschach To Step Down As Head Of Seattle Art Museum

SAM is the final stop in her 25-year museum career, which also included directorships at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University and the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago.
Tags: Art, Visual, Duke University, Seattle Art Museum, Nasher Museum of Art, Smart Museum of Art, 10.31.18, Kimerly Rorschach To Step

It’s perfectly legal to fix your own gadgets now!

With the Right To Repair movement finally seeing success in the USA, and the appropriate amendments being made to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, you can now legally tinker with your gadget, or have expert technicians or third-party fixers repair your technology without running into problems with the original manufacturers. While fixing your own phone may void the warranty, the Right To Repair prevents manufacturers from refusing to fix your gadgets if they’ve been tinkered with. So you c...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Tools, Usa, Design, Technology, Smartphone, Fix, Dmca, Product Design, Dre, Toolkit, Right To Repair, iFixit, Pro Tech, Pro Tech Toolkit

How Calder Became Calder

“Most architects and city planners,” Calder told a friend, “want to put my objects in front of trees or greenery. They make a huge error. My mobiles and stabiles ought to be placed in free spaces, like public squares, or in front of modern buildings, and that is true of all contemporary sculpture.”
Tags: Art, Calder, Visual, 10.31.18

WARHOL’S LEGACY: Think You Know Andy Warhol? Here Are Five Truths That May Surprise

The Pop artist was famous for hiding behind a smoke screen of hyperbole and outright fibs.
Tags: Art, News, Andy Warhol, Warhol, Andy

So How Do You Measure The Impact Of Your Work As An Artist?

“Unlike arts organizations that might have resources for evaluating the impact of their programs, individual artists often lack the capacity to measure how their projects drive social change. They are active. They are doing the work. Providing independent artists with clear content for their own advocacy, and boosting their own research capacities, is vitally important to driving evidence-based practice in the field. I know this because I am one of them.”
Tags: Art, Issues, 10.23.18

One for Hundred a furniture company that grows more wood than it uses

One for Hundred, an Austrian furniture company, was founded on the belief that creating furniture doesn’t have to go hand-in-hand with destroying forests. With this philosophy in mind, Anna and Karl Philip Prinzhorn — the founders of One for Hundred — decided to plant 100 trees for every piece of wooden furniture that they sell. The decision about where to plant the trees and harvest the wood for the furniture was an easy one, because it all comes from the company’s own forest just outside of ...
Tags: Design, Vienna, Anna, Vienna Design Week, Karton, Karl Philip Prinzhorn, Karl Philip

Today’s technology in yesterday’s avatars!

A perfect post for throwback thursday, these products show us how far we’ve come in just a matter of two decades. Each product you see is branded with an app or a service we, collectively, use and can’t live without. Making the point that we had alternatives (albeit less addictive) to each of these technologies is Thomas Ollivier’s set of old-world products with new-world branding… or rather, reimagining the very services we can’t live without, if they existed long before Y2K.You’ve got a Spotif...
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Facebook, Spotify, Toys, Design, Technology, Instagram, Adobe, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Netflix, Recreation, Product Design, Thomas Ollivier, Babies/Childcare/Toys

In Which Elena Ferrante Once Again Foils A Journalist’s Attempt To Profile Her

Merve Emre: “Over the course of a two-month correspondence, … the distance between us seemed only to expand. She answered questions I had not asked and ignored the ones I had. She got irritated, apologized, misinterpreted my phrasing — willfully, I suspected.”
Tags: Art, People, Elena Ferrante, Merve Emre, 10.31.18

Myths Of The Gig Economy

he gig economy has not only turned millions of Americans into contractors, but it’s given the more successful entrepreneurs the tools to grow even faster. A fast-moving startup can secure talent as it needs it, outsource more quotidian tasks like payroll, and stay lean and mean; indeed, I see entrepreneurs employ this approach through my work at EY supporting creative, successful startups. But there are lots of myths about gig work, whether full-time or part time.
Tags: Art, Ideas, 10.30.18

Stand Collar Fleece

This stand collar sweater is a fleece piece that’s made for cold weather and outdoor adventures. With hand-warmer pockets and a zip-up collar that blocks wind, it’s super-functional. Plus, the various shades of olive green—and the fabric textures—means it looks great too.
Tags: Outdoors, Design, Clothing, Apparel, Sweaters, Outerwear, Westerlind Outdoor

Interview: Isabelle Legeron, Founder of Raw Wine

"I think people know when they have something really authentic in their glass." The renaissance of natural wine, in the way its replacing more commercial wines in the retail and consumer spaces, is far from over. Numbers wise, this is barely the beginning. The craze, explained succinctly as goodhearted and in the spirit of generational craftsmanship, can be attributed to a few things: the heightened …
Tags: Design, Interviews, Alcohol, Brooklyn, Drinking, Wine, Food + Drink, Natural Wines, Raw Wine Fair, Isabelle Legeron Founder of Raw Wine

Sotheby’s Reports Net Loss of $27.8 million for Q3

Sotheby’s has reported a net loss of $27.8 million for the third quarter, a 19 percent drop over the same period last year.  “With respect to the market conditions,” says Sotheby’s president and CEO Tad Smith, “there are uncertainties, including political noise here and abroad, as well as rising interest rates and slowing global growth.” Read more […]
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London – Georg Baselitz: “A focus on the 1980s” at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Through November 21st, 2018

Georg Baselitz, The Orange Eater VI (1981), via Art Observed Gallerie Thaddeus Ropac London is currently offering a museum-quality show of ground-breaking inverted paintings, drawings and sculptures by Georg Baselitz, tracing the artist’s shift to a freer, more expressionistic use of paint and of color, while still staging works of startling intensity and solemn power. The exhibition […]
Tags: Art, London, Show, Art News, Featured Post, Georg Baselitz, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Art Observed Gallerie Thaddeus Ropac London

Getting the Most Out of a Presentation Agency

At Ethos3, we work with clients to develop engaging content, create clean designs, and deliver with excellence. From start to finish, we work in tandem with our clients to deliver the compelling presentation of their dreams. Recently I spoke with a client who had mentioned working with another design firm and their displeasure with how the process went. As we discussed what went wrong, it became clear that there was some miscommunication on all sides. Starting from the beginning, we implemented ...
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