Building the Toronto Subway: John DeRinzy’s Art

~ Unless you were around when it was built (I wasn’t, by the way!), it’s difficult to imagine how massive an undertaking it was to build Toronto’s subway.  Shortly before it’s opening in 1954, local artist John DeRinzy, who worked as a graphics designer for Simpson’s department store (later part of the Hudson’s Bay chain), […]
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levitann: instagram twitter

levitann: instagram twitter
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The Overlap Watch is full of quirky minimalism

With a watch-face that’s practically a minimalist artpiece, the Overlap by Alvaro Alvarez and Maria Lopez for Projects Watches quite literally makes it look like the watch band is entering the body and weaving right through the dial of the watch. Of course, with the lovely combination of black (band and body) along with the white face of the watch, you’ve got something that isn’t just unusual, it’s high-contrast too, which makes its unusual ‘overlap’ stand out from afar.Even the hands on the wat...
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Heavily-Marked Glenn Gould Score Of Bach’s “Goldbergs” Turns Up

“I would call this the equivalent of a shooting script of a movie,” said the critic Tim Page, a professor of music and journalism at the University of Southern California and the editor of “The Glenn Gould Reader.” “He keeps track of which takes he likes, and how long they are.”
Tags: Art, Music, Glenn Gould, University Of Southern California, Bach, Tim Page, 11.02.18

Honor’s Flypods look slightly familiar, don’t you think?

It’s one thing to have products that look a certain way because ergonomic data or a manufacturing procedure dictates how that product is to be designed. It’s completely another thing to absolutely rip off an existing design and make small changes to it and claim it as yours. Looking at Honor’s Flypods it’s very easy to tell which route the Chinese company took.Clad in blue, with a design that looks like the Airpods grew a beer-belly, the Flypods come with the same earpiece and a slightly thicker...
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At Paula Cooper’s First Show 50 Years Ago You Could Have Bought A Carl Andre For $1,500

She was the first gallerist in Soho, at 96 Prince Street, way back in 1968 when that was a desolate area that had just recently been saved from having a highway bulldozed across it by Robert Moses. Donald Judd, who made the desk Cooper sits at to this day, bought an entire five-floor factory building at 101 Spring Street that same year for $68,000, a block south of her new gallery.
Tags: Art, Visual, Paula Cooper, Soho, Cooper, Prince Street, Carl Andre, 11.01.18, Robert Moses Donald Judd, 101 Spring Street

Standup Comedy’s Killer Weapon? PowerPoint

PowerPoint has long been employed onstage by established comedians like Eugene Mirman and long-running shows like Drunk Education in New York (which Refinery29 explored, among other PowerPoint performance trends, earlier this year), but how did it become the preferred medium for so many young comics at the outset of their careers?
Tags: Art, New York, Theatre, Eugene Mirman, 11.01.18, Drunk Education

Spaceship Cat Bed

Modern cat bed designed to be mounted on a wall looks like alien spaceship. MYZOO Spaceship cat bed with air holes and transparent acrylic window. Also check out: iMac Beds for Cats
Tags: Design, Tech

So Just How Are Arts Organizations Supposed To Measure Social Impact?

At the London Film Festival last week, the British Film Institute (BFI) announced it was going to start measuring ‘class and socio-economic background in their funding and staffing’. This move reflects the growing attention given to inequalities in the arts: academic evidence increasingly shows that cultural professions are unequal across ethnicity, gender, age, disability and class. How we measure class and social mobility to reveal inequality is a thorny issue, however.
Tags: Art, Issues, British Film Institute BFI, 10.26.18

Migrating Bowtie: Chevy’s New NASCAR Camaro SS Is Yet More Evidence of Second Thoughts

When Chevrolet rolled into last month’s SEMA show with a vivid, one-off Camaro SS show car, our attention was drawn to its new “concept” face. It seemed like the bowtie brand had read Matthew Guy’s mind, swathing the grille’s horizontal crossbar in body color and moving the Chevy emblem to its rightful, slimming place between […] The post Migrating Bowtie: Chevy’s New NASCAR Camaro SS Is Yet More Evidence of Second Thoughts appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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A quick guide to the environmental issues you'll find on the ballot

The general election for 2018 features many interesting issues related to environmental improvements. But with these environmental proposals competing with other issues on the ballot, it is easy for them to get lost in the shuffle. From funding eco-friendly projects to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, here is a quick guide to some of the environmental issues on the 2018 ballots around the U.S. Alaska Salmon Initiative The first measure on Alaska’s ballot is an initiative that would force t...
Tags: Florida, Design, Colorado, California, Montana, Washington, Georgia, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Rhode Island, Department of Environmental Quality, NCSL, U S Alaska Salmon Initiative, Florida Constitutional Revision

Rubin Institute Music Criticism Prizes Awarded

Winners of the 2018 Stephen and Cynthia Rubin Institute for Music Criticism have been announced. Jennifer Gersten, a DMA candidate at Stony Brook University, was chosen by a panel of leading national music critics to receive the $10,000 Rubin Prize in Music Criticism for demonstrating outstanding promise in music criticism. Brin Solomon, an MFA candidate at New York University, was selected as runner-up and received a $1,000 award.
Tags: Art, Music, Stephen, New York University, Stony Brook University, MFA, DMA, Jennifer Gersten, 10.29.18, Rubin Institute Music Criticism Prizes Awarded, Cynthia Rubin Institute for Music Criticism, Brin Solomon

Brendan Ravenhill’s Versatile Ada Sconce

A new short film explores the method behind the dynamic yet minimal piece The works of LA-based designer Brendan Ravenhill stem from a process involving many people. The Ada Sconce, for example, goes through metal-bending, hole-punching, and powder-coating before its assembly in Ravenhill’s Glassell Park studio. To offer a peek into this way of making, Ravenhill and his team have created a mini-documentary that follows how …
Tags: Videos, Design, Documentary, La, Los Angeles, Lights, Lighting, Interior Design, Homewares, Glassell Park, Ravenhill, Sconces, Brendan Ravenhill, Light Fixtures

The National Butterfly Center is threatened by Trump's border wall

The National Butterfly Center is a 100-acre wildlife preserve and botanical garden in South Texas. Not only is it the habitat of more than 100 different species of butterflies, but it is also home to several endangered plants and threatened animals. It happens to be located directly in the path of the Trump administration’s proposed border wall, and that means its future is in question. In September, Congress approved a federal spending bill that included $1.6 billion to fund the wall’s constru...
Tags: Texas, Design, Congress, California, Dhs, Npr, New Mexico, Trump, Department of Homeland Security DHS, Rio Grande, South Texas, Garden of Eden, Alan Schmierer, NPR Images, National Butterfly Center, Marianna Trevino Wright

KOGAA creates an energy self-sufficient City Cell in response to climate change

Galvanized by the growing debate on climate change, Brno-based KOGAA Architectural Studio and NEXT Institute Research Platform have teamed up to create the City Cell Prototype (CCP), a pop-up installation that serves as a testing ground for ways cities can combat climate extremes. Completed this year, the temporary pavilion of nearly 300 square feet is presently located at Malinovsky Square in Brno, Czech Republic’s second-largest city. Built of timber and powered by solar energy, the City Cell...
Tags: Design, Copenhagen, Ccp, Brno Czech Republic, KVH, KOGAA, KOGAA Architectural Studio, NEXT Institute Research Platform, Malinovsky Square, KOGAA Architectural Studio Images

An Abstract Painter and Automotive Color & Materials Designer Discuss How Color Influences Their Work

Images by Lincoln When car companies introduce new vehicles, they typically host media drives for journalists as a way to generate buzz and reviews in advance of dealership sales to the public. The majority of the time spent on these drive programs is experimental, mostly driving and eating (a lot of eating). Additionally, there's important informative talks by brand marketing representatives, engineers and designers which must be assimilated and committed to memory while being in a perpetual ...
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HAY Is Coming to North America, Both Online and Brick And Mortar

The day has finally come: Americans who seek a wider variety of HAY products for our homes no longer have to flock to the HAY Kitchen Market in the basement of SoHo's MoMA Design Store (although no complaints about that selection either...). The point is, now a majority of HAY's products are available online through HAY's first dedicated website for North American consumers. Go crazy.In addition to the online excitement, HAY announced they will be opening their first North American retail loc...
Tags: Design, Tech, Portland, Ikea, Soho, Milan Design Week, Pearl District, Stefan Diez, Design News, MoMA Design Store

Shots of Old-School Pre-CAD Drafting Pools

I actually liked being a CAD jockey, despite the fact that I spent the best hours of the day peering into a monitor. Due to poor corporate planning I accidentally wound up with my own office and later, office with a window. I worked alone and was free to solve drafting problems in peace.What I can't imagine is if I'd had to work in one of the drafting pools that antedated CAD. Back in the day they instructed you on how to work at tilted drafting tables, as you can see in this shot of a classroom...
Tags: Design, Design Business

A Design for a Pen That Won't Dry Out

As I browse through Kickstarter, I'm less impressed by the Bluetooth-enabled this-and-that and more impressed by small improvements to everyday objects. At least once a week I'll reach for a ballpoint pen--and draw or write some ghost lines as the pen's gone dry, then will scribble on the back of an envelope to get the pen going. A minor annoyance, but a consistent one. So this new Allbutton Airless Pen, which uses a vacuum-sealed tube and a tiny little hatch to prevent the ink from drying out, ...
Tags: Design, Sketching

Car Lovers: Check Out This Auction Site of Unusual and Beautiful Vehicles

As designers we need to expose ourselves to outstanding physical creations, both for general inspiration and background education. So I prize any website that can show me a lot of beautiful things at once, particularly when they vary greatly in design yet all belong to the same category. One such website is Bring a Trailer, an online auctioneer with an eclectically curated selection of vehicles.The stock rotates rapidly, so you'll see different vehicles every single day. They've got everything f...
Tags: Japan, Design, Cars, Ford, Audi, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, MGA, America Europe, NAPCO

Design Job: Hey Word Nerds: The NYT Is Seeking a Digital Designer for The Crossword & Puzzles Team

The Crossword and Puzzles team is seeking a talented Product Designer to help us create a best-in-class digital solving experience and grow our audience with fun, new puzzles and games. As part of the New Products and Ventures group, we’re always looking for ways to grow and View the full design job here
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Weird 19th-century painting, allegedly by Manet, removed from auction

The Hands Resist Him has nothing on this strange painting, said to be by Édouard Manet, of a bone-white youth clutching a staring, mouthless mystery mammal. You had a chance of buying it at Sothebys, too, but it was withdrawn from auction at the last minute. Sadly, it's not because anyone who touches it has a sudden memory of touching it, a memory of sudden heat and formless whispers and of the places left empty after unspeakable events. Apparently there's an ownership dispute. Initially, Sothe...
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Smart money is betting on offsite construction. Will it work this time?

A lot of things have changed, but much hasn't.
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David Garrick, The Man Who Made Acting A Respectable Profession

He was skilled at charming his way into the circles of the great and good, and he built himself a riverside mansion for entertaining them. He was also admired for the high standards he expected of himself, his colleagues, and the operations of his theater. As Samuel Johnson once said of him, “Garrick has made a player a higher man. He lives rather as a prince than an actor.”
Tags: Art, People, Samuel Johnson, Garrick, David Garrick, 10.26.18

Speckled Pet Bowls

These bowls from BTW Ceramics are a deco-inspired upgrade for your furry friend. With a speckled pattern on a soft blush hue and high-gloss finish, they’re not an eyesore on the floor. Available in two sizes, each one is hand-thrown and hand-painted, meaning no two are ever the same.
Tags: Design, Cats, Dogs, Pets, Handmade, Ceramics, Decor, Pet Bowls, BTW Ceramics

Berlin’s Independent Artists Want The City’s Cultural Funding To Be Less Institutional

Ninety-five percent of the cultural budget goes towards funding big institutions—operas, theatres, and art collections—whereas the independent scene receives the remaining 5 percent for individual projects and grants. The forty to fifty thousand independent cultural workers in the city have recently demanded for this imbalance to be changed. Artists’ political engagement is often the catalyst for a strong and diverse urban democracy, and it is therefore important to understand why and how they g...
Tags: Art, Berlin, Issues, 10.23.18

DIY: Ribbon Bound Pages - A Project from Bound, 15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects

Rachel Hazell, aka The Travelling Bookbinder, leads paper-themed trips in Europe, hosts workshops in Paris and on the Isle of Iona in Scotland, and offers popular PaperLove and BookLove e-Courses.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
Tags: Europe, Design, Scotland, Paris, Iona, Ann Martin, Rachel Hazell, Bookbinder

Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bar

This vegan and gluten-free bar from CH favorite Askinosie is made up of 58% dark chocolate, combined with crisp peppermint and cardamom. The cocoa beans that these bars are made from are sustainably sourced from Mababu, Tanzania and boast a rich, silky flavor.
Tags: Design, Chocolate, Vegan, Dark Chocolate, Artisanal Chocolate, Peppermint, Cardamom, Askinosie, Chocolate Bars, Mababu Tanzania

Chief Development Officer, Arena Stage

Arena Stage, the home of defining moments in American theater staged at a beautiful waterfront location at the Wharf Marina in Southwest D.C., has retained Development Resources inc. to lead its search for a new Chief Development Officer, who will build an innovative major gift program engaging major patrons of the arts in the nation’s capital. In 2010, Arena Stage completed the new Mead Center for American Theater, a stunning facility funded by a successful capital campaign. The name of the new...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Southwest, Helen Hayes, Mead Center for American Theater, Molly Smith, Wharf Marina, Washington Post Award for Innovative Leadership

3 Ways to Build Rapport with Your Audience

Building rapport with your audience is essential to a successful presentation. By building rapport, you increase your likeability with your audience and move from a typical presenter to a trusted advisor. Not only does this increase the likelihood of your audience connecting with your content, but it also increases the likelihood that your audience will engage with your content. There’s a great quote from a powerful business leader, the late Mack McCormack: “All things being equal, people will d...
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