10 Tips For Designing The Perfect Logo [Infographic]

This article was contributed by Sharon Jingram. Discover what it takes to create a perfect logo with these 10 essential logo design tips, plus a logo design infographic! Enjoy. The logo should be simple. Simplicity is – and always has been– the underlying principle of a successful logo design. The simpler the logo, the easier it will be for the audience to understand the projected message, and identify it for next time. The logo should be timeless. A business needs a logo that wi...
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Reader Submitted: The Misused: A Collection of Home Objects Inspired by Improvisation

Taiwanese designers Liang-Jung Chen and Shuei-Yuan Yang have designed a collection of homewares called "The Misused". The design was inspired by how elders in the countryside of Taiwan creatively improvise daily necessities with existing objects. The collection aims to re-fulfill the potentials of everyday metal hardwares by misusing them with a twist of humor. The glass hydroponic vase made with floor drain. The leather basket made with coil spring. The marble jewel box made with door...
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How Do You Reinvent Talk Shows For A Post-TV World?

The genre has had an especially tough time adjusting to an era where the TV channel is just one media pathway among many. Who needs a late-night chat with the stars when stars are available on Instagram and Twitter, 24/7 and without intermediation? What is “late-night” talk on a streaming platform, where, as on a casino floor, neither day nor night exist?
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Sally Tallant appointed as Executive Director of Queens Museum in New York

SALLY TALLANT APPOINTED EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF QUEENS MUSEUM IN NEW YORK The Board of Queens Museum in New York announced today the appointment of Sally Tallant as its new Executive Director. She will take up her appointment in Spring 2019. Sally Tallant, curator, educator and artistic director, is currently Director of Liverpool Biennial. She worked […] The post Sally Tallant appointed as Executive Director of Queens Museum in New York appeared first on
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Motivate Your Audience with 4 Easy Steps

As a presenter, it’s your job to motivate your audience to jump into your cause. Whether you’re selling a product, raising money, or encouraging your audience to maintain a healthier lifestyle, the goal is the same: move them to action. With a growing spotlight on productivity and return on investment, it’s important that every presenter not only deliver a great presentation but have tangible results at the end as well. At Ethos3, we have worked with clients in every industry to motivate their a...
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Paul Chen’s Radio Speaker quaintly combines analog with contemporary

Chen’s Radio Speaker is the kind of keepsake I’d keep in my home. It’s tech that I vaguely remember growing up with, bundled in an avatar that goes well with my aesthetic sensibilities. It’s also a beautiful combination of old tech with a new, sleek, desk-friendly avatar.The slim radio feels reminiscent of a portable Bluetooth player, albeit with a wood-based construction and the analog tuning knob and a physical frequency meter. It even does come with Bluetooth connectivity and an aux input, fo...
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BIG and WeWork design a nature-inspired school for kids in NYC

Creative co-working giant WeWork and acclaimed architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group have teamed up to reimagine education starting with the launch of WeGrow, a new school in the heart of New York City that encourages education through play. Designed for children between three and nine years of age, the light-filled learning landscape is a tactile environment filled with custom-made curved architecture and movable furnishings. The theme of nature runs throughout and can be seen everywhere from ...
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Pizza Hut unveils a zero-emissions delivery truck that makes pizzas on the go

Pizza Hut and Toyota have teamed up to bring fresh, piping hot pizza to your doorstep with the help of a roaming pizza machine. The Toyota Tundra PIE Pro is a full-size pickup truck with a complete pizza making factory in the back that is entirely operated by computer-guided robotic arms. Not only does the next generation of pizza delivery get the pizzas made and delivered in the blink of an eye, but the delivery trucks are also zero emissions. The incredible design, which was unveiled at Toyot...
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How Architectural Digest Documented Conspicuous Wealth

Si Newhouse had apprehended the seismic shift then afoot in the upper-income levels of American taste—away from the discreet cultivation of East Coast grandees like the Rockefellers and Mellons (which I’ve called stealth wealth), and toward the unabashed display of new money that characterized the Reagan Revolution, especially on the West Coast and across the Sun Belt, where the operative attitude was “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” And no magazine reflected that change more accurately than Archi...
Tags: Art, Reagan, West Coast, East Coast, Visual, Sun Belt, Rockefellers, Mellons, Si Newhouse, 11.04.18

NY City Ballet’s SuperFan

Edward Gorey “was very breezy about his opinions,” tossing them off in an artless manner, Peter Anastos says. “He just sat back and proclaimed evident truths about the company from a lofty cloud.” He had a flair for the bitchy bon mot, dubbing Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins, neither of whom he could abide, “the world’s tallest albino asparagus.” Asked about the moldy chestnuts of the classical repertoire, he sniffed, “Les sylphides? Where they’re all looking for their contact lenses?” That sa...
Tags: Art, Dance, Edward Gorey, Suzanne Farrell, Peter Martins, Peter Anastos, NY City Ballet, 11.01.18

China’s Disabled Dance Company Gives Dance A Different Meaning

To be a professional-level dancer demands incredible discipline and years of training. It also requires an acute sensitivity to music, which in most instances serves as a choreographic propellant. Imagine, then, the challenge of becoming a dancer if you are seriously hearing impaired.
Tags: Art, China, Dance, 11.01.18

Are The Days Of Stadium Rock Concerts Over?

After a decade of pop acts dominating the hallowed ground – the only artists to have headlined this year being Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran – is it too late? Has the era of stadium rock been unplugged and relegated to smaller venues?
Tags: Art, Music, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, 11.02.18

B-Sides Vase

One of her many “B-Sides,” this white and gold vase by LA-based artist Meegan Barnes is just as eye-catching without any flowers inside. Made from slipcast porcelain with ceramic decals, it stands at 10 inches tall and cheekily celebrates empowered women.
Tags: Design, La, Los Angeles, Ceramics, Decor, Vases, New Museum, Vessels, Meegan Barnes

Design Job: Zoku Is Seeking a Senior Graphic Designer to Shape the Future of Their Brand

Zoku is an innovative product development company located in Hoboken, NJ. Our company is focused on creating design-driven products. With roots in design consulting, Zoku prioritizes design as strategy and operates more like a design consultancy than a traditional corporation. We are the recipient of numerous View the full design job here
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There's a Japanese Subculture for Modding and Racing Crappy 1971-2003 Dodge Vans

The rumor is, it got started like this:1. Japanese motorcycle racing enthusiasts needed a way to transport their bikes to the track. 2. Someone realized that the handful of secondhand Dodge cargo vans imported to Japan were perfect for the job--large enough to carry a bike, but stilly stubby enough to navigate Japanese streets. (And presumably cheap, because no one in Japan wants unstylish Dodge Ram vans made from 1971-2003.)3. Japan being Japan, everyone started using Dodge Rams to transport...
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Sally Tallant to Head Up Queens Museum

The Queens Museum in New York has hired Sally Tallant, the director of the Liverpool Biennial as its new director, the New York Times reports. “Her unique combination of local and global experience in the arts world made her the superlative choice for leading the Queens Museum, and for serving the borough’s distinctively international constituency,” says Mark J. […]
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Logitech 'POWERED FOR iPHONE' Wireless Charger...

Logitech 'POWERED FOR iPHONE' Wireless Charger that lets you charge in both landscape and portrait mode. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Logitech, Submitted

Holiday Gift Guide for Paper Aficionados - Part One

It's my pleasure to present a curated selection of paper artisans who offer handmade paper items and/or specialty paper supplies in their online shops. Some are longtime friends in the world of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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Chronicle of wasted time

There was much more to Art Carney than his much-loved impersonation of Ed Norton, the bumbling sewer worker on The Honeymooners, and the reason why you probably aren’t aware of that fact that is one of the saddest stories I know.
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Ed Norton, Art Carney, 11.05.18

Research: Live-Streaming Performances Doesn’t Diversify Audiences

These ‘live to digital’ screenings – which happen either at the same time as the actual performance, or afterwards – were nevertheless found to be popular. Organisations hosting the screenings and the people attending them expressed an interest in this continuing – although a wider take-up is challenged by ongoing capacity and technological barriers across the sector.
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 11.01.18

3D Cat Portraits

Extremely realistic three-dimensional portraits of cats look like real animals. Detailed Cat Head portraits handcrafted out of felted wool by Wakuneco. Also check out: Wigs for Cats
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Wakuneco

If Modern Day Tech Brands Produced Old-School Physical Products

What if we lived in a world where the internet didn't exist--but Facebook, Netflix, Spotify and other tech brands did? What physical conveyance would they use to deliver their services to us? That's the fanciful question asked, and answered in rendering form, by designer Thomas Ollivier: via Yanko
Tags: Design, Object Culture, Thomas Ollivier, Facebook Netflix Spotify

MaliArts designs city-chic beehives to save solitary bees

We’re big fans of beautifully designed urban beehives on Inhabitat, and Mexico-based design studio MaliArts’ new shelters for solitary bees are just as buzz-worthy. Dubbed ‘Refugio,’ the project currently consists of three distinct and sculptural beehives aimed at attracting different species of solitary bees. Built with natural materials, each shelter offers a resting place and access to food and water for the insects. When most of us think about bees, it’s the sociable honey bees and bumbleb...
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Square landscape.  Lots of wet-in-wet and waiting for the right time to darken (and getting it wrong and trying again).   When this wet-in-wet style is done well, it looks so easy and beautiful and fresh.  That's what I'm aiming for with this practice practice practice. [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter

Noah Deledda's Incredible Hand-Formed Aluminum Cans

Remember that early design school assignment where you're given a block of material (at my school, wood, at another school I'd heard about, aluminum) and asked to transform it into something using whatever means you choose? The assignment is purposely kept vague, as students are encouraged to be as creative as possible.If the assignment was to transform an aluminum can, rather than a block, Noah Deledda would get an "A." Incredibly, artist/designer Deledda produces th...
Tags: Design, Fine Art, Materials that Matter, Noah Deledda, Deledda

London – Amy Sillman: “Landline” at Camden Arts Centre Through January 6th, 2019

Amy Sillman, Landline (Installation View), via Camden Arts Cenre Perhaps one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary American painting, artist Amy Sillman has relentlessly and repeatedly pushed her own style towards the furthest reaches of her capacity, always in an attempt to interrogate and re-evaluate the language and practice of painting against the backdrop […]
Tags: Art, London, Show, Camden, Art News, Featured Post, Amy Sillman, Camden Arts Centre, Camden Arts Cenre

How Fascists Connected Themselves To Ancient Culture

Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy both proudly and explicitly connected themselves with the ancient Romans and borrowed many of their symbols — the very name “Fascist” refers to an important Roman status marker, and the Nazi Imperial Eagle is derived from the Roman standard. Himmler’s reading of antiquity, on that train in 1924, was extreme, but it was also the natural extension of the discipline’s origins; earlier classicists had simply been more genteel, or perhaps less proactive, in their applic...
Tags: Art, Germany, Ideas, Italy, Himmler, 10.18.18, Nazi Imperial Eagle

Interview: Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec on “Observe Collect Draw!”

We speak with the designer friends and Dear Data founders about their new journal Designers, artists and friends, Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi are fans of non-traditional data gathering. The two (who live on opposite sides of the world) started collecting their own weekly statistics and illustrating postcards with the information—sending them to each other. The practice was both pragmatic and personal. Eventually, that year-long project—called Dear Data—became …
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Kerry James Marshall Mural Withdrawn from Christie’s Sale

The Chicago Public Library has withdrawn a Kerry James Marshall mural from the upcoming Christie’s Contemporary sale in New York. “I was swimming and thought ‘This is not what I wanted, given the city’s contributions to public art, and Kerry’s a friend and also a great ambassador for Chicago,’ ” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “I reached out to […]
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Virtual Art – Seeing The World As Artists Imagine It Could Be

While virtual art has sometimes elicited eye rolling reactions from art critics and curators, projects like Nancy Baker Cahill’s 4th Wall show that the medium can apply the language of fine art to new media with subversive ends. The artist highlights that if VR/AR technology continues to enable “hyper-violent, militaristic, or pornographic [images], we allow it to be dominated by themes that don’t contribute thoughtfully to culture,”
Tags: Art, Visual, Nancy Baker Cahill, 11.02.18

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