Desk Purrrfection

In all the desk designs I’ve seen over the years, this is a first for me! It’s called ‘Ascend’ and it’s been created for all the cat ladies and fellas out there.Like any cat person will tell you, the moment you give attention to anything but your furry friend, they’ll find a way to lounge on your keyboard or knock over your utensils until it’s back on them! Designed with this in mind, the wood desk has been crafted with multiple ramps and landings for cats to perch up and play. If you can’t figh...
Tags: Design, Living, Cat, Furniture, Desk, Product Design, Devine, ASCEND, Dan Devine, Ascend Desk, Manufacturability

Baumgartner painting restoration videos

If, like me, you find the conservation and restoration of historic artworks interesting, you will probably enjoy this series of videos (YouTube link) from Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration, a conservation studio located in Chicago. In the video from which I’ve shown some example images, above, we see the restoration of a badly torn portrait by William Merritt Chase. The videos are not meant to be detailed or instructional, they just follow the general process. I’m not familiar enough with cont...
Tags: Art, Chicago, Gallery And Museum Art, Baumgartner, William Merritt, Tools and Techniques

Cool Tech: Palm Tiny Smartphone, Atari Retro Handheld Console and more

Cool Tech: Palm Tiny Smartphone, Atari Retro Handheld Console and more AoiroStudio Nov 12, 2018 The so-long Perfect Office series now turning into Cool Tech Series. A roundup of cool gadgets and tech for your perfect office; not necessarily for designers explicitly but for all of you tech-savvy nerds out there. This is an open concept! if you have any suggestions, please let us know! For this week, we are having a look at the Palm Tiny Companion Smartp...
Tags: Verizon, Design, Apple Watch, Tsa, Huawei, Polaroid, Qi, Apple Pencil, Steph Curry, Huawei Mate, Amazon Alexa, YKK, OSRAM, Tekken, Dell Ultrasharp, Centipede

`Ōhelo in the rain

`Ōhelo, oil on canvas, 10"x8" `Ōhelo or Vaccinium  reticulatum is probably my favorite Hawaiian plant. The fruit are usually tart, sometimes sweet and comes in a variety of colors from yellow, orange, red, to purple. This species is a cousin of blueberries and like blueberries are collected for pies and jam. But, in Hawai`i, we first ask for permission to pick and in reverence, offer the fruit to Pele, the Goddess of Fire, before picking some for ourselves. And, we always leave lots of frui...
Tags: Art, Painting, Green, Nature, Fruit, Red, Pele, Oil Painting, Plant, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Joan Y, Drawing On Nature, Ohelo, Joan Yoshioka, 10"x8, Rain Drop

Director of Development, New York City Opera

Arts Consulting Group is seeking candidates for the position of Development Director at New York City Opera. Organization New York City Opera (NYCO) was famously dubbed “The People’s Opera” by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia at its founding in 1943. More than 70 years later, and with its rebirth in 2016, NYCO continues its historic mission to inspire audiences with innovative and theatrically compelling opera, nurture the work of promising American artists, and build new audiences through affordable ti...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Microsoft, New York City, Chicago, Dod, NYCO, Michael Capasso, New York City Opera, Fiorello LaGuardia, West Lake Street Suite, Ms Jenna Deja Vice President Arts Consulting Group, Development New York City Opera, Camilla Williams Plácido Domingo Beverly, Samuel Ramey, Roy Niederhoffer

Spotted Bunny II and the AGC 52 Weeks 52 Works Calendar

Spotted Bunny II  Oil on panel, 8" x 6,"  $255. I'm so pleased to have a (cat) painting accepted into the Academy of Graphic Communications (AGC) 52 Weeks 52 Works Annual Desk Calendar. The calendar showcases the work of Northeast Ohio artists and has been published since 2001.  In related news, an exhibit at the Fawick Art Gallery at Baldwin Wallace College will have a selection of the work accepted on exhibit through the end of this month. I seem to be on a roll with the bunnies thi...
Tags: Art, Northeast Ohio, Diane Hoeptner, Baldwin Wallace College, Academy of Graphic Communications AGC, Fawick Art Gallery

Open Studio Weekend, Nov. 17 & 18

You’re invited to visit the art studios of over 30 artists who live and work in Park Slope and Windsor Terrace. Our annual Open Studio Weekend is a chance to meet us upclose and personal and get to see and learn about the artwork that we love the make and...Read more »
Tags: Art, Park Slope, Open Studio

Katra Film Series Returns to Brooklyn

Recently named one of the Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals in the world, the Katra Film Series returns to Brooklyn with back-to-back screening events focused on underrepresented communities with works by women filmmakers, filmmakers of colors, and LGBTQ community with a total of 23 short works screening with us in...Read more »
Tags: Art, Brooklyn, Exhibition

Engaged Editions at Booklyn

A group exhibition of artists’ books, creative publications, and prints used to promote collaborative advocacy, foster community engagement, and address social justice issues. Featuring Work by: Karen Baldner – Tia Blassingame – Ernest Bryant – Tim Devin – Christeen Francis – Luis Campos-Garcia – Kiara Gilbert – Roni Gross –...Read more »
Tags: Art, Exhibition, Booklyn, Karen Baldner, Tia Blassingame, Ernest Bryant, Tim Devin, Christeen Francis, Luis Campos Garcia, Kiara Gilbert, Roni Gross

Tom Fitzgibbon Solo Show – Hudson Guild Gallery

Tom Fitzgibbon Solo Show – Hudson Guild Gallery – 441 W. 26th St. NYC “Light4Days” – Thursday, Nov 29th, 2018 – Jan 8th, 2019 Opening 6 – 7:30pm, Thursday, Nov 29th, 2018
Tags: Art, Exhibition, Tom Fitzgibbon, Hudson Guild Gallery, Tom Fitzgibbon Solo Show Hudson Guild

Gerald Bloncourt, Photographer And Activist, Has Died At 91

Gérald Bloncourt was born in Haiti, but he spent most of his life in France after being expelled from Haiti for anti-governmental protests. The photographer was “an immigrant following other immigrants, [who] showed people in the Pyrenees on their journeys to France and people in the ankle-deep mud of shantytowns in suburbs of Paris like Champigny-sur-Marne.”
Tags: Art, France, People, Paris, Haiti, Pyrenees, Champigny, 11.09.18, Gerald Bloncourt

An Art Dealer’s Family Tries To Find One Last Degas That Was Looted By The Nazis

Where is The Portrait of Mlle. Gabrielle Diot? A German dealer may know, but he’s not talking – and the family says that the German government isn’t doing nearly enough to help.
Tags: Art, Nazis, Visual, 11.10.18, Mlle Gabrielle Diot

Top Ten Totally Painless Ways to Support New Line

You matter. After all, New Line exists for you. Theatre isn't theatre without an audience.And also, you are powerful. In fact, you are one of the most powerful marketing tools ever devised by humans.New Line Theatre is a small nonprofit company, doing somewhat less-than-mainstream work, so we will always struggle financially. We could do Nunsense and South Pacific and not struggle, but we'd rather do Yeast Nation, Lizzie, and Sweet Smell of Success, so we struggle.The most direct ways you can s...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Musicals, Mac, Theatre, Social Media, RAC, Paypal, Broadway, New Line, Theater, South Pacific, St. Louis, Nonprofit, Lizzie, Scott Miller

What It’s Like To Be A (Woman) Choreographer Leading A Dance Company In The North Of England

Liv Lorent, who created BalletLorent 25 years ago: “Being in the north suited me very well. There was a small clutch of very sincere artists working across disciplines, whereas in London the dance bubble was big enough that I didn’t explore outside it. I liked the light and the weather in Newcastle. … People in the north are less precious generally. There’s much more self-censorship and affectation in London, worrying about what’s the most current thing.”
Tags: Art, England, London, Dance, 11.09.18, Liv Lorent, Newcastle People

For Mira Sorvino, The Opportunities, And The Cost, Of Speaking Up

The actor was one of the first to talk about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment, but the past year hasn’t exactly been easy. “I think that a lot of people in this #MeToo generation will tell you it is re-traumatizing to speak out. Because you start examining it again, and reliving it, and history starts repeating itself in your mind. I find myself much more angry about it, because in the past I tried to make it no big deal to myself. And now I look back at the teenage self, and I’m like, that ...
Tags: Art, People, Harvey Weinstein, Mira Sorvino, 11.09.18

Disney in New York

Beloved cartoon characters from popular Disney animated movies added to real world black and white photographs of New York City. “Moments Like These” – Disney in New York series by Harry McNally. Have A Seat In The Club Like Diagnosis Transformation Mean Girls Excuse Me Withdrawal Square up End Of The Night Afterhours Which Way Is […]
Tags: New York, Design, Inspiration, Disney, New York City Moments Like These Disney, Harry McNally, Withdrawal Square

Studio That Makes ‘Wallace And Gromit’ Hands Majority Of Company Over To Employees

The owners of Aardman don’t want anyone (ahem, perhaps a large company that starts with a D) to take over the UK’s largest animation company, so they’re handing over 75 percent of the company to its 140 employees and 180 freelancers. Why? “We always believed that independence was our strong suit. We didn’t have to dance to anybody else’s tune and could make our own decisions.”
Tags: Art, UK, Media, Aardman, Wallace, 11.10.18

Art to commemorate 100 years since the war to end all wars

It hardly seems any time at all since the same day four years ago when I wrote So many poppies..... So many men lost...... which followed on from 888,246 poppies - Blood Swept Lands and Seas of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Making A Mark

Showing Africans In Love Onscreen (And Getting Banned For Doing It)

Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu wanted to make work that showed Africans falling in love. “Americans were falling in love and Europeans were falling in love, … but Africans, we were never falling in love. The first time I saw an African couple even hold hands on screen, I was 16.”
Tags: Art, Media, Wanuri Kahiu, 11.10.18

Weng's House: A Compact Apartment in Taiwan Does More with Less

Architects and interior designers are well aware that an apartment’s layout is critical in optimizing the available space, ensuring smooth circulation and reflecting the occupier’s requirements, especially when there is a shortage of square metres. So when Taiwanese interior design studio 2BOOKS space design was commissioned by Mr. Weng to renovate a compact apartment in the country’s capital,...
Tags: Art, Taiwan, Weng

Disney Is Planning To Invest Heavily In Hulu – And Maybe Take It International

Will Disney invest in a lot of international content for Hulu to meet, for instance, European regulations? And will this mean a hit to Netflix’s domination of the international market?
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, Netflix, Hulu, 11.09.18

Girl From the North Country - Bleak, Beautiful and Absolutely Brilliant

Reviewed by Judd Hollander For those who have known nothing but despair for far too long, the idea of one's survival takes on an almost fervent urgency. A reality brought devastatingly home in Girl From the North Country, now at The Public Theater. Writer Conor McPherson melding his text with the songs of Bob Dylan to examine the deeply buried or long-forgotten passions of the inhabitants of a Duluth , Minnesota boarding house during the Great Depression. It’s November of 1934 a...
Tags: Theatre, Bob Dylan, NICK, Joe, Ryan, McPherson, Perry, Duluth Minnesota, Burke, Dylan, Marianne, Joan Marcus, Said, North Country, Mark Henderson, Bogardus

Composer Joan Tower Explains That Great Music Only Comes With Great Risk

Tower, who turned 80 this year and whose 2004 Made in America has been performed by major orchestras in all 50 states, says there’s still a lot to learn: “The bass, the piccolo, I’m still working on, and the horn. Those are weak areas for me. I’m going to get there with those instruments at some point.”
Tags: Art, Music, America, Joan Tower, 11.09.18

What’s It Like Being Part Of Europe’s First Classical Orchestra Composed Of All Black Musicians? [VIDEO]

“It’s inspiring because you get to see people who look like you doing the same thing as you,” says one participant.
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, 11.10.18

A New Biography Of George Washington Situates Him Firmly In A World Of Native Americans, And Brings Up New Historical Questions

How important was Washington’s addiction to land speculation to the course of American history? Kind of important – and undiscussed in most biographies. “As America’s god of the passage from colony to nation, Washington looked east to the past and west to the future. And when he faced west, he faced Indian country.”
Tags: Art, Washington, America, Words, 11.07.18

Oskar Rabin, Defiant Artist During Soviet Era, Dies at 90

He was an organizer of what became known as the Bulldozer Exhibition, after the authorities used heavy equipment to sweep away forbidden art.
Tags: Art, News, Rabin, Deaths (Obituaries, Cold War Era, Oskar (1928-2018, Nonconforming artists, Oskar Rabin

Christie’s to Sell Hockney Portrait Without Reserve

Christie’s sale of David Hockney’s iconic 1972 Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), set for sale this week in New York, will be sold without a reserve. “By removing the reserve we have also removed any perceived barrier to entry and opened up bidding to broader participation including institutions and major donors as […]
Tags: Art, New York, News, David Hockney, Art News, Minipost, Christie

David Zwirner Tops Art Review Power 100

David Zwirner tops this year’s ArtReview Power 100, followed by Kerry James Marshall and the #metoo movement, marking another year in the publication’s documentation of the movers and shakers of the art world. Read the list at ArtReview
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, David Zwirner, Kerry James Marshall

David Zwirner to Represent Njideka Akunyili Crosby

David Zwirner will now represent artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby on its roster, sharing representation with Victoria Miro. Crosby has received considerable attention in the past years following her inclusion in the 2015 New Museum Triennial.Read more at Art News  
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, David Zwirner, Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Victoria Miro Crosby

Metropolitan Museum Taps Andrea Bayer as Deputy Director for Collections and Administration

The Met has announced Andrea Bayer, current Jayne Wrightsman curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s department of European paintings, as the new deputy director for collections and administration. “As curator in the department of European paintings, often working on projects that went across multiple departments, I know how rewarding it is to work alongside […]
Tags: Art, News, Administration, Art News, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Minipost, Andrea Bayer, Jayne Wrightsman

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