Vice President, Arts Consulting Group

Arts Consulting Group (ACG) is the leading provider of hands-on interim management, executive search, revenue enhancement, facilities & program planning, and organizational development services for the arts and culture industry. Founded in 1997, ACG takes a contemporary approach to client challenges and opportunities focused on growing institutions, advancing arts and culture, and enhancing communities. ACG senior team members have leadership experience in every type of artistic and cultural dis...
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Administration Manager, Midori & Friends

From Programming and Finance to Board Relations and Development, the Administration Manager will ensure streamlined operations on the Financial, Programmatic and Institutional Advancement fronts across the organization. Position Summary: This position provides a unique opportunity to work in and support all aspects of non-profit management. From Programming and Finance to Board Relations and Development, the Administration Manager will directly report to the Chief Operating Officer and Executive...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Midori, Board Committee, Administration Work, ED COO and Board Administration Committee, Board of Directors ' Administration Committee, Midori Friends

Eye Candy for Today: Burne-Jones’s Mirror of Venus

The Mirror of Venus, Edward Burne-Jones Link is to Wikimedia Commons, original is in the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon. Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Burne-Jones, who went on to be a major figure in style known as Aestheticism, presents a tableau of female figures, some staring at their reflections in the mirror of a still pond, others looking at the striking figure in blue, whose gaze falls on the pool but not on her own reflection. The artist has left it to us to interpret the differe...
Tags: Art, Jones, Eye Candy For Today, Gallery And Museum Art, Burne Jones, Edward Burne Jones, Venus Edward Burne Jones Link, Calouste Gulbenkian Museum Lisbon

This Wearable was designed to make you a better musician

The Soundbrenner Core is perhaps the world’s first profession-specific smartwatch (or second, if you consider diving to be a profession rather than a hobby). It comes with features packed to give musicians an edge while they practice or perform, allowing their skills and sense of rhythm/tone to be heightened.Like most smartwatches (or even smartphones) that take external products/experiences and internalize them – case in point, the Apple watch now serving as an ECG – the Soundbrenner does the...
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AO Auction Results – New York: Christie’s Evening Sale of the Collection of Barney Ebsworth, November 13th, 2018

Edward Hopper, Chop Suey (1929), Final Price: $95,937,500, via Christie’s Following an unsteady outing this past Sunday, Christie’s has turned on a dime with this evening’s special sale of works from the collection of Barney Ebsworth, capping off a 42-lot sale with a strong final result of $317,801,250, leaving only a few works unsold (5 of 42 lots) […]
Tags: Art, New York, Show, Art News, Edward Hopper, Featured Post, Christie, AO Auction Results, Barney Ebsworth

Black Bunny

Black Bunny  Oil on panel, 8" x 8,"  $330. A bit of riotous color here, black bunny is blacker in life. [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
Tags: Art, Diane Hoeptner

Target's new shipping boxes (launching holiday...

Target's new shipping boxes (launching holiday 2018) are adorable! They feature Bullseye, pulling up in a Target delivery truck; Bullseye scampering around the house; and Bullseye peeking out of a Target box. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Bullseye

AWAY Minis are back for the holidays - tiny...

AWAY Minis are back for the holidays - tiny versions of their suitcases (like first/biz class rimowa minis!) - now even in aluminum. they come empty, or filled with their essentials, beauty, or grooming sets. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted

Madewell Travel Buddy Packable Puffer Jacket -...

Madewell Travel Buddy Packable Puffer Jacket - interesting detail: it packs into a neck pillow! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Madewell Travel Buddy Packable Puffer Jacket

Weleda expands their super popular Skin Food (a...

Weleda expands their super popular Skin Food (a NOTCOT fave) into a line of products - from the original cream, to a light version, body butter, and lip butter. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Weleda

Glass For Good Hand Wash by method -...

Glass For Good Hand Wash by method - limited-edition created by method in partnership with SFMOMA. Refillable 9 oz. bottle made from glass, topped with copper-toned hand pump, and filled with a violet noir fragrance. Beautifully gift packaged. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, SFMOMA

Woven Triangle Bag - MoMA Exclusive. The...

Woven Triangle Bag - MoMA Exclusive. The sturdy, distinctive handle is woven using a Taiwanese traditional one-thread weaving technique. Made of cotton canvas and Italian vegetable-tanned leather. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted

Hopper Painting Sells for Record $91.9 Million at Christie’s

In three auctions, there were some formidable prices, though eyebrows were raised at a number of intimidating estimates. And there were failures.
Tags: Art, News, Auctions, Christie's, Sotheby's, Edward, Hopper, Christie, Prices (Fares, Collectors and Collections, Fees and Rates, Ebsworth, Barney A

What if two car companies merged their design styles?

We’ve looked at a lot of design-semantic switches where we imagine one company designing a product out of their usual catalog (but with their design style)… cases in point, a lot of PDF Haus’s work.Today we look at a design-language-fusion, if you will. Created by rendering firm NeoMam Studios, this series looks at cars that are a result of two companies coming together to fuse their styles. You’ve got a BMW + Lamborghini mashup right above that combines the Italian supercar manufacturer’s edgy ...
Tags: Auto, Transportation, Design, Smart, David, Automotive, Porsche, Ferrari, Ford, Bmw, Volkswagen, Dodge, Chevrolet, Nissan, Bentley, Mashup

After Ten Headless Months, Walker Art Center Names Its Next Director

“[The choice is] Mary Ceruti, who transformed New York’s tiny SculptureCenter into a quiet force in contemporary art. When she reports to work Jan. 28, Ceruti will become only the sixth director of the Walker since 1940, and the third consecutive woman, succeeding Olga Viso, who resigned amid turbulence after the Scaffold controversy.”
Tags: Art, New York, Visual, Walker, Olga Viso, 11.13.18, Mary Ceruti, Ceruti

YouTube President Warns About Consequences Of New EU Copyright Rules

Take Luis Fonsi’s hit song Despacito, whose music video set a worldwide record with 5.6 billion views. The video contains multiple copyrights, and YouTube has a number of licensing agreements in place to pay for rights to the video views. But uncertainty about whether YouTube has identified all the rights holders might lead the video sharing website to block this video, simply to avoid liability
Tags: Art, Media, Youtube, Luis Fonsi, 11.13.18

Leveraging Vocal Volume to Increase Authority

Early in my presentation career, I was working with a coach to help hone my craft and take my speaking abilities to the next level. After one of my presentations, I sat down with my coach to review a recording of the presentation. About half way through the session, my coach shut off the computer monitor, and we spent the next 15 minutes just listening to my presentation. As we were listening, he asked me, “If all your audience had was the audio of your speech, do you think you would have engage...
Tags: Design, Deliver, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Speaking, Vocal, San Diego State, Columbia Business School, Presentation Hacks, Volume, Vocal Volume, Increase Authority

Pearl Skateboard

From the ever-playful NYC-based Alltimers, this deceptive skateboard appears adorned in pearls—atop oyster shells, of course. The deck measures eight-inches and is made from seven-ply hard rock maple.
Tags: Design, NYC, Sports, Skateboarding, Skateboards, Skating, Alltimers

Denver firefighter uses 9 shipping containers to build a stunning family home

Denver-based firefighter Regan Foster used to spend his days putting out fires, but while recovering from a work-related injury, Foster decided to try his hand at building his dream home. The results are breathtaking. Using his own designs, Foster converted nine repurposed shipping containers into a massive 3,840-square-foot home with sophistication that rivals that of any professional architect’s work. Working with architect Joe Simmons of BlueSky Studio, Foster created the design and worked ...
Tags: Design, California, Denver, Foster, Joe Simmons, Regan Foster, BlueSky Studio Foster, Chris Boylen

A Ballerina Opens Up About Eating Disorders

A ballerina who contended with anorexia nervosa for years, Anais Garcia, who is just over five feet tall, has reached 105 pounds, a safer weight than the 79 pounds of a year ago. In her gray turtleneck sweater and casual black leggings, her extreme thinness remains apparent. “For the past five years, I’ve done nothing but hate and try to disown my body,” she says.
Tags: Art, Dance, 11.12.18, Anais Garcia

Big Fall In Fundraising For UK Museums As Capital Campaigns Wrap

The biggest fall in fundraising income was seen at the Tate group of galleries, where the level fell last year by £18.1m (26%) to £51.6m, its lowest since 2011/12. A spokesperson for the gallery group said that the higher levels of income seen several years ago include large amounts of capital raised for the new Tate Modern extension, which opened in 2016, as well as for the expansion of Tate St Ives, which opened last year.
Tags: Art, Tate Modern, Visual, Tate St Ives, 11.09.18

Jony Ive’s latest project is a 100% diamond ring

You know Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson right? Just the most prolific designers of their age, working as design heads in the most profitable company in the world, Apple. Ive and Newson have altered how we treat consumer electronics, making us revere them as objects of fashion, and their latest design project may be less electronics and more fashion, but it echoes a sensibility and sensitivity that has for long been a culture within Apple.Apple has been an integral part of RED (a nonprofit organiza...
Tags: Apple, Design, Africa, Luxury, Auction, Red, Miami, Jewellery, Jonathan Ive, Jony Ive, Product Design, Global Fund, Apple Apple, Sotheby, Marc-Newson, Newson

A tiny farmhouse in North Carolina is as energy-efficient as it is adorable

For those looking to get a taste of tiny home living, this charming, energy-efficient home located on a working farm outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina is just for you. Despite its small stature, the Roost 18 is a sustainable powerhouse, complete with sheep’s wool insulation, energy-efficient kitchen appliances and a composting toilet. The adorable abode can be rented out on Airbnb starting around $88 per night. Located on the rolling hills of a historic farm just outside of downtown Win...
Tags: Design, Airbnb, North Carolina, Winston Salem, Winston Salem North Carolina, Perch

How Science Is Using The Arts To Communicate

Those who fund science research increasingly expect the public to be fully engaged with the scientific process. The Wellcome Trust in the UK and the Alfred P Sloan Foundation in the US are ploughing big money into science communication, and the results of this investment are far more exciting than a million TED Talks and podcasts.
Tags: Art, UK, US, Issues, Wellcome Trust, SJ, Alfred P Sloan Foundation, 11.07.18

Velvet Baseball Cap

Made in the very same factory that manufactures caps for major league Japanese baseball teams, Poten’s caps are crafted from unexpected fabrics—like this lush velvet iteration. A soft, treated cowhide sweatband complements the 100% rayon velvet body, which comes in three sizes and elevates the entire concept of a baseball cap.
Tags: Japan, Design, Baseball, Hats, CAPS, Velvet, Baseball Caps, Japanese Baseball, Poten

Why We’re Still Talking About Andy Warhol

Warhol didn’t make a mark on American culture. He became the instrument with which American culture designated itself. He was sincere. He could get away with practically anything because practically nobody believed in his sincerity: people haplessly projected cynicism onto his forthright will to surprise and beguile. The secret to his majesty is that he was a square citizen, untroubled by ambivalence and having no use for irony.
Tags: Art, People, Andy Warhol, Warhol, 11.12.18

Pixelated Ceramic Art

Modern versions of ceramic sculptures inspired by digital computer pixel art. Pixelated ceramic sculptures by Japanese artist Toshiya Masuda. Also check out: Pixelated Wooden Sculptures
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Toshiya Masuda

Roger Penrose’s Crackpot Theory Of Consciousness

He believes we must go beyond neuroscience and into the mysterious world of quantum mechanics to explain our rich mental life. No one quite knows what to make of this theory, developed with the American anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, but conventional wisdom goes something like this: Their theory is almost certainly wrong, but since Penrose is so brilliant (“One of the very few people I’ve met in my life who, without reservation, I call a genius,” physicist Lee Smolin has said), we’d be foolis...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Roger Penrose, Penrose, 05.04.17, Lee Smolin, Stuart Hameroff

This Book is a Camera

Kelli Anderson’s This Book Is A Camera is quite literally a functional camera and its guidebook. People of all ages can learn the basics of photography thanks to the enclosed folded-paper pinhole camera (complete with a lightproof bag and five sheets of photo paper) as well as instructions for use and developing photos.
Tags: Books, Design, Cameras, Photography Books, Moma, Kelli Anderson, Camera Books

The Unadorned Realness of Berlin

As born and raised Neuköllner the 26-years-old photographer Hanko Ye really knows how to capture the unadorned and raw side of life in Berlin. Any kind of daily urban situation could represent a source of inspiration. He shoots photos of the streets, U-Bahn stations or green spaces. Private or public, intimate or social, forbidden or ordinary, ugly or beautiful: every moment and every detail becomes a puzzle piece of the bigger picture that is this incredible city. His focus is on the people aro...
Tags: Photos, Art, Photography, Fashion, Berlin, People, Street, U Bahn, Rough, Hanko Ye, Neuköllner

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