2018 Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals for Graphic & Web Designers

Welcome to my massive compilation of the best 2018 Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sales for graphic designers, web professionals, creatives, freelancers and more. I will be updating this page frequently until all sales are over. If you have your own deal, email me and I’ll update the post with your deal. Please share the love with your fellow designers! Copy and paste the below to share: 2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for designers & web professionals! #Bla...
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The thinnest piece of paper in the world

Japanese specialist paper manufacturer Hidaka Washi Ltd makes the world's thinnest paper using 1,000-year-old methods. The paper is then sent to museums and libraries around the world—including the British Museum and the Library of Congress—and is used to restore and protect books and works of art. (Great Big Story)
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What Are Your Home Studio Must-Haves?

Core77 discussion boards moderator PackageID (Justin Coble) recently posted an interesting (and likely relatable for many of you) request on the boards: "I am about to start a new gig, and I will be split between working in the office and at home. I have never really been a working from home kind of person, so I need to set up a home studio. I have planned to take over my basement and wanted to reach out to all of you out there that have home studios to see what you would say are the 'must haves...
Tags: Design, Forum Frenzy, Herman Miller, Eames Lounge, Ikea PAX, Michael DiTullo, Justin Coble, David Sipress, Chris Haar

Frank Stella 3D printed star ornaments from the...

Frank Stella 3D printed star ornaments from the Whitney Museum. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Sall Whiskey is making SYVSINDGIN, a Gin White,...

Sall Whiskey is making SYVSINDGIN, a Gin White, while waiting for the whiskey to age. Design by NO HEROES. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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David Hockney Painting Sells for $90 Million, Smashing Record for Living Artist

The trend toward broadening tastes at auction picked up steam at Christie’s with the Hockney and new highs for works by two African-American artists.
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David Hockney painting sells for $90.3m, a record for a living artist

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) beats $58.4m record set by Jeff Koons imageA celebrated swimming pool painting by the British modern artist David Hockney sold for $90.3m in New York on Thursday, setting a new auction record for a living artist, the auctioneer Christie’s said.Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) was snapped up after more than nine minutes of bidding, dominated by two rival telephone bidders. The previous record was held by American Jeff Koons and his Balloo...
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AO Auction Recap – New York: Post-War and Contemporary Evening Sales, November 14th – 15th, 2018

David Hockney, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) (1972), Final Price: $90,312,500, via Christie’s After a marathon of sales this evening, running through a heavy first snowfall of the year in New York, the Contemporary and Post-War Evening Sales are a wrap, closing out the year on a high note.  Over the course of […]
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Dolby’s latest headphones bring the cinema to your ears

Dolby, the company famed and revered for its cinematic audio technology, and the company that practically pioneered surround sound, is now entering the headphone market with the Dimension… a wireless, noise-canceling pair of cans that come with touch-sensitive controls on the headphone’s body.It’s worth noting that while this isn’t the first wireless pair of headphones on the market by a far stretch (or even on this website), this is the first pair of headphones powered by Dolby’s audio tuning...
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$90 Million David Hockney Painting Smashes Record for a Living Artist

The trend toward a major broadening of tastes among buyers of high-end art picked up steam at Christie’s Thursday night.
Tags: Art, News, David, Auctions, Christie's, David Hockney, Jack, Taylor, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Christie, Henry, Lawrence, Dana, Jacob, Schutz, Hockney

Communicate Better: Grow Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence was first coined in 1985, but it wasn’t until 1995 that the concept was popularized after the publishing of psychologist Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. Despite being a relatively new term, emotional intelligence is a topic that is become more and more popular in both the psychology community as well as the business community. In fact, many business leaders would argue that emotional intelligence is one of the most sought afte...
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The Contemporary Novel Might Not Look Familiar, But It’s Thriving

The familiar world becomes alien within a single lifespan. In such a world of relentless evolution, art is perpetually in danger of being outstripped, every “realism” of describing a vanished reality. Just as capitalism erases difference to make way for a homogenous global anti-culture, artistic traditions are swept aside, denounced as irrelevant almost as soon as they have established themselves. Today, Ezra Pound’s modernist command to Make It New! sounds like nothing so much as a corporate sl...
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Finalists For Opera America’s Conceptual Director-Designer Showcase

Nearly 40 applicant teams of directors and designers each created a production concept for an opera chosen from a curated repertoire list. Submissions included visions for staging, scenery, props, costumes and required personnel. These are the four team finalists.
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Is Black the New Black?

If you have ever had even a passing interest in fashion then you will have come across the idiom “the new black.” The term is used to denote something that has had a sudden surge of popularity and can be used on various occasions, using the idea of black as a popular colour. You can also customize the term to suggest popularity in general; for example, if playing hopscotch was the new workout trend you might say “playing hopscotch is the new black in the world of exercise.” You can even use the ...
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An Argument Against The Concept Of Intellectual Property

The ubiquitous use of ‘intellectual property’   in the digital era of production, reproduction and distribution of cultural and technical artifacts. As a new political economy appeared, so did a new commercial and legal rhetoric. ‘Intellectual property’, a central term in that new discourse, is a culturally damaging and easily weaponised notion. Its use should be resisted.
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Executive Director- Dance/NYC

Dance /NYC invites applications and nominations for this important leadership position. The next Executive Director of  Dance /NYC will work in support of all  dance  makers across all  dance  disciplines in the New York metropolitan area. The full position description may be found here: searches/executive-director- dance -nyc Interested applicants should submit all materials requested in the profile document to the consulting firm retained for this search: Management ...
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3 Days, 150 Paintings: A Whirlwind Tintoretto Tour

On the 500th anniversary of the painter’s birth, our critic set himself a challenge: to see all of Tintoretto’s major works, spread around Venice at 23 locations.
Tags: Art, News, Italy, John, Venice, Ruskin, Tintoretto, Venice (Italy, Galleria dell'Accademia (Venice, Palazzo Ducale (Venice

Gotta Dance (Why?)

This Aeon Original video explores that unifying feeling of group ‘electricity’ that lifts us up when we’re enthralled by our favourite sports teams, participating in religious rituals, entranced by music – and, yes, dancing the night away.
Tags: Art, Dance, 11.14.18

A remote, off-grid cabin is elevated off the forest floor with log columns

Panama-based architect Jose Isturaín (JiA) has built a beautiful tiny cabin tucked into a remote, mountainous area in Panama. With the help of local builders as well as his own family, Isturaín constructed Cabin 192 atop pine columns to elevate the glass-enclosed structure off the landscape to reduce its environmental impact. Located in Altos del María, a mountainous region about two hours outside of Panama City, the cabin is the first structure of what will eventually be a family retreat cons...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Norway, Forests, Panama, Panama City, Cabin, Tiny Homes, Tiny House, Off-grid, Off-grid Cabin, Wooden Cabin, Tiny Cabin, Raised Cabins, Elevated Cabins

The Nogal House saves energy with smart site-specific design

Mexican architecture practice BGP Arquitectura recently completed the Nogal House, a contemporary dwelling in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico that’s shaped by its environment in more ways than one. Named Nogal after the existing type of walnut trees on site, the building features a curved and asymmetrical layout informed by the locations of the trees and site preservation goals. The residence also adopts passive solar principles to minimize its energy footprint and uses insulated double glazing ...
Tags: Design, Mexico, Architecture, Gallery, Energy Efficiency, Carousel Showcase, Natural Light, Patio, Natural Ventilation, Contemporary Architecture, Double-height Space, San Pedro Garza Garcia, Terrace, Double-glazed Windows, Insulated Glass, Site-specific

Flying bikes are coming soon, to rid you of your traffic woes

The guys at Thrustcycle believe that flying bikes aren’t particularly far away. In fact, they’re all set to build their own, which comprises two propellers for vertical lift-off, and two gyroscopes for stability. They’ve even built a proof-of-concept of their gyroscopes in action in one of their bike prototypes. The counter-rotating gyroscopes are powerful enough to keep the bike stable even when struck powerfully with a kick to the side, so when added to the GyroDrone concept, it should enable ...
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How Pittsburgh Symphony Musicians Are Fighting Food Waste

Musicians began volunteering with 412 in September 2016, when violinist Lorien Benet Hart reached out to the food rescue organization in search of a way for musicians to contribute to the community during a two-month musicians’ labor strike. Since then, she has coordinated with 412 to send different groups of musicians and — starting a few months back — symphony staff members on a run or two a month to help connect good food that would have gone to waste with organizations that put it to better ...
Tags: Art, Music, SJM, 11.14.18, Lorien Benet Hart

The Gilded Age’s Most Famous Architects

“Today, you couldn’t tear down a McKim, Mead & White building. The preservationists wouldn’t let you.” But the firm’s long tenure at the top of the architecture field wasn’t always guaranteed. “They were the Ralph Lauren, the Rolls-Royce of architecture. Then the modern movement started, and boy did they crash. From 1925, when white walls and European modernism began its takeover of architecture, McKim, Mead & White were poison to the profession.”
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Recent Listening: Eden Bareket

Eden Bareket, Night (Fresh Sound New Talent)
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Design Job: Find Your Way as a Wayfinding Designer at Mijksenaar USA

Who we are: Mijksenaar is a design and consultancy firm specializing in wayfinding, with offices in Amsterdam and New York City. Our primary goal is to connect people and places in a meaningful way. We see every visit, ride and trip as a journey - all of View the full design job here
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I finally have my come-to-Arvo moment

Arvo Pärt is the master of implying far more than he says. At its most spare, his music seems to barely exist. And that’s probably why I’ve had such a long road to fully appreciating this internationally acclaimed composer. But on Monday night, I finally arrived — and then some.
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 11.16.18

By Funding Those That Others Overlook, LAB Grants Are Changing Boston’s Arts Ecosystem

“Allyson Esposito, the director of arts and culture for The Boston Foundation, … says the grant is meant to fund genres and artists who have been chronically ignored by funding institutions in the past. ‘There’s been just this great divide along racial lines and genre specific lines around what has and has not been getting support.'”
Tags: Art, Boston, Issues, Boston Foundation, 11.09.18, Allyson Esposito

Designer Room Cat House

This minimal cat house—made from plywood and a black aluminum frame—is ideal for indoor or outdoor felines. Cozy but not claustrophobic, the house features a half-wall for entry/exit, as well as two windows—for views and ventilation. At 18 inches tall, it’s available in finished or unfinished wood.
Tags: Design, Cats, Pets, Cat House, Pet Furniture

Yellow Storage Stairs

Bright yellow stairs provide additional storage space in modern small house. Space-saving stairs designed by Andrew Maynard for his house / office in Melbourne, Australia. Also check out: Bookcase Staircase
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Melbourne Australia, Andrew Maynard, Yellow Storage Stairs

The Universe Is Unfathomably Big. And Our Understanding Is So Small…

As we attempt to grapple with this bleak post-human future, we must also confront the question of what humans can hope to understand. Parts of the physical world are understood. They can be observed and described by theories—but much of it cannot. Human observation bumps up against stark limits. Human reasoning is not limitless either, but it does allow us to think through what might in principle be “over the horizon.”
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