Image trove from the Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago, one of the largest art museums in the U.S., has redesigned its website, and in the process, placed online a trove of over 50,000 large scale images of works from the collection. They have done so under a “CC0” license, meaning public domain or “No Rights Reserved”, so you are free to download, distribute or do with the images as you will. The collection is broad but seems to be particular strong in areas like French Impressionism and American Art, along with trea...
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How to Make a Powerful Art Marketing Machine in 10 Steps

Discover How to Transform Your Art Career into a Marketing Machine One Step at a Time Overwhelm and dread are what kills many art careers. You avoid this with knowledge, action, and determination.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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This simplistic cup and saucer looks so easy, but it’s really not.  The technique is, you lay down the color on the whole page and then, before the paper dries, you start lifting off the color.  Your goal is to get the shape right and to get back to white (or close to white).  So don’t use a staining color!  In the book it says to try this 10 times and then, if you haven’t gotten it yet, try again :). Isn’t that always the way = just keep trying. I didn’t get the saucer right (can never...
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Campaigners Call On UK Arts Orgs To Provide More Captioning For The Hearing-Impaired

“Caption Awareness Week sees shows such as Mamma Mia and Les Miserables make use of live captions which give hearing impaired audiences greater enjoyment of the arts, with text displayed live throughout the performances. … There are calls for more venues to provide captions for around 11 million hearing impaired people in the UK, and a series of subtitled and captioned events is being held to promote greater accessibility.”
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Miniature Library

Jacobean traveling library from 17th-century looks like a large wooden book filled with smaller miniature books. Miniature library displayed at the University of Leeds. Jacobean traveling library was most commissioned by William Hakewell in 1617. Also check out: Outdoor Library
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These U.S. senators are (on) crackers

My 14-year-old pointed me to the cool work of artist Christian Faur. I see Mark featured his crayon portrait pieces on Boing Boing in the past but not pieces using his more recent medium of soda crackers! Prior to the midterm elections, he laser-etched all the (then-current) U.S. senators on crackers (Is the medium the message?): Thanks, SJ!
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode Eighty-Nine

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode Eighty Nine This one was so hefty; so meaty that it took our heroes two nights to record!  So on a very special, elongated (!) Radio City…, Jon and Rob get down to the nitty gritty with the post-election post-mortem; 50 years since the premiere of “Head” – an under appreciated, misunderstood stroke of genius; Pamela Anderson slams #metoo; “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie – why?, plus the usual sports, chat and, of course, “In Our Heads”. What more coul...
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Egyptian Gods, Boldly Illustrated

Daniele Caruso, an artist hailing from the United Kingdom, has put together a small, but impressive collection of highly-stylized illustrated Egyptian Gods. The illustrations are colorful, yet re-enforced with a heavy emphasis on the traditional use of gold, using thick lines for the shadows against a deep black background. The results are impeccable compositions that puts the emphasis on the representation of each God and their individual traits. From Thoth's head of an ibis to Anubis' ...
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3 Ways to Perfect your Website Design Colors

Let’s face it!  There is a lot more to colors than meets the eye. If anything, 85% of the shoppers base their product purchase decisions on product color. And, as it turns out, some of the world’s top-notch brands are very particular about their color choices, whether it’s Coca-Cola with its fiery fire-engine red or Pepsi’s with its predominant blue. In fact, if you look at their logos, you will see that both these companies have interestingly used their choicest colors to stand out and build th...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Inside Japan's KitKat factory, Hockney's $90 million painting, hidden continents and more Tavares Strachan and SpaceX Send Art to Space On Monday, 19 November, SpaceX will send its Falcon 9 rocket into space. But, this time the launch will be adorned with a Tavares Strachan sculpture of Robert Henry Lawrence Jr, the first African-American NASA-trained astronaut. Sadly, Lawrence Jr never made it to space (he …
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Venice jewellery heist: expert insight from the 'gentleman thief’

Vincenzo Pepino, the only other person to have successfully robbed Doge’s Palace, suspects £1.7m theft was an inside jobUntil January, only one other person had pulled off a burglary at Doge’s Palace, the seat of power during Venice’s years as a republic, and a museum since 1923.In 1991, Vincenzo Pipino, nicknamed the “gentleman thief” for the polite way in which he pursued his criminal exploits, spent most of a night hidden in a cell in the New Prisons building next door, carefully calculating ...
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