Executive Director – Association of Writers & Writing Programs

The Executive Director (ED) of AWP will serve as the chief executive officer, responsible for supervising all aspects of the organization’s operations, finances, publications, membership, conference, and strategic partnerships. Organization The Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) fosters literary achievement, advances the art of writing as essential to a good education, and serves the makers, teachers, students, and readers of contemporary writing. Established in 1967, the organizati...
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The Deceptive Simplicity of Deaconry Bethanien

Discretely towering over the neighbouring office buildings and manufacturing plants in Altstetten, a former blue-collar district of Zurich that is now home to many large corporations, the tall plane-like volume of the Deaconry Bethanien building both blends into and stands out from its surroundings.
Tags: Art, Zurich, Deaconry Bethanien, Altstetten

Cool Kīlauea morning

oil on canvas, 8"x10" This one is hot of the easel! It's still drying and I hope to have it available at this weekend's Volcano Village Artist Hui Studio Tour and Art Sale, starting Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, from 10 am - 4 pm and running until Sunday. Stop by Emily Herb's studio on Kenoelehua and visit with Emily, Charlotte Forbes Perry, and me! Emily will have her beautiful native plant and animal-inspired ceramics and guest artist Charlotte will have her ceramic native species t...
Tags: Art, Green, Hawaii, Kilauea, Forest, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Charlotte, Joan Y, Emily, Thurston Lava Tube, Drawing On Nature, Joan Yoshioka, Emily Herb, Native Forest, Kenoelehua, Emily Charlotte Forbes Perry

Eye Candy for Today: Nicolas Delaunay engraving after Fragonard

The Happy Accident of the Swing, Nicolas Delaunay Engraving, roughly 20 x 16″ (51 x 42 cm); in the collection of the Art Institute Chicago This wonderfully lush and textural engraving by Nicolas Delaunay is a copy of a famous painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard. It was not uncommon for painters to have printmakers create copies of their most popular works, if they weren’t inclined to do it themselves. Here the image (reversed, of course, because it’s a print) becomes a fascinating study in con...
Tags: Art, Fragonard, Eye Candy For Today, Gallery And Museum Art, Prints and Printmaking, Art Institute Chicago, Nicolas Delaunay, Swing Nicolas Delaunay Engraving

American Ballet Theatre’s New Skunkworks

“In the studio we’re so often created on,” David Hallberg, the American Ballet Theater principal who dreamed up the workshop, said recently. “I really wanted to give the dancers a chance to have a more inclusive part in the creative process.” Mr. Hallberg first introduced the idea of a choreographic workshop in 2010, but after a few tries it didn’t stick and he was too busy with his international career (and a major injury) to help keep it going. Now, he’s determined to make the Incubator a year...
Tags: Art, Dance, American Ballet Theater, David Hallberg, American Ballet Theatre, Hallberg, 12.20.18

This book is literally a planetarium, a guitar, and a phone amplifier!

Kelli Anderson’s books are proof that there’s a tonne of things you can do with paper and imagination. After the wild success of This Book Is A Camera, a book that literally turned into a functional pinhole camera, Brooklyn-based artist/designer and tinkerer Kelli Anderson’s next book explores the mysteries of the physical world with more paper-based experiments. This Book Is A Planetarium features a pop-up planetarium that you can activate with your phone’s flashlight, a spiralgraph that teac...
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The world's best building? A remote Brazilian school made out of wood

This year’s Royal Institute of British Architects prize goes to the timber and mud-brick Children Village, which doesn’t need air-con even in 45 degree heatA forest of eucalyptus columns extends inside the expansive dormitory complex of the Canuanã school in northern Brazil, as if the nearby woodland has taken over the building. Between the soaring trunks stand clusters of little mud-brick rooms arranged around open courtyards, while a wafer-thin metal canopy floats above the whole scene, provid...
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Glamour Magazine To End Its Print Version

As of June, Glamour had a print circulation of about 2 million, according to Alliance for Audited Media. There were about 7 million visitors to the website last month, according to comScore figures. Its total reach online, editor Samantha Barry contended to staffers, was about 20 million.
Tags: Art, Words, Alliance for Audited Media, Samantha Barry, 11.20.18

Poll Suggests That Audiences Would Object To Ads During Live Theatre Intermissions

The online survey was held in response to news that English National Opera is seeking permission to project adverts on to its safety curtain. Of 443 respondents to the poll, which asked: “Would you object to theatres screening adverts during the interval?”, 62% said they would object and 38% said they would not.
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, English National Opera, 11.19.18

10 ways to use up mushy, overripe bananas

Bananas linger on the counters of many kitchens throughout the world, because they are a perfect snack and a healthy companion to things like yogurt, peanut butter and cereal. But it doesn’t take long for them to move past peak ripeness and start getting covered in brown spots before turning black. Just because they are past their prime doesn’t mean that overripe bananas need to be tossed in the trash. To reduce your food waste, try some of these creative and delicious ideas for overripe banana...
Tags: Food, Cooking, Design, Features, Recipes, Baking, Food Waste, Bananas, Green Kitchen, Eat & Drink, Banana Recipes, Overripe Bananas, Mindy Segal

In Praise of Whimsical English Design

Riotous printed wallpapers and porcelain animals aren’t for everyone. But the British tradition of fanciful décor is as influential as ever.
Tags: Design, News, Furniture, Textiles, Chairs, Great Britain

Lamborghini’s SC18 concept is like the gaming-laptop version of cars

The SC18 comes from Lamborghini’s Squadra Corse division, which literally translates to “racing team”. This car isn’t meant for streets, it’s meant for tracks, and it comes with a dominating design to match. Slightly a step down from Terzo Millennio’s absolutely aggressive style, the SC18 still looks like it would unleash hell on the track.The SC18 is a one-off model, crafted bespoke for a motorsports customer, in synergy with Centro Stile Lamborghini, the car company’s innovative studio that lo...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Lamborghini, Squadra Corse, Terzo Millennio, SC18

Tesco’s “Easy-Peel” Avocados

With a corkier skin than normal avocados, the EasyAvo aims to make peeling and consumption simpler—and safer. Developed by South Africa’s Westfalia Fruit and already sold at Tesco stores across the UK, these easy-to-peel items cost roughly $2.50. There are no plans yet to known to distribute them elsewhere. Read more at Grub Street.
Tags: Food, UK, Science, Design, Tesco, South Africa, Food + Drink, Linkaboutit, Avocados, Westfalia Fruit

Writers Union: Canadian Writers Earn 27 Percent Less Than Three Years Ago

When the Writers’ Union of Canada recently surveyed its members about their incomes, the results were sobering: an average writer made $9,380 a year from his or her writing. That’s 27 per cent less than what writers made three years ago, and a whopping 78 per cent less than they made in 1998.  The report comes in stark contrast to the glossy literary awards season, where champagne flows and prizes that sound lucrative are given out, culminating with the $100,000 Giller Prize.
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100 Notable Books Of 2018, As Chosen By NYT Editors (Let The Debates Begin)

To begin with, why not a single book from an academic imprint?
Tags: Art, Words, 11.20.18

This tiny home on wheels has been turned into the ultimate Hogwarts experience

Harry Potter fans can now have the ultimate Hogwarts experience in this Harry Potter-inspired tiny home. Located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, the Hogwarts Inn Express is a black and red 204-square-foot tiny house on wheels that is completely decked out in Harry Potter-themed memorabilia, and currently on sale for $99,000. Stepping into the compact home, fans will be able to enjoy the carefully decorated space with over 100 licensed Harry Potter products along with many handmade item...
Tags: Design, London, Architecture, Gallery, Harry Potter, Tiny House, Tiny Home On Wheels, Tiny Home Design, J K Rowling, Hogwarts, Hogwarts Express, Asheville North Carolina, Tiny Home Living, Harry Potter tiny home, Tiny Home Hogwarts, Harry Potter Merchandise

The Human Brain As Time Traveler

In just a few minutes of mental wandering, you have made several distinct round trips from past to future: forward a week to the important meeting, forward a year or more to the house in the new neighborhood, backward five hours to today’s meeting, forward six months, backward five years, forward a few weeks. You’ve built chains of cause and effect connecting those different moments; you’ve moved seamlessly from actual events to imagined ones. And as you’ve navigated through time, your brain and...
Tags: Art, Ideas, 11.16.18

DIY Bar Clamps, of Any Length You Choose

You can never have too many clamps, as the saying goes, and those of you who do a lot of glue-up work undoubtedly have some Bessey K-Body clamps, Jet clamps or pipe clamps lying around your shop. And there's no substitute for a good metal clamp. But let's say you're in a pinch--maybe you're at a secondary shop or in a remote location--and you can't get your hands on your real clamps. What to do?The Japanese woodworker behind the Self-Build YouTube channel came up with this DIY idea, which relies...
Tags: Design, Tools & Craft, Bessey K Body, Self Build YouTube

A$AP Rocky: Sundress

Fresh off the buzz from his 2018 release, TESTING, comes A$AP Rocky’s Kevin Parker-infused and Danger Mouse-produced track titled “Sundress.” The song samples Tame Impala‘s “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?” from the full-length debut Innerspeaker. The upbeat track is anchored by the sample, but its highest points are Rocky’s chorus and his heartbroken verse—which is reflected in the video’s choose-your-adventure-style love story directed by Frank Lebon.
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Which Airports are Most Likely to Delay Your Thanksgiving Flights?

This week many of you will fly back home for Thanksgiving. In addition to the strain of pretending you're a big shot to local townies, you'll have to endure the horrors of traveling at the worst time of the year. Will your flight be delayed? Probably. But just how bad the wait will be is largely dependent on what airport you're flying out of. To illustrate the difference, travel blog Asher & Lyric combed through air travel databases and compiled the following infographic: So if you're flying ...
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Using a Soft, Skirt-Wearing Robot to Detect Water Leaks Before They Spread

 Cracks in water pipes start off extremely small, and are thus impossible to detect over many miles of pipes. Over time water does its thing, steadily widening the crack until catastrophe ensues and you have a water main break. If the crack could have been detected when it was still miniscule, it would have been easy, quick and cheap to repair. Cleaning up after a water main break, however, is a messy, prolonged and expensive affair.Robotics engineer Dr. You Wu spent six years creating something...
Tags: Google, Design, Tech, James Dyson, Robotics, Wu

Nuttall’s ‘Bomb Culture’ Is Back

Far from being bound by its time, Nuttall’s 1968 investigation of Britain’s underground political and literary protest culture was a prophetic critique, and applicable as well to the American scene.
Tags: Art, Britain, Ajblogs, Nuttall, 11.20.18

Design Job: Henkel Is Seeking an Intern to Join Their Packaging and Innovation Team

You will work as part of a dedicated Industrial Design team and collaborate with Packaging Engineering, Manufacturing, Formulation, Technical Knowledge & Observations and Consumer Insights to research, explore, design and develop new and View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, Henkel, Innovation Team

Monday Recommendation, A Day Late: Atlantis Quartet

Atlantis Quartet, Hello Human (Shifting Paradigm Records)
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 11.20.18

The world’s smallest, most versatile multitool can sit on your fingertip

The first time you lay eyes on the Claw, it’s bafflingly small. What’s more baffling, however, is its incredibly vast feature list. It opens bottles and jars, unscrews screws, cuts open taped boxes, undoes staples, works as a flint-scraper, and acts as a tiny, nifty, jimmying tool. By design, it fits all those features into a frame that’s basically the size of your thumbnail, and by construction, it does so tirelessly, because the Claw is made entirely from titanium.At less than an inch long, ...
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Puns Are Not The Lowest Form Of Humor – Rather The Contrary, In Fact

“Despite its bad reputation, punning is, in fact, among the highest displays of wit. Indeed, puns point to the essence of all true wit — the ability to hold in the mind two different ideas about the same thing at the same time. And the pun’s primacy is demonstrated by its strategic use in the oldest sacred stories, texts, and myths.” Indeed, the fact that we think Adam and Eve ate an apple is due to a pun.
Tags: Art, Words, Adam, 11.15.18

Paris Photo Fair 2018: Highlights

The focus of this year's event was firmly on talented women photographers Now in its 22nd edition, Paris Photo remains the premier fair for photo-based art, where rare masterpieces are presented alongside the under-appreciated or the over-looked—and all under the majestic green iron curves of the Grand Palais. This year, fair organizers and exhibitors were noticeably influenced by the growing global request to do more …
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Notorious Art Forger Talks About Ethics

Wolfgang Beltracchi, convicted in 2011 of painting and selling a series of 14 forgeries that fetched a total of $45 million. He compares himself favorably to the likes of Jeff Koons: “I painted individual paintings and I never replicated them, they were always unique pieces from a certain context, a certain period, with a certain technique, with a certain narrative. These artists — Jeff Koons, but also Ai Weiwei, and there are many more — are promoted by great dealer and everyone earns a lot of ...
Tags: Art, Ai Weiwei, Jeff Koons, Visual, 11.19.18, Wolfgang Beltracchi

3D Illusion Bookcase

Optical illusion bookcase looks to be made out of three-dimensional cubes. “Rocky” angular 3D Illusion bookcase designed by Charles Kalpakian. Also check out: Rubik’s Cube Bookcase
Tags: Design, Tech, Charles Kalpakian

The Hen House shows how to downsize your space and your energy bill

"This is a house that sits lightly in its landscape, with minimal running costs and maximum delight."
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