How much does a logo design cost?

“How much does a logo design cost?” It’s one of the most frequent questions I receive. But trying to answer this question without specific details is a near impossible task. How long is a piece of string? So the next question I usually hear is, “What’s the ballpark cost for designing a logo?”. This depends, as every project is unique. The cost of a logo is going to be different depending on the requirements, the size of the business, if its a rebranding, the amount of research & strategy that’s ...
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Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App

Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App AoiroStudio Nov 27, 2018 With the announcement of my Osore: Sararīman Lightroom Presets (by the way 10% discount is still available (just use "abdz"). When the idea of creating presets started to conceptualize in my mind, during my process/research I was found in front of many saturated content on the suject about Lightroom Presets. One of the reasons why, Lighroom has quite a...
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White Bunny and the Richeson75 Animals, Birds & Wildlife Competition

White Bunny  Oil on panel, 8" x 8,"  $330. Woohoo!  My painting "Napping Kittens" is a finalist in the 2018  Richeson75 International "Animals, Birds & Wildlife" Online Competition.  Now to wait (and wait) for award announcements, DEC 1st... :) Wish me luck! [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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Finnish Baby Box (for those of us who can't get...

Finnish Baby Box (for those of us who can't get the govt subsidized finnish maternity boxes) has a cute Moomin Edition box filled with 33 essential baby products including a moomin graphic bed box with mattress. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Nashville: Scenes from the New American...

Nashville: Scenes from the New American South by Ann Patchett with photographs by Heidi Ross. A lovely look into the past and present of this quickly evolving city filled with creative people and places (and NOTCOT's home away from home!) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Bringing People Together, One Keyboard At A Time

cKeys Not Only Builds Laser Cut Split Keyboards But Also Grows A Community Around Them If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time at a keyboard. From researching a term paper for school, submitting a proposal at work or searching eBay for a deal while binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, there are hours spent tapping away at the keys every day. And you probably don’t think about it much…until there’s a problem. The post Bringing People Together, One Keyboard At A Time appeared first on Ponok...
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YD’s top 10 entries from the #renderweekly challenge

If you’re an industrial designer who hasn’t heard of Render Weekly, stop everything you’re doing and head down to their website to have a look at the community of designers and render-artists who come together week after week to showcase their talents in modeling and rendering. The idea is simple. Render Weekly suggests a product every week, and you have a week to upload your work on Instagram with the hashtag #renderweekly. The best designs get picked and showcased on Render Weekly’s Instagram ...
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DEVO: The Brand / DEVO: Unmasked

This two-book feature, DEVO: The Brand / DEVO: Unmasked, follows the immeasurably influential and oddball band. Tracking the new-wave outfit’s inception to the present day, both books track founding members Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale. Insight is offered through interviews with both British and American publications in The Brand and first-hand recounts in Unmasked. The set is the perfect gift for music historians and DEVO fans alike.
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Rethinking Plagiarism (Or At Least How We Think About It)

“I recognize that when students plagiarize they often do so not because they have some nefarious agenda but because they feel enormous pressure to succeed or are confused, uncertain, forgetful, exhausted, or pressed for time. But I am optimistic that at least some students walked away from the class feeling empowered as scholars and thinkers, that they began to see citation as a means of bringing different voices to bear on critical conversations from which they’ve been consciously or unconsciou...
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William Goldman Wrote “The Best Book Ever” About The Theatre

Its primary accomplishment is its bluntness, reflected in the subtitle A Candid Look at Broadway. No writer has better captured the way theater insiders actually talk about their craft. Goldman listens in on artists discussing how to fix shows out of town, to curmudgeonly patrons and critics on the aisle, and to producers working out how to make money—even on flops. Goldman never wrote another book about the theater, and he wrote this one with the unmistakable swagger and detail of someone who c...
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2018’s Word Of The Year: Misinformation

“In 2018 we need to be talking about misinformation because misinformation is what’s driving people’s choices, behaviors, and action. There has been a lot of misinformation about what’s happening around the world, and it’s creating a lot of chaos.” Misinformation is defined by as “false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead.”
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Ochis Coffee Sunglasses: Turning a hot beverage into hot eyewear!

A little less than two and a half million cups of coffee are consumed every day. Just by that statistic, we generate 34 million kilograms of coffee grounds every day as waste. Now, coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer or as compost, so that isn’t really a problem, but what if there’s more we can do with our coffee grounds?These grounds obviously can’t be reused or re-brewed, and are therefore essentially a massive repository of low-cost raw material, waiting to be used and converted into p...
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Why Diversity Matters

Roughly speaking, the most common defense of diversity has two parts. The first focuses on the educational and social benefits of diversity. The second attempts to show the inherent value of a diverse environment, one that is in some sense representative of the diversity of the American, or perhaps global, population.
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Embracing Vulnerability: The Secret Weapon Every Presenter Must Learn

Dr. Brene Brown, a renowned social psychologist and author of Daring Greatly, a New York Times #1 best seller, defines vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” She elaborates by noting that “vulnerability is the core of all emotions and feelings.” We know that when it comes to presentations, emotions and feelings are a driving force of information retention and engagement. According to Dr. Brown’s findings coupled with our knowledge of presenting, if you can open yourself up...
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Factory Visit: Italian Faucet-Maker Fantini

Production and headquarters on the shore of Lake Orta Located not far from Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta is perhaps the least internationally known of Northern Italy’s lakes. But it’s here—in the small village of Pella, directly on the lake’s shore—that the Fantini company can be found. The lake is intrinsic to the company, and its employees. Fantini has been making faucets, showers and accessories …
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San Antonio Symphony Seeks Marketing Director

San Antonio Symphony seeks a dynamic and knowledgeable Marketing Director to lead all functions that drive earned revenue and achieve patron service goals. This position is responsible for the development and execution of an integrated, strategic marketing plan and guiding overall brand and sales strategies for the San Antonio Symphony. Reporting to the Executive Director, the Marketing Director will implement all aspects of the various marketing campaigns designed to generate subscriptions and ...
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Is Shame A Sign Of A Failure Of Moral Standards?

Most philosophers agree that shame is about failing to live up to our moral ideals, but stories such as Lucy Grealy’s and others’ seem not to fit this definition. For example, it’s common for people who suffer from mental illness to feel shame. People who experience povertyfeel shame because of it. It’s also common for women to feel shame more often than men, and for black people to feel shame more often than white people. To argue that all these people must feel shame because, deep down, they f...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Lucy Grealy, 11.23.18

Daily Design Inspiration

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudio Nov 26, 2018 The unfamous Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. Where you'll find the most interesting designs/artworks/concepts curated by one of us to utterly inspire your day. Besides that, it's an opportunity to feature work from other designers, artists, and creators in general that we haven't had the chance to write or featured. For this Daily we are selecting in graphic design, bra...
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Design Job: Can You Hear That? Bose is Seeking a CMF Designer in Framingham, MA

Job Description Bose Corporation is a privately held company with over 50 years of growth and expansion. We provide high-performance product solutions that are elegant and simple to use. These products are often developed through decades of analysis and research. We encourage innovation in every aspect of View the full design job here
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“I have cap and bells”

After a prospective student played Maurice Ravel’s “Alborada del gracioso,” I asked the not-so-simple question: “What’s the melody?”
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Recent Listening: Two Superb Pianists

Sam Leak, Dan Tepfer, Adrift (Jellymould) Pianists from opposite sides of the Atlantic met in a New York studio to collaborate in an engrossing performance of Sam Leak compositions as a suite called “Adrift.”
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How South Dakota Shows What Orchestras Are For

The American orchestra that most shows the culture of the community can only be the South Dakota Symphony. The SDSO subscription audience is by far the most diversified in age I have ever encountered at a professional symphonic concert (and I have been around). And yet the programing is bold.
Tags: Art, South Dakota, Ajblogs, 11.26.18

Čači Vorba Delivers a Mystery Song

Čači Vorba was one of the more cohesive and likable bands at this years Crossroads Festival, which takes place immediately preceding the huge Colours of Ostrava festival in Czech Republic. Violinist, singer and songwriter Maria Natanson definitely struts her stuff, and has a great grasp of Roma music.
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Arnold Schoenberg survived Nazi Germany, Vienna and Hollywood. But Boston?

Opera thrives on iconic figures, whether from mythology or history. But maybe composer Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) hasn’t been gone long enough – or was never outwardly heroic enough – to fill Tod Machover’s new opera Schoenberg in Hollywood.
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What Taylor Swift’s New Recording Deal Might Mean For Other Artists

The rise of streaming via Spotify, Apple and Amazon has put a music industry once racked by plummeting CD sales back in rude health. That transformation has been seized on by Swift, who has led the fight for artists to get a better share of revenues in the age of the digital giants.
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South Africa’s Southern Guild at NYC’s The Salon Art + Design

Cape Town‘s Southern Guild was the only African design representative at NYC’s high-end showcase, The Salon Art + Design in mid-November. And, as Lynsey Chutel points out for Quartz, the gallery presented furniture that “punctured the outdated image the west has of an African aesthetic.” Southern Guild makes clear that it’s important African design maintains attention—and a competitive edge—on a fickle global design stage. Further, the …
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Fifteen Special Paper Christmas Ornaments Made by Hand

One of my favorite ways to prepare for Christmas is to give small, but beautiful paper craft tree ornaments to friends and family. Over the years I've made lots of different kinds and have gifted... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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Hidden Desk

Wooden space-saving desk integrated into custom furniture was designed to be completely hidden when not in use. Hidden built-in desk made by YLAB for modern apartment in Barcelona. Also check out: Hidden Furniture
Tags: Design, Tech, Barcelona, YLAB

The Open Office Promised To Boost Creativity. Instead…

The borderless fluidity of open offices seems perfectly suited to the ambitions of the internet  age—while  also replicating its failed aspirations toward “connectivity.” Just as hyper-modulated online interactions, contrary to the promise of their conceptual foundations, cordon people into niche micro experiences, so the open office counterintuitively isolates office workers. A recent study from Harvard Business School confirms this deterioration of face-to-face interaction.
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