Hybrid Art in Berlin – When Fashion meets Contemporary Dance

Dance is an expression of the body, while fashion design gives the body new form and function. Can both become one in an only and unique genre? Last Saturday the new Hybrid-Art Space TRAUMABARUNDKINO presented its first in-house production combining contemporary dance choreographies with the presentation of four young fashion talents. We had the opportunity to experience the performance NOW YOU MAY TELL THAT I’VE BEEN SEEN BY YOU and were incredibly stooked by so much creativity from different a...
Tags: Art, Fashion, Design, Berlin, Dance, Diana, Performance, Fashion Week, Ovid, Olga Khristolyubova, Michael John Harper, Conteporary, Trauma Bar, Don Aretino, Johanna Liebl Johanna Liebl, Maria Miottke

This is what the new generation of thermostats should look like

The Nest has, for long, been the thermostat to beat all thermostats. Its simple, no-nonsense, tactile design courtesy Tony Fadell and team was honestly an eye-opener. A massive outer-rim dial that turned, a circular screen which displayed exactly the information you needed and nothing more, and a backside that did a revolutionary job of organizing wires in a way that no one ever did before, the Nest thermostat has been, for a better part of the last decade, the best thermostat on the market. It’...
Tags: Home, Design, Thermostat, Appliances, Tony Fadell, Nest, Ecobee, Product Design

Arghhh! Silent Discos Are Still Too Noisy, Complain Neighbors

Silent discos are dance parties where revellers wear headphones instead of listening to music from a speaker system. In some cities, tourism companies have incorporated the trend into their walking tours. “You’ve got people walking about and suddenly they break into dance to music you can’t hear.”
Tags: Art, Dance, Audience, 11.26.18

Rivian Unveils the First Electric Pickup “Adventure Vehicle”

The all-electric pickup goes from 0-60 in three seconds and has a range of 400 miles The rapidly evolving electric vehicle space is starting to get really exciting, with large brands and indie makers seeking to innovate in all segments of the growing market. Rivian, an Irvine, California-based maker of the futuristic R1T–an all-electric pickup truck that debuted today at the LA Auto Show this week–is the perfect …
Tags: Design, Electric Vehicles, La Auto Show, Pickup Truck, Pickup Trucks, Irvine, Irvine California, Electric Pickup Truck, Rivian, R1T, First Electric Pickup

The folding treadmill that fits under your sofa

The WalkingPad is a winner product because it realizes that A. People are too lazy to go to the gym, and B. Houses and flats are too small to accommodate a home-gym into them. It, therefore, ticks the appropriate boxes with its innovative design and brings the gym to your home in a way that’s unintrusive yet feature-laden. This full-size treadmill folds up and slides right under your sofa or bed, occupying a space that is insignificant, only to be pulled out, unfolded, and used as a full-size ...
Tags: Design, Gym, Treadmill, Product Design, Folding, Fitness/Sports, WalkingPad

Crude oil spill off Newfoundland coast deemed impossible to clean up

The SeaRose FPSO — a floating production, storage and offloading vessel in the White Rose oil and gas field near Newfoundland’s coast — spilled an estimated 66,000 gallons (250,000 liters) of crude earlier this month, making it the largest oil spill in the province’s maritime history. To make matters worse, according to Canadian provincial regulators, the huge spill cannot be cleaned up. The operator responsible for the incident is Husky Energy, and the spill happened when the vessel “experienc...
Tags: Design, Newfoundland, Husky Energy, White Rose, FPSO, Canada Newfoundland, Scott Tessier, Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board C NLOPB

Why Teacher Evaluations Hurt Students

Ultimately, the unearned arrogance encouraged by the heavy reliance on student evaluations helps produce passive, even contemptuous students who undermine the spirit of the class and lower its quality for everyone. All students deserve better.
Tags: Art, Issues, 11.27.18

How Climate Change Is Hastening The Loss Of Languages

These changes will force communities to relocate, creating climate change refugees. The resultant dispersal of people will lead to the splintering of linguistic communities and increased contact with other languages. These changes will place additional pressures on languages that are already struggling to survive.
Tags: Art, Words, 11.26.18

Inside Pittsburgh’s Newly-Renovated Detective Building

Schoolhouse, The Bureau and Beauty Shoppe now call the landmark property home Within Pittsburgh‘s Detective Building, blocks from the Ace Hotel, design agency Schoolhouse (who counts the aforementioned hotel as a client) has set up a new retail space—their first in over a decade. Brian Faherty, the brand’s founder, started the business with a bit of good fortune; he discovered a hoard of cast-iron glass shade molds in an …
Tags: Design, Cafes, Pittsburgh, Bureau, East Liberty, Schoolhouse Electric, The Bureau, Coworking, Schoolhouse, Detective Building, Beauty Shoppe, Brian Faherty

Study: Superhero Stories Help Inspire Altruism

“Heroes loom large as exemplars of morality. They often embody virtues that we wish to express in our lives,” writes a research team led by psychologists Daryl Van Tongeren of Hope College and Jeffrey Green of Virginia Commonwealth University. Their findings suggests that subtle reminders of the superhero ethos can inspire us to emulate their selfless behavior.
Tags: Art, Ideas, Virginia Commonwealth University, Daryl Van Tongeren, Jeffrey Green, 11.27.18

In Search Of Literary Fame

“Young man, literary glory, or the fame that comes from learning and then writing, is one of the very few forms of glory presently available to the commoner. Admittedly, it’s not as impressive or satisfying as the glory that derives from public service, since action is much worthier and nobler than thinking or writing, and more natural. We weren’t made to spend our lives sitting at a table with pen and paper, and doing so can only be detrimental to your health and happiness. All the same, as I s...
Tags: Art, Words, 11.27.18

The 2019 Core77 Design Awards Will Open for Entry on January 8

Attention, designers—mark your calendars because the 2019 Core77 Design Awards will officially be open for entry on January 8! Now in its ninth year, the Core77 Design Awards continues to champion the principles of inclusivity, innovation, and excellence. Our annual collection of awarded projects have solidified the awards as a showcase of groundbreaking design over the years, granting awards to successful products such as the Google Pixel Buds, Nest Thermostat, the Biolite Stove, the Oculus Rif...
Tags: Google, Design, America, Kenya, Hillary, Ideo, Core77 Design Awards, Joe Gebbia, Emily Pilloton, Benjamin Hubert Here, Jennifer Kinon, Anand Manohar Asinkar, Built Environment Professional, Chih Chiu of Royal College, Kuja Kuja Kuja Kuja, Kuja Kuja

Cognitive Scientists Explain Why Two Heads Are Better Than One

“One reason is that our senses are unreliable. Often, we have to make decisions on the basis of what we’ve just heard or seen. But these sensations can be noisy. How can we be sure of what it was we just heard or saw? Think of radar operators who have to hunt for weak signals and decide if this is an incoming missile or a flock of birds. The wrong decision could start World War Three.”
Tags: Art, Ideas, 11.27.18

How to Create Compelling Visual Data

I recently watched a presenter share a compelling pitch about the impact that cognitive bias has on decision making. The data was compelling and the presenter did a great job creating a case for his hypothesis. But as the presentation went on, it became clear that this presenter had made one fatal flaw: poor execution of his visual data. The graphs were confusing and difficult to comprehend on the fly, and the charts left you wondering what the intended purpose was. With visual information garne...
Tags: Design, Data, Deliver, Public, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Speaking, Presentation Design, Visual Data

Christine and the Queens: Kiss It Better / Wuthering Heights

For her BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performance, Christine and the Queens (aka Héloïse Letissier) has managed to weave together two important tracks by iconic pop singers, and create something entirely transcendent. Her cover of Rihanna’s “Kiss it Better” contains smatterings of Kate Bush’s 1978 masterpiece “Wuthering Heights,” all in a minimal, funk-inflected package. A mash-up never sounded quite so exquisite.
Tags: Music, Design, Rihanna, Covers, Culture, Queens, Kate Bush, Listenup, New Music, Christine, BBC Radio, Héloïse Letissier, Christine And The Queens, Cover Versions, Live Versions

Cool Tools: The Greenlee Ratcheting PVC Pipe Cutter

PVC and vinyl tubing are super-useful not just for their original plumbing or electrical applications, but for DIYers and ID students seeking to cobble things together with a relatively inexpensive, easily-workable material.One potential issue is how to get clean, square cuts on the end. For vinyl tubing we looked at this clever DIY cutting system. For more rigid PVC, a miter saw does well, but it can be awkward for long pieces, and there may be times when you prefer to bring the tool to the wor...
Tags: Design, Greenlee, Tools & Craft

Forest of Numbers

National Art Center in Tokyo, Japan decorated with 60,000 numbers and 100 colors suspended in the air. “Forest of Numbers” beautiful art installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux. Also check out: Painted Abandoned Factory
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Tokyo Japan, Emmanuelle Moureaux

New Ergonomic Chair Design Based on Horse Saddles

As you read this, you're probably sitting in a chair. And the general consensus appears to be that, for the sake of your back, you oughtn't. This consensus led to the standing desk craze. More recently acupuncturist Esther Gokhale conducted and compiled research showing that folks from developing nations who squat, rather than use chairs, have lower rates of back pain. But it's not practical for most of us to stand or squat for prolonged periods, so designers will continue to cook up new chair f...
Tags: Design, France, Furniture Design, Esther Gokhale, David James France

Meljac's Gorgeous Fixture Designs

For those of you working in environments design--or looking to trick your studio out with little details that will impress high-end clients--check out the work of this French fixtures company. They've been around since 1995, when company founder André Bousquet "took a chance on the previously non-existent market of luxury electrical switches and founded Meljac." Today they manufacture a variety of buttons, levers, keypads, switches, doorbells, outlets and more: ...
Tags: Design, Kanye, Louis Vuitton, Interior/exhibition Design, Versailles, Meljac, André Bousquet, Meljac Today

Arnold Schoenberg survived Nazi Germany, Vienna and Hollywood. But Boston?

Opera thrives on iconic figures, whether from mythology or history. But maybe composer Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) hasn’t been gone long enough – or was never outwardly heroic enough – to fill Tod Machover’s new opera Schoenberg in Hollywood.
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Schoenberg, Tod Machover, Arnold Schoenberg, 11.26.18, Germany Vienna, Hollywood But Boston

Hasselblad X1D Review - the perfect medium-format camera

Hasselblad X1D Review - the perfect medium-format camera AoiroStudio Nov 27, 2018 Let me start this review by saying that is the best product I have ever reviewed so far! Still a novelty but we love making reviews on ABDZ. Being able to test products and share our thoughts to you guys is quite rewarding; we will work effortlessly to do more in the upcoming new year. On the other hand, smartphones have changed so much during the course of 5 years time....
Tags: Google, Design, Sweden, Montreal, Dslr, Hasselblad, ABDZ Being, Hasseblad, Instagram Subscribe Hasselblad, Yuhki Kuramoto

Recent Listening: Harry Vetro’s Northern Ranger

A generation of Canadian musicians is coming to prominence in their youth and making substantial impressions. One is drummer Harry Vetro.
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 11.27.18, Harry Vetro

Vision Transfusion? Berkshire Museum Stops Hemorrhaging Art

Closing the barn door after its finest steeds have vanished, the Berkshire Museum today announced that “there will be no further sales” from its collection beyond the 22 works already sold.
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Berkshire Museum, 11.27.18, Berkshire Museum Stops Hemorrhaging Art

This clever cup is your cheat-book to being a Barista

What if, instead playing it by judgement, you knew exactly how much of espresso and foamed milk you needed to make a perfect, creamy macchiato, or what the ratio of espresso to steaming water made the ideal Americano. Luckily, with the Multi Ccino Mug, you don’t need to base your barista skills on your ability to visually judge intensities by looking at the color. The Multi Ccino Mug, a cup so clever it got inducted into the MoMA Store, comes with a borosilicate build, and a very convenient guid...
Tags: Deals, Kitchen, Design, Moma, MoMA Store, Drinkware, Josh Corn, Multi Ccino Cup, Multi Ccino Mug, Josh CornClick

Duolingo And Babbel May Not Teach You Much Of A Foreign Language, But They’ll Addict You

Says Duolingo’s CEO with frankness, “We prefer to be more on the addictive side than the fast-learning side. … In the U.S., about half of our users aren’t even really motivated to learn a language; they just want to pass the time on something besides Candy Crush.”
Tags: Art, Words, Duolingo, Babbel, December 2018

Kara Swisher: Can Laurene Powell Jobs Save Storytelling?

Her firm is buying up one media property after another. This week it added Pop-Up Magazine Productions to its roster.
Tags: Art, News, Newspapers, Magazines, Kara Swisher, Laurene Powell, News and News Media, Pop Up Magazine Productions


Still working on wet-in-wet and sticking with it.  This one wasn’t so great and you really had to do the mountain shadows using dry brush, but it’s okay.  Not every one will be a winner. [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter

Showstopper House Tour

Check out this cozy Showstopper House Tour. Hundreds of more homes available to tour on the blog. The post Showstopper House Tour appeared first on Its Overflowing.
Tags: Art, House Tour, Dreamy Dwellings, Home Tours

Time to put the flame out scented candles can cause disease and poor air quality

Candle season is in full effect as winter days quickly approach. Candles are a great accent to incorporate into home decorations and also to photograph as the little flickering flames in the jar illuminate dark evenings at home. Scented candles are nice to look at and even nicer to breathe in, but your favorite candle can cause more damage than you imagine. In the age of social media influencers and luxury brands promoting their one-of-a-kind scents, it’s no wonder why candle sales are soaring....
Tags: Design, Epa, University Of Maryland, Southern Carolina State University, Ruhullah Massoudi

Small carbon-neutral house in Australia built with recycled materials

Constructed as an "apartment-house" hybrid, this prototypical 753-square-foot house makes the most of a small lot.
Tags: Design, News, Australia

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