Adobe Stock + Dimension CC x Rijksmuseum: The Beauty of Art in 3D

Adobe Stock + Dimension CC x Rijksmuseum: The Beauty of Art in 3D AoiroStudio Nov 29, 2018 Ah the beautiful city of Amsterdam, I had the chance for a quick visit back in late March. Following this visit, I am having a smile thinking of today's announcement with Adobe Stock + Adobe Dimension CC and the Rijksmuseum. The National Museum dedicated to arts and history based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Together in this collaboration, they are introducing a co...
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Are eBay Buyers Counterfeit Coach Bags Left Holding the Bag?

by Joseph K. Levene Coach awarded £28.3 million, but will eBay reimburse these duped buyers?   eBay aggressively advertises its buyer protection policy, and like most insurance policies,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Joseph K. Levene)]
Tags: Art, Ebay, Authenticity, Online Auctions, Art Blog, Art Blogspot, Counterfeit Art, Jklfa, The Fine Art Blog, Art Fraud, Roy Lichtenstein, Buyer Protection, Damien Hirst, Joseph K Levene

DJI’s latest gimbal fits in pockets and comes with a powerful 4K camera

DJI knows a thing or two when it comes to building drones, gimbals, and cameras. Whether its consumer tech or professional gadgetry, DJI’s devices are pretty much the most capable and powerful products in the market… so it doesn’t surprise me that the Osmo Pocket, a small, almost toyish gimbal from DJI’s latest lineup, is an insanely feature-packed and potent device. It comes with DJI’s years of experience in creating stabilizers, both for its drones and for professional filming cameras, and als...
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Director of Theatre Programming and Partnerships

COCA is a dynamic, growing arts and education center with a mission to enrich lives and build community through the arts. Known nationwide for innovative programming, COCA is dedicated to welcoming students of all ages and abilities from across the region. The fourth largest multidisciplinary community arts center in the country, COCA ranks second in giving back, devoting over $1M annually to individual scholarships and free community programming. A critical member of the senior team, The Direct...
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Review: Semi-Finals of Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - Felixstowe Docks

This year Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 avoided the chocolate box temptation for the semi finals (as per the huge Lavender Field in Kent in 2017). Instead they went for the massive steel... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Kent, Making A Mark, Felixstowe Docks

3 Keys to Building Your Platform

Every presentation is an opportunity for you to educate, motivate, and inspire your audience. As a presenter in a distracted culture, you must work even harder to leave a lasting impact on your audience that will stick with them well after your presentation is over. To build this momentum, ask yourself these questions: What will my audience remember when they leave my presentation? How will they feel afterwards? Did I move them to take a worthwhile action? If you are missing one of these three c...
Tags: Design, Read, Platform, Deliver, Public, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Write, Speaking, Presentation Hacks

Prometheus Design Werx: The SPD Edition...

Prometheus Design Werx: The SPD Edition Titanium Tool Bit Driver by Audacious Concept of Finland. Beautiful titanium billet hex bit driver comes with 6 torx bits, 3D Printed Integrated ABS Bit Holder, and SPD Kraken Laser Mark on Ball. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Finland, Submitted

The world’s smallest electric multi-tool is the size of a ballpoint pen

Imagine having an entire toolkit in your stationery box, or better still, in your front pocket. That’s pretty much what the Wowstick is gunning for. The pen-shaped, pen-sized rotary-tool works as an electric screwdriver, allowing you to tighten or loosen screws at the press of a button. With literally two buttons to choose from, you can rotate the head of the Wowstick either clockwise or anti-clockwise. A set of 58 bits and tool-heads gives you immense power and flexibility, letting you work m...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Tools, Design, Appliances, Product Design, Multitool, EveryDayCarry, Electric Screwdriver, Standmac, Wowstick, Standmac Inc

Here's your opportunity to join the Inhabitat team as a writer!

Inhabitat, a leading website in green design and sustainable living, is seeking remote writers to contribute two or more articles per week with a focus on breaking environmental news, green design/architecture and/or sustainable lifestyle features. An ideal candidate is an avid environmentalist and excellent writer with the ability to meet deadlines and communicate professionally with editors and sources. Learn more below. Requirements: Ability to meet strict deadlines Understanding of design a...
Tags: Work, Design, Writing, Environment, Announcements, Freelance, Freelance Writing, Opportunity, Writing Jobs, Inhabitat jobs, Editorial Jobs

Jeans in 5 Versions – Find out Some New Ideas for Your Attire!

Jeans are the most versatile kind of trousers in the world – they will be suitable for almost any occasion, except for the most official ones, which are extremely rare anyway. Use them to create your own original stylizations for a date, for work or for family celebrations! School and Work If it does not collide with the dress code, you can wear jeans to work, school and university. In that case it is appropriate to choose their more elegant version in a uniform, dark color. High waist models w...
Tags: Design, Weil

The Harry Potter Franchise Is Killing Itself With Overexposure

Nostalgia is a lucrative emotion, but the fans must be respected. Although I believe books can change lives – as Harry Potter changed mine – publishing is a business. For the fans, however, these books have always been much more than a way of blowing cash. There’s enough content to make good editions, but publishers are choosing quantity over quality.
Tags: Art, Harry Potter, Words, 11.28.18

Why Restaurants Are Designed To Be Noisy

Restaurants are so loud because architects don’t design them to be quiet. Much of this shift in design boils down to changing conceptions of what makes a space seem upscale or luxurious, as well as evolving trends in food service. Right now, high-end surfaces connote luxury.
Tags: Art, Ideas, 11.27.18

Rethinking The San Francisco Conservatory Of Music (And Finding Success)

David Stull’s notion is that any reasonable education should teach you to think critically and creatively; write and speak effectively; work alone or on a team; translate constructive criticism to advantage, and, no matter the obstacles, continue to succeed. In sum, from a proper education, you should learn to embrace versatility, failure, and the desire to innovate. You should also know how to create a 501(C)(3).
Tags: Art, Music, San Francisco, SJM, David Stull, 11.27.18

Twenty aims to dramatically reduce the waste of household products

Dubai Design Week — an annual event celebrating and promoting design and creativity — took place earlier this month, with imaginative minds from all over the world competing for the coveted Progress Prize at the Global Grad Show. This year’s winner, Twenty, sets out to cut down the environmental costs of packaging and shipping household products, like shampoos or cleaners, by offering dry capsules and reusable containers — just add water, and the items are ready for use. Considered to be the la...
Tags: Design, Gallery, Shipping, Netherlands, Innovation, Dubai, Waste, Green Products, Plastic Waste, Cleaners, middle east Dubai, Cleaning Products, Green Cleaning Products, Design Academy Eindhoven, Brendan McGetrick, Mirjam de Bruijn

What Does New York’s New “Night Mayor” Do?

In March, Ariel Palitz was appointed as the senior executive director of New York City’s Office of Nightlife, the city’s first. She describes herself as a liaison between the city agencies, nightlife businesses, owners, residents, employees, patrons, and entertainers. Her colleagues call her the night mayor.
Tags: Art, New York, Issues, Ariel Palitz, 11.25.18, New York City 's Office of Nightlife

Facebook Censors Art Historian For Posting Image, Then Bans Him From The Platform

News of Ruben Cordova’s banishment has spread across academic circles as a warning against art historians and artists who might want to aggregate their research on Facebook’s platform.
Tags: Art, Facebook, Visual, Ruben Cordova, 11.27.18, Facebook Censors

How Bing Crosby Changed Pop Music

Without him, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Dinah Shore, Dean Martin and countless other intimate singers could never have happened. A workhorse, he turned out a staggering number of recordings (including dozens of No. 1 hits) as well as films, radio shows and personal appearances. Whatever he did seemed off-the-cuff and effortless.
Tags: Art, Music, 11.28.18, Frank Sinatra Peggy Lee Dinah Shore Dean Martin

The Artist’s Life: How the Myth of the Hedonistic Artist Lost Its Allure

These days — despite longstanding clichés about art and excess — the creative impulse can actually be more closely tied to asceticism.
Tags: Art, Beyonce, News, Sophie, Calle, Abramović, Marina, Knowles, Books and Literature, Writing and Writers, Poetry and Poets, Moshfegh, Ottessa (1981-

Matt Taber’s “the world is yours if you are real” at Brooklyn’s The Chimney Gallery

Peek into a 17-foot-high cloud sculpture and explore its relationship to other artworks Transportive in many ways, artist Matt Taber’s exhibition “the world is yours if you are real” asks visitors to peer inside a cloud sculpture 17 feet off the ground. Metal stairs rise into an off-white room of cotton batting, containing two cloud paintings by the artist. It’s a reprieve and a riddle, …
Tags: Design, Clouds, Culture, Brooklyn, Exhibitions, Galleries, Art Shows, Matt Taber, The Chimney, Chimney Gallery

This genius double-walled cup lets you eat your cereals on-the-go!

The Crunch Cup is just the kind of invention I’d expect from a mad scientist who wanted to have a wholesome breakfast while rushing to work. For years we’ve been able to carry coffee, tea, juices, and milkshakes around with us in flasks, but having cereal on the go has always been that elusive concept that nobody bothered to crack… until now.That’s where the Crunch Cup is trying to change the game. The first cup that’s designed to have cereals while on the move, the Crunch Cup comes with a dou...
Tags: Travel, Design, Breakfast, Outdoor, Milk, Cereal, Product Design, Kevin Meyer, Drinkware, Crunch Cup, On-the-go, Rob Lambert

Some Unusual Design Decisions Made for Rivian's Electric Pickup Truck

I can't tell if this vehicle has an identity crisis, or is a sign of some future in which people no longer use vehicles in the way they were originally intended to be used. A startup called Rivian plans to produce this $69,000 electric pickup truck which has at least one nifty storage feature, but I have to wonder: Why on Earth is it a pickup truck? The bed appears too stubby to be of serious utility--you're not getting a full-size sheet of plywood into this thing--and more damnin...
Tags: Design, Cars, Earth, Rivian

Tools & Craft #117: Why New Tools Used to Arrive Unsharpened

When you purchase an edge tool (plane, chisel, knife, carving tool, etc.), it will either have a "Factory Edge" or be described as "Sharp and ready to use." The idea of having a ready-to-use status is a comparatively new idea in tool marketing. Up until fairly recently - let's say 1960 - it was generally understood that most of the customers of tools were craftsmen who understood that even a new and sharpened tool would, after a few minutes work, require resharpening again. So why spend more ...
Tags: Japan, Design, Brooklyn, Sharp, Joel, Stanley, Joel Moskowitz, Tools for Working Wood, Gramercy Tools, Tools & Craft, Joseph Moxon, Ray Iles, Ashley Iles, Mechanick Exercises, Wilhelm Schmitt, Two Cherries

Look Inside This Comprehensive "Secret" Museum of All White Porsches

I think buying a Porsche is partly about getting to drive a Porsche, and largely about gaining access to a relatively exclusive tribe. And the members of this tribe can be fanatical. Case in point is this "super-secret white Porsche collection," where the secret part is that they don't reveal the location in this very public video. (Members of the Porsche Club of America, the organization that produced this video, presumably get the address.) Here caretaker...
Tags: Design, Cars, Porsche, Porsche Club of America, Carl Bauer

Own a funky, biophilic home by an acclaimed upcycling artist for $1.2M

A truly one-of-a-kind home has surfaced on the Florida market that offers luxury living in a lush, jungle-like environment as well as a wealth of upcycled art. Located just north of Fort Lauderdale in the town of Wilton Manors, the home is a sculptural oasis designed by owner Michael Jude Russo, an internationally renowned multimedia artist. Filled with light and views of the outdoors, the unique two-bedroom, two-bath dwelling is now being sold for $1,200,000, an asking price that includes all ...
Tags: Florida, Real Estate, Design, Interviews, Architecture, Gallery, Carousel Showcase, Recycled Materials, Reclaimed Materials, Upcycling, Unique Architecture, Fort Lauderdale, Sotheby, Russo, Upcycled Art, Artist Studio

Take A One-Woman Drag Show About Machismo And Consent. Now Have A Man Perform It. What Happens?

At the Edinburgh Fringe this past summer and currently in London, Los Angeles actor Natalie Palamides performs her solo show titled Nate, in whch she plays an unrepentantly dopey douchebag. For two nights this week, Palamides had the show’s director, Phil Burgers (who performs as a clown under the stage name Dr. Brown), stepped in for her while she called out directions from just offstage. Did the gender swap change everything about the show? Brian Logan went to find out.
Tags: Art, Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, Brown, Nate, SJ, Brian Logan, Natalie Palamides, London Los Angeles, Phil Burgers, 11.27.18, Palamides

Hole in the Floor Bookcase

Creative bookcase will make you think that there is a deep hole in the floor. Optical illusion “Hole in the Floor” bookcase designed by Raw Edges. Also check out: Bookcase Staircase
Tags: Design, Tech

French Report On Cultural Restitution Puts Museums On Edge

Stéphane Martin, president of the Quai Branly Museum, which has 70,000 objects from sub-Saharan Africa in its collections, said in an interview with the French daily Le Figaro that last week’s report was “a bad answer to the courageous question posed by the president.” While restitution was “not a word that I’m scandalized by,” he added, there are “other ways to engage in cultural cooperation with Africa.”
Tags: Art, Africa, Visual, Saharan Africa, Le Figaro, Stéphane Martin, Quai Branly Museum, 11.27.18

Two-bedroom Archer tiny house is made for small families (Video)

Equipped with two bedrooms and a secondary loft, there's plenty of space to grow in this small home.
Tags: Design, News, Archer

Ori’s Robotic Pocket Closet

The MIT offshoot company Ori is hoping to make small living spaces feel and function better with the help of robotics. Their “shape-shifting” walk-in wardrobe (called Pocket Closet) can be bought online and shipped as a flat-pack to your door. The Pocket Closet is a set of shelves from the outside, but opens along a motorized track to reveal the closet space. The wardrobe is controlled via …
Tags: Design, Mit, Industrial Design, Furniture, Robotics, Linkaboutit, Ori, Closets, Small Space Living

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