IAMRUNBOX's Spin Bag is a Stylish and Functional Backpack Option for People on the Go

IAMRUNBOX first caught our attention when they announced their first backpack. We were intrigued by a backpack designed for commuters who run to work instead of commuting via subway, car or bus, as running poses a completely new challenge for backpack designers. Needless to say, we were curious to see how the brand would play out. Now, IAMRUNBOX has taken to Kickstarter to introduce the Spin bag, a stylish, more design-focused approach to the commuting or traveling backpack: The Spin bag feat...
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Core77's Ultimate Gift Guide for Designers: Week 1 Winners

This holiday, share your Ultimate Gift Guide with Core77 for a chance to gift yourself some fun prizes. We're on the lookout for your favorite 5 holiday gift ideas and will reward the best gift guides with awesome rewards, including gift certificates and designer-approved products. It gets betterr—one Editor's pick will take home a Spin Bag from IAMRUNBOX, and one Community Choice winner with the most votes will win a Core77 ~Mystery Box~!Okay, it's time to announce our first set of weekly winne...
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How Did Producing And Consuming Get So Far Apart?

Most of us live in a state of general ignorance about our physical surroundings. It’s not our fault; centuries of technological sophistication and global commerce have distanced most of us from making physical things, and even from seeing or knowing how they are made. But the slow and pervasive separation of people from knowledge of the material world brings with it a serious problem.
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Astronomea: a gorgeous, handmade, astronomy inspired desk lamp

Art Donovan (previously) writes, "Delivered. A very special design commission for the Project Director of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. A 'white glove' delivery, in fact. The first lamp in 28 years that I simply could not trust to survive the ravages of FedEx." It took a while to complete, as it grew more ambitious by the week. I went, "O.G" for the design- "Original Galileo", using his telescopes first three astronomical targets as visual influence: The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. At...
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America’s famous buildings reimagined as Gothic structures

Imagination is a fun game to play, and can result in interesting products brought about by unusual inspirations or strange combinations. Architecture has evolved so much over time and over space, but here’s a look at NeoMam Studios’ vision if American architecture fully embraced the Gothic movement. The guys at NeoMam took a look at famous structures, taking their original styles and replacing its flavor with that of Gothic architecture. The Golden Gate Bridge’s (above) art deco style was replac...
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This simple sticker gives your laptop an instant numpad!

NUMS is an absolutely stunning product (and a winner of the coveted Red Dot Award), purely for its simplicity and effectiveness. It recognizes a problem, and solves it in the most ingenious way possible, without extra moving parts, and without a learning curve. A simple transparent piece of plastic with adhesive at one end and no circuitry whatsoever, the NUMS just sits on your laptop, giving you the magic of a numpad (and much more) on your portable computing device.In order for laptops to st...
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RIBA crowns Children Village in Brazil as the worlds best new building

On the edge of a rainforest in northern Brazil, a recently built school complex by Brazilian architecture firms Aleph Zero and Rosenbaum has been awarded the RIBA International Prize 2018 for the ‘world’s best new building.’ Dubbed Children Village, the contemporary project earned praise not only for its beautiful and low-impact design but also for its social impact as boarding accommodation to 540 children aged 13 to 18 attending the Canuanã School. The winning entry was selected by a grand ju...
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Researchers: This Is The Most Influential Movie Of All Time

“The success of a film is usually measured through its box-office revenue, or the opinion of professional critics,” the researchers write in the journal Applied Network Science. “Such measures, however, may be influenced by external factors, such as advertisement or trends, and are not able to capture the impact of a movie over time.”
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Study: How You Watch A Movie Depends On What Kind Of Thinker You Are

Aalto University researchers showed volunteers the film My Sister’s Keeper on a screen while the research subjects were lying down in an MRI scanner. The study compared the volunteers’ brain activity, and concluded that holistic thinkers saw the film more similarly with each other than analytical thinkers. In addition, holistic thinkers processed the film’s moral issues and factual connections within the film more similarly with each other than the analytical thinkers.
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Nine Companies to Compete Over $2.6 Billion in NASA Contracts

In an effort to broaden their relationship with companies capable of developing technology for lunar transportation and exploration, NASA fielded over 30 pitches from various aeronautics and space organizations. Of the 30, nine were chosen to compete for $2.6 billion in government contracts. “When we go to the moon,” NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine says, “we want to be one customer of many customers in a robust marketplace.” Read more about …
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Lorraine O’Grady’s “From Me to Them to Me Again” at SCAD

"I realize now, most of my work is an argument against Western civilization."
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3 Keys to Train Your Team on Your Next Presentation

According to a recent poll, nearly ⅓ of the workforce reports receiving no formal training, and employees list training as one of the top 4 reasons they leave a job. That’s why training your team for each presentation they give is paramount to their success and ultimately your company’s success. Whether you have 1 person presenting the deck to a small audience or 100 people presenting all over the world, the importance of training is the same. Effective training will increase your team’s comfort...
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The Hyperinflation And Corruption Of The Book Blurb Biz

Blurbs, the quoted testimonials of a book’s virtues by other authors, are now so ubiquitous, readers expect them, first-time authors stress about getting them, booksellers base orders on them. A blank back cover today would probably look like a production mistake. But while readers heft books in their hands and scrutinize the praise, it should be noted that blurbs are not ad copy written by some copywriter; they are ad copy written by a fellow author. “Ad copy” might be a bit harsh, but maybe no...
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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An Artwork Powered By Visitor Biometrics. Any Concerns, People?

The Hirshhorn Museum has an artwork that is generated and powered by visitors’ fingerprints and heart rates. Cool, right? But what about the data collected by this piece? Are you willing to just “give” away your fingerprint?
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New Book: "Streamliner - Raymond Loewy and Image-making in the Age of American Industrial Design"

Raymond Loewy, the father of the profession of industrial design, is renowned for (among other things) designing trains in the streamlined style. But here's a fun fact: Before he was designing trains, he got his foot in the door at the Pennsylvania Railroad by designing…a trash can for Penn Station in New York City.That was in 1932, and Loewy of course went on to design trains, planes, automobiles, appliances, logos and more. If you're interested in both Loewy's life story and his many design ac...
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Fanciful Renderings Friday: Supercars Reimagined as Rally Cars

When you picture a powerful car clawing its way to victory at Paris-Dakar or the World Rally Championship, it's undoubtedly a stubby Subaru or a pugnacious Peugeot. But UK-based NeoMam studios, whose designers frequently render risible auto design mash-ups, asked themselves what ultra-exclusive supercars would look like in rally trim and posted them on BudgetDirect. I wouldn't click past any of these if they came on the TV: 1. Bugatti Divo Rally Car "Bugattis are renowned for their speed, ha...
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Chat Agents Can See What You Type Before You Hit Send, and You're Being Recorded Even When You're On Hold

I used to drive an ambulance, and like most crews, ours often mingled with cops on-site and knew them well. One of them told us about a trick he used during traffic stops: After approaching the car and conversing with the driver and/or passenger, if something seemed fishy he would surreptitiously remove his walkie-talkie and lower it to the ground while pretending to scratch his leg. Unbeknownst to the car's occupants, the walkie was then left standing up just outside of the driver's door--switc...
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Director of Programming, Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech

The Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech is searching for an experienced Director of Programming to lead multidisciplinary performing arts planning, community engagement, and student learning efforts. Responsibilities include curation of a presented season of 25-35 engagements and performances, collaboration with campus and community partners, and thoughtful management of resources. To learn more about this position and to apply, please search for Administrative and Professional Faculty Position Po...
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Reader Submitted: Mechanical Mixologist

London based design studio Rogue Projects have developed an Isambard Brunel inspired cocktail machine. A collaboration between Rogue Projects, Bombay Sapphire and Inception Group, the 'Mechanical Mixologist' was designed as an experience-driven invention that enables patrons to watch their Negroni being made and take a trip in time. It was commissioned for the Victorian-themed Mr Fogg's 'Society of Exploration'. The underground cocktail bar opened in September 2018, a stone's throw from the ...
Tags: Design, London, Charing Cross, Interior/exhibition Design, Jules Verne, Negroni, Fogg, Reader Projects, Rogue Projects, Isambard Brunel, Mechanical Mixologist Detail of Bombay Sapphire, Detail of Bombay Sapphire, Foggs

Design Job: fuseproject Is Seeking a Senior Industrial Designer to Lead Their Team in San Francisco

We are currently seeking a Senior Industrial Designer that has an outstanding product portfolio and experience building and guiding a team of designers. Duties/Responsibilities: + Defining and leading the activities required to generate a clear, compelling, and actionable design point of view for the View the full design job here
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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2018 welded steel combined

[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Walnut Garden Scissors

These walnut garden scissors feature blades made from heat-treated stainless steel. The inlaid walnut is smooth to the touch, and these scissors (which come in two sizes) are also ambidextrous—unlike so many others.
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Australian Aboriginal Art And Immanuel Kant

“There is beauty here in exactly the way that Kant meant the word, a beauty that comes from the pleasure of looking at designs that ‘mean nothing on their own.’ … The problem is that … Aboriginal artists aren’t working with anything like a Kantian conception of a free play of the faculties and they have, in the vast majority of cases, no interest in the idea of abstraction as that idea emerged in … painting in the 20th century.”
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Our Culture Is Built On Trust. But As That Trust Melts Away…

To understand the crisis liberal democracy faces today – whether we identify this primarily in terms of “populism” or “post-truth” – it’s not enough to simply bemoan the rising cynicism of the public. We need also to consider some of the reasons why trust has been withdrawn.
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Cheap drainage nets keep water pollution at bay in Australia

Water pollution is a growing crisis around the world, but one city in Australia is doing its part to tackle the huge surges of waste that come from stormwater drains. By using a somewhat obvious, simple and cost-effective system of nets, or “trash traps,” the City of Kwinana is moving to prevent waste from entering its waters. In Spring 2018, the City of Kwinana collaborated with supplier Ecosol to install two drainage nets in the Henley Reserve. The netting was simply attached to concrete drai...
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LEGO Cars in Real World

Enlarged images of LEGO vehicles inserted into photographs of Rome, Italy. “LEGO outside LEGOLAND” digital photo art project by Domenico Franco. Also check out: LEGO Photographe
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