£35,000 BP Portrait Award 2019 - How to enter and how to improve your chances of being selected.

2019 will be the 40th year of the BP Portrait Award and the 30th year of its sponsorship by BP. It's grown in stature over time as the number of entries from around the world have increased. The... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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The Subtle Playfulness of Studio ETN's Minimalist Apartment in Jaffa, Israel

Located in central Jaffa in Tel Aviv, Israel, this two bedroom apartment was recently renovated by Studio ETN in order to create a thoroughly modern, light-filled home in tune with the lifestyle of its owners, a professional couple with a young daughter.
Tags: Art, Tel Aviv Israel, Jaffa, Jaffa Israel

YD JOB ALERT: Joseph Joseph is looking for a Freelance Product Designer

Stop! You’re in the right place! Joseph Joseph, the creators of some of our favorite household products (we’ve showcased a few below) is on the lookout for a freelance product/industrial designer to partner with them on ongoing and future projects. In short, designers need to have a working knowledge of Solidworks (as well as Adobe CS and Keyshot) and need to be proficient in prototyping and foam modeling. Candidates will have week by week availability or can even opt for a rolling contract, mak...
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How ‘Peak TV’ Is Hollowing Out TV Criticism

“Faced with a thickening glut of television, critics produce fewer negative reviews. With limitless A- and B+ programs available to overpraise, why trash a B-, let alone an F? This results in the expectation, on the part of the critics themselves, that the shows they write about must be aesthetically interesting or, at the very least, culturally urgent. Such endemic self-flattery leads, inevitably, to a weakening of their critical language.” — The Baffler
Tags: Art, Media, November 2018

How to Create an Infographic Using PowerPoint

Did you know that users on Instagram pore through 80 MILLION photos every day? Couple that with the fact that visual content is now 40x more likely to be shared on social media, and all of a sudden, the emphasis on creating engaging visual content becomes critical. But sometimes as a presenter or thought leader, you don’t know where to begin with creating engaging visuals to post. With complicated software and limited time availability, we see many presenters settle for text-based posts rather t...
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What An Obscure German Novel Taught Me About Dictators And Wannabes

Lion Feuchtwanger’s The Oppermanns, which takes place largely in 1933, the year Hitler took over the German government, “is a case study in how quickly the institutions of democracy and the habits of civilization can be destroyed and how educated and well-intentioned citizens can watch the destruction proceed without seeing it. … Reading him now — 84 years after the book’s publication and 60 years after the author’s death — the quandaries feel very current.”
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Google is building digital art galleries you can step into

Google wants to help you to take a closer look at the art world. The company’s Arts & Culture app has long been one of the company’s cooler niche apps and one that I often feel guilty about overlooking every time I rediscover it. Today, the company has added another experience into the mix focused on collecting the known works of Dutch master artist Johannes Vermeer and curating them in a single place. The feature looks a lot like many of the company’s other deep dives, including listicles of...
Tags: Google, Art, Tech, Johannes Vermeer, Augmented Reality, Pocket Gallery

The Bamford GMT

Masterful watchmakers (and watch-modifiers), Bamford London have just announced their first-ever timepiece to feature a Swiss-made self-winding movement. Beyond housing the Sellita SW330-1 movement, the five-model Bamford GMT collection (one of which is limited edition) features 40mm stainless steel cases and impeccable design. Our personal favorite is the blue and white on a bracelet for its nostalgic heritage nods. Delivery is expected in March 2019. Price is …
Tags: Design, Watches, Bamford, Bamford Watch Department, Swiss Watches, George Bamford, Watch Design, Bamford London

What It’s Like For American Dancers To Study Ballet In Cuba

Sofia Castán Vargas, a 16-year-old San Diegan/Tijuana now enrolled at the Alonso Cuban National Ballet School, and Catherine Conley, a 20-year-old alumna who stayed on to become a corps member in the Cuban National Ballet, talk about the challenges a student from the U.S. wull face and the particular qualities of Cuban training that drew them there. — Pointe Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Cuba, Sofia, Catherine Conley, Cuban National Ballet, 12.03.18, Castán Vargas, San Diegan Tijuana, Alonso Cuban National Ballet School

The World’s First Serial Podcast Opera — But Is It, Really?

Composer Jason Cady’s Buick City 1am “is an intriguing concept, addressing several of the traditional form’s shortcomings in relation to the modern world: it makes no undue demands of one’s attention span (four 25-minute episodes), it is accessible (anywhere, 24/7, via one’s phone), and it is free.” But does it qualify as an opera? Using a quite reasonable definition, Gina Leishman suggests that the answer is no. — Financial Times
Tags: Art, Music, Buick City, Jason Cady, Gina Leishman, 11.30.18

How Mike Birbiglia Lived Out His Recurring Nightmare On A Broadway Stage

“My recurring nightmare was me, onstage, in this 1,100-seat theater, with no people in it. I’ve had it ever since we even talked about doing the show [The New One] on Broadway. Strangely enough, that became a reality in rehearsal, because it’s just the designers and the crew in the audience. There’s eight people in a room that seats 1,100, and so I do the show from start to finish with no laughter. It’s really empowering to live your nightmare.” — New York Times Magazine
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Mike Birbiglia, 11.28.18

What An Obscure German Novel Taught A ‘Politico’ Writer About Dictators And Wannabes

Lion Feuchtwanger’s The Oppermanns, which takes place largely in 1933, the year Hitler took over the German government, “is a case study in how quickly the institutions of democracy and the habits of civilization can be destroyed and how educated and well-intentioned citizens can watch the destruction proceed without seeing it. … Reading him now — 84 years after the book’s publication and 60 years after the author’s death — the quandaries feel very current.” — Politico
Tags: Art, Words, Hitler, 11.28.18

This periscope case turns your phone into an Action Camera

Defox’s 3D printed Periscope case does a pretty neat thing. It repositions your camera so you can look down at your phone while record what’s happening ahead of you. Essentially, you’re not pointing your phone’s camera at the subject being shot, but rather, are filming or shooting imagery with your phone in a much more natural manner. This interesting deviation allows your phone to become an even more accessible device because now your phone’s literally an action camera!You can mount your phone ...
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Cut and Fold Techniques, Revised Edition - Book Giveaway

Paul Jackson's book, Cut and Fold Techniques for Promotional Materials, has been very popular with marketers who have looked to it since 2013 for attention-grabbing ways of announcing new... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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Home invasion — with a happy ending

In case you hadn’t noticed, @terryteachout, my Twitter account, was hacked on Sunday morning as part of a cross-platform attack on my social-media presence. The objective, it seems, was ransom.
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 12.03.18

The Perverse Imagination of Edward Carey

A few weeks ago I got a historical novel, written for adults, called Little, based on the life of Madame Tussaud. I soon learned that my 12-year-old son had beaten me to this author’s work: He’d already read Heap House, the first novel in the outlandish, fantasy-based The Iremonger Trilogy, aimed at precocious kids. I was lucky enough to speak to the writer, Edward Carey, about how he kept it all straight, and how slight the differences between categories are.
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Guide to sustainable winter activities

Just because the temperature plummets and the daylight runs short doesn’t mean your bustling days need to end. Instead of hibernating like a bear, wearing pajamas and watching Netflix day after day, put some fun on the schedule and look forward to a winter full of activities. Of course, consumption and waste are always a consideration here at Inhabitat so here’s our top choices for the best eco-friendly, sustainable activities for your winter calendar. Snow play Those who love winter oft...
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‘Emotional Labor’ Concept Creep: Sociologist Who Coined The Term Says We’re Using It Too Much

“Really, I’m horrified,” says Arlie Hochschild, who introduced the concept back in 1983 as “the work, for which you’re paid, which centrally involves trying to feel the right feeling for the job … from the flight attendant whose job it is to be nicer than natural to the bill collector whose job it is to be, if necessary, harsher than natural.” Now, she points out, “it’s being used, for example, to refer to the enacting of to-do lists … It’s also being applied to perfectionism: You’ve absolutely...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Arlie Hochschild, 11.26.18

Clever Contraption Makes Your Washing Machine Vibration-Free and Silent

Here's a fun bit of infrastructural engineering adapted to a humble domestic application. While your home doesn't generate the seismic activity that civil engineers worry about, there is one culprit that vibrates and makes a racket: Your washing machine. Few among us have the inclination to monitor and rebalance laundry loads, and if you've got sensitive downstairs neighbors--or short hose lines--a "dancing" washing machine presents a problem.An Italian start-up called Elmac has devised a soluti...
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Judge Rules for Wall Street Investor Who Bought Fake Leon Golub Paintings

A federal jury in New Hampshire has ruled that a former college professor and her son defrauded Wall Street investor Andrew J. Hall by selling him a series of fake paintings they claimed were by Leon Golub. “I am even happier for Leon Golub and his legacy that was being impaired by this whole business,” […]
Tags: Art, News, New Hampshire, Art News, Minipost, Andrew J Hall, Leon Golub

A First: Conservatory Appoints Lecturer To Teach Musicians Health And Wellbeing

“Sara Ascenso, a clinical psychologist and trained pianist, will start at the [Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester] in January. Her role will include lecturing and research, and she will also develop the health and wellbeing provision across the college, ensuring it is tailored to musicians’ needs.” — The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, Manchester, Royal Northern College of Music, 11.26.18, Sara Ascenso

Leslie Montes' Attractive and Honest Kumiki Furniture Collection

Two furniture trends we've been seeing: 1) Mid-century modern knockoffs,2) Upstart designers attempting to make things that are different, just for the sake of being different. So it's a breath of fresh air to see industrial designer Leslie Montes' back-to-basics Kumiki furniture collection. Here's why we like it:It uses real wood. The wood is not pretending to be something else. The wood is not dressed up to prettify it in an artificial way. The material is allowed to be beautiful in its ow...
Tags: Japan, Design, Furniture Design, Madrid Spain, Bfa, Kyushu, University of Kansas, Kyushu University, Montes, Michael DiTullo, Doshisha University, Leslie Montes, Kumiki, Istituto Europeo di Design, Nihongo Montes

I'm a Student. Should I Submit My Work to Design Awards?

As a student, it can be difficult to convince yourself to invest money in something related to your professional career such as an awards program, let alone investing in a turkey sandwich for lunch. Though it may seem difficult to envision what applying to something like an awards program gets you, winning one offers several hidden benefits that could help your design career in the long run.For any students wavering in whether or not they should apply to awards programs this year, our Core77 Des...
Tags: Design,, Core77 Design Awards, Don, Abidur Chowdhury, Matthieu Muller Pierre Alexandre Cesbron, Lovisa Boucher, Chih Chiu of Royal College of Art

Electrifying Design from Audi’s e-Tron GT Concept Car

First impressions of the battery-powered vehicle from the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show Audi design boss Marc Lichte prefers to clear his head on the deck of a boat in the Baltic Sea, but when he’s in the studio, he must imagine himself behind the wheel of an electric car. Unveiled at the LA Auto Show last week, one such car is the German luxury brand’s …
Tags: Auto, Design, Interviews, Cars, Driving, La Auto Show, Concept Cars, Audi, Baltic Sea, Concept, Car Design, Marc Lichte, Los Angeles Auto Show Audi, Audi E-tron Gt

Modern loft is part of family's multigenerational living scheme

This renovated unit is allowing three generations of one family to live right beside each other.
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Why Does The Industry Keep Marketing Classical Music As A Tranquilizer?

Classical radio stations promote their programming as “calming and refreshing,” an “oasis,” or “an island of sanity.” Playlists on YouTube and audio streaming services have titles like “8 Hours Classical Music for Sleeping”; inexpensive compilation CDs offer “The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe.” Jennifer Gersten, winner of the 2018 Rubin Prize in Music Criticism — identifies at least one reason why the industry keeps falling into this rut, and argues that the habit sells both the ...
Tags: Art, Music, Jennifer Gersten, 11.30.18

Veteran carpenter builds gorgeous tiny home that boasts impressive wood working and screened-in porch

Working in woodworking since he was 15 years old, Maine native Vince Marzilli knows a thing or two about carpentry. The Maine-native has now parlayed his wood crafting talents into the tiny home construction business, and the results are stunning. Clad in cedar shingles with an all-wood interior and inviting screened-in porch, Marzilli’s first tiny home, the Cumberland, gives off a soothing cabin-in-the-woods feel. Built on a custom wheeled trailer, the Cumberland is 15 feet long, clad in a m...
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Technology Before Internet

Internet companies and services represented by products from 80s and 90s. Re:Birth – pre-internet technology conceptual project by Thomas Ollivier. Netflix Instagram WhatsApp Google Snapchat Facebook Adobe Illustrator Spotify Also check out: Retro Internet
Tags: Design, Tech, Thomas Ollivier

UK Government Puts Export Bar on JMW Turner Painting

The UK government has blocked the export of a JMW Turner painting while a buyer is sought to keep it in the UK, the Guardian reports. “Turner is one of Britain’s greatest ever artists, whose studies of British life still resonate with the public today, says arts minister Michael Ellis. “It has so much significance […]
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An appreciation of the long-lost MP3 player skins of yesteryear

When MP3s conquered music, it depended on three key technologies: CD ripping software, file-sharing software, and MP3 playing software, primarily Winamp. Winamp was infinitely customizable, and there was an exuberant practice of coming up with MP3 player skins (some of Winamp's competitors adopted its skin format, making the skins interoperable among different players), and sites devoted to featuring and distributing the coolest skins. This is long gone -- the sites, the files, all of it, ...
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