Lop Eared Bunny

Lop Eared Bunny  Oil on panel, 8" x 8,"  $330. The Cleveland APL has several lovely bunnies up for adoption.  Here's a link to see "other adoptables" at the APL. [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
Tags: Art, Diane Hoeptner, Cleveland APL

Smalls Smores - by Madcap Factory, "a...

Smalls Smores - by Madcap Factory, "a Brooklyn-based production house dedicated to the advancement of play." Absurd, but adorable concept. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Facebook’s Existential Crisis: What To Do When You’re Not “Making The World A Better Place?”

More than other tech companies, Facebook has insisted that its commercial success benefits the world. There are examples of the wealth from a tech business being used by its founder to support a grand project like space exploration, as Tesla’s Elon Musk or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos do. Alphabet harnesses the money from the Google search engine to support expensive, speculative “moon shot” engineering projects with the potential to change the world. Facebook’s point is more direct: The business goals o...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Art, Facebook, Elon Musk, Tesla, Ideas, Jeff Bezos, 12.03.18

4 books on race in America everyone should read

These books, from authors like Toni Morrison and John F. Kennedy, open up a whole new perspective on the American landscape.Read Jose Antonio Vargas' groundbreaking essay on life as an undocumented migrant in The New York Times Magazine.Vargas' memoir, Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen, is out now. The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison Growing up, no book stimulated me more than Morrison's The Bluest Eye. I was first assigned to read the book in eighth grade and the "why" of the story h...
Tags: Art, Race, Immigration, America, House, Innovation, Refugees, Marilyn Monroe, Literature, Elvis Presley, John F Kennedy, Toni Morrison, Kennedy, Morrison, Sandra Cisneros, Angelou

Suffragette City Tea Cup and Saucer

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the UK, this “Suffragette City” cup and saucer is made by Plinth in collaboration with the Mayor of London and Bella Freud. Made from fine bone china, its gold rims mean it’s not dishwasher-safe. More importantly, a portion of the proceeds go to the Fawcett Society, which works for gender equality and women’s rights.
Tags: Kitchen, UK, Design, London, Gender Equality, Dining, Suffragette, Bella Freud, Fawcett Society, Suffragette City, Tea Sets, Teacups

The Chameleon bottle changes its color with the temperature!

The Chameleon bottle just makes owning a bottle and drinking the liquid stored in the bottle fun, which is a difficult thing to begin with. It’s challenging to gamify something as basic as hydration, but the Chameleon bottle does it with a simple trick. Thermally-reactive paint! The bottle comes in one of three colors, and is white when warm, and colorful when cold. Fill your bottle with warm coffee, tea, or a cold beverage like a juice or just good old chilled water (infuse it for even more o...
Tags: Deals, Design, Paint, Bottle, Product Design, Chameleon, Drinkware, Thermochromic, Color Changing, Root7

Why The Tech World Needs Humanities Students More Than Ever

“What matters now is not the skills you have but how you think. Can you ask the right questions? Do you know what problem you’re trying to solve in the first place?” They remind us there is a “long list of successful tech leaders who hold degrees in the humanities.
Tags: Art, Issues, 12.01.18

Chinese Government Control Of The Art Market Threatens It

What counts as a problematic work tends, loosely, to be anything explicitly sexually suggestive, some nudes, those with religious subject matter and politically engaged works that might be construed as criticising the Chinese regime. A foreign exhibitor at one of the fairs says anonymously that they were not allowed to bring a work that joked about global trade and Chinese manufacturing. Works by Georg Baselitz and Francis Bacon, proposed by international galleries were apparently among those tu...
Tags: Art, Francis Bacon, Georg Baselitz, Visual, 11.27.18

Pinot Bianco 2015

A highly rated Italian white wine, Villa Russiz’s Pinot Bianco 2015 vintage carries fruity and floral notes that pair well with light foods. It’s easygoing and fresh from start to finish. For those unaware, Pinot Bianco is drawn from a Pinot Blanc grape, derived from Pinot Gris. Perhaps the best attribute to this delectable wine happens to be the fact that 50% of the income …
Tags: Design, Alcohol, Italy, Wine, White Wines, Pinot Bianco

Patagonia donates its $10 million in tax cuts to save the planet

Last year, President Trump said that his tax bill would be an incredible Christmas gift for millions of hard-working Americans, but it also resulted in billions of dollars of tax savings for businesses — especially those in the oil and gas industry. But one outdoor retailer has opted to donate its tax savings to the planet instead of putting it back into the business. Patagonia announced last week that it would be giving away the $10 million the company made as a result of the Republican tax cu...
Tags: Design, Patagonia, Trump, Yukiko Matsuoka, Rose Marcario, Marcario, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Patagonia

Going nuts about this acorn-inspired snack bowl!

Qualy’s designs have an innocent, playful quality that makes them instantly lovable. They also revolve around a rather neat idea that makes them clever, like the Four Seasons shakers. The Acorn snacks bowl revolves around the same principles of being innocent, playful, and clever! A lid and a bowl join together to form a closed container. Lift the lid, invert it and place it back and you’ve got yourself two bowls! One for foodstuff and one for discarded peels, seeds, or wrappers! Perfect for e...
Tags: Design, Dining, Product Design, Qualy Design, Acorn Snack Bowl

The UK Arts Economy Is Growing Much Faster Than The General Economy

 show the cultural sector contributed £29.5bn in 2017 – a 7.2% increase on the £27.5bn it had generated the year before. Similar growth was seen for both the digital sector and the wider creative industries, with which the cultural sector has some overlap, which grew by 7.3% and 7.1% respectively. – Arts Professional
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We Live In A Replicable World. So What Is Up With Our Obsession With Originals?

The ubiquity of virtual images has indeed made encounters with original objects ever more coveted, feeding the stampede of visitors and our carbon footprint. Veneration of original works has fuelled astronomical prices for a few dozen artists, mostly Modern and contemporary. The explosion of cultural tourism has been exacerbated by a bull art market, the global growth of the middle class and museum selfies spreading Fomo (fear of missing out).
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.03.18

Striking home in Greece uses bioclimatic features to be energy-efficient year-round

Tucked into a sloping hillside looking out over the Aegean Sea, the TRIF House designed by Sergey Fedotov boasts a gorgeous, contemporary design with massive floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the breathtaking sea views. In addition to its striking aesthetic, the private residence also includes a number of passive features that insulate the home and reduce energy use throughout the year. Located in Porto Heli, Greece, the massive home, which spans over 3,800 square feet, sits on a naturally s...
Tags: Design, Greece, Architecture, Gallery, Energy Efficiency, Contemporary Architecture, Passive Design, Aegean Sea, Passive, Greek architecture, Energy Efficient, Passive Home, Bioclimatic Design, Hillside Homes, Sergey Fedotov, TRIF House

Still Confused about Cryptocurrency? This Tactile Toy Has You Covered

"Most young children first encounter digital money in video games, where they can acquire coins to spend at will in the game environment," Filippo Yacob says. "There's no real accountability; there's no real learning. So they associate digital money with money that isn't real."But Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming some of the realest elements of 21st-century financial literacy. As an inventor and a dad, Yacob worries that parents—many of them confused about block...
Tags: Design, Crowdfunding, Tech, Bitcoin, Kickstarter, John, Kano, Skype, My Son, Yacob, Primo Toys, Jon Marshall, Pigzbe, Wollo, Filippo Yacob, Jon Marshall Filippo Yacob Adam Amos

The 2018 Engineering Gift Guide from Purdue...

The 2018 Engineering Gift Guide from Purdue University! After reading so many gift guides online, with so much of the same stuff... this is still one of the most inspiringly, unique ones out there! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Daily Design Inspiration

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudio Dec 04, 2018 The unfamous Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. Where you'll find the most interesting designs/artworks/concepts curated by one of us to utterly inspire your day. Besides that, it's an opportunity to feature work from other designers, artists, and creators in general that we haven't had the chance to write or featured. For this Daily we are selecting in graphic design, bra...
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Thomas And Groenewald: A Fine Togetherness

Jay Thomas With The Oliver Groenewald Newnet: I Always Knew (Origin) Thomas, a veteran master of brass and reed instruments, teams with Groenewald, the man he describes in his liner notes as “the perfect fit for me as an arranger.”
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Thomas, Groenewald, 12.04.18, Thomas And Groenewald, Jay Thomas With The Oliver Groenewald Newnet

Case studies in community engagement

The Community Engagement Training offered by ArtsEngaged is also preparing new trainers. As a culminating part of their work, they prepare a case study critiquing a project they know well. Here are the first four.
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 12.04.18

This carbon-neutral festival promotes sustainable fun in Thailand

The fields are alive with art, architecture, food, wellness, talks and workshops, family activities and music at the fifth annual Wonderfruit festival in Pattaya, Thailand this December. Wonderfruit is a five-day, carbon-neutral event that inspires curiosity and encourages exploration of the unknown while promoting sustainable practices. Technically, Wonderfruit is a three-part festival with phase one in September, phase two in November and phase three taking place in December. Individuals and...
Tags: Design, Environment, Festival, Thailand, Festivals, Biodegradable, Music Festivals, Bjarke Ingels, Zero Waste, Art Festival, Eat & Drink, Eco-inspiration, Wonderfruit, Pattaya Thailand, Single Use Plastic, Single-use

This 2.4-Million-Year-Old Discovery Alters Human History

The discovery of 2.4-million-year-old stone tools in north Africa have—yet again—altered the human origin story. “The evidence from Algeria has changed [our] earlier view regarding East Africa [as] being the cradle of humankind. Actually, the entire Africa was the cradle of humankind,” Mohamed Sahnouni, an archaeologist at Spain’s National Research Center for Human Evolution, says. Humanity’s distant cousin, the hominin, moved north through (and evolved and develop …
Tags: Science, Design, Africa, Spain, History, Culture, Archaeology, Algeria, Archeology, Linkaboutit, North Africa, East Africa, Mohamed Sahnouni, National Research Center for Human Evolution

Logo Design Trends 2019: Your Ultimate Guide to Navigate The Biggest and Hottest Trends

  A logo is the visual centerpiece of a company’s brand identity. As we explained in The Small Business Guide to Creating a Perfect Logo: At its most basic, a logo is a small, symbolic piece of artwork that represents a business. But, we’ve dug a bit deeper than that. When you set aside all the design trends and fancy fonts, at its core, a logo must: 1- Embody your brand. 2- Be instantly recognizable. 3- Be versatile. 4- Be timeless. Everything else is optional. In fact, I’ll go one step furthe...
Tags: Firefox, Design, Instagram, Small Business, Sales, Startup, Netflix, Airbnb, Branding, Logo Design, Don, Dunkin Donuts, CCI, Mary Kate, Marketing and branding, Brand And Identity

The Opposite Of Dance? What It’s Like For A Dancer To Perform As A Human Sculpture

“There is someone less than a foot away from me, just off of my right shoulder, observing the way I’m holding my hand strangely, but perhaps gracefully? I hope my nails are clean. My arm is starting to tremble. I’m not even sure how much time has gone by. I let my arm gently, almost imperceptibly, fall, allowing my shoulder to melt with it, and stop myself mid-breath. “I am…right here,” I say to myself with my director’s voice in my head. I am ON DISPLAY .” Victoria Dombroski of Heidi Latsky Dan...
Tags: Art, Dance, Heidi Latsky, 11.02.18, Victoria Dombroski, Latsky

1907’s world’s fastest motorbike gets the revamp of the century

A hundred and eleven years after their founder Glenn Curtiss developed his legendary land-speed record-breaking V8 bike in 1907, the people at Curtiss Motorcycles (formerly known as Confederate Motorcycles before they rebranded their image) redesigned it for the modern age. Called the Hera, this absolute stunner of an e-bike is all set to make its debut in 2020, and these are the first production-ready images.The Hera bases itself almost entirely on the layout of the original V8, but replaces th...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Motorcycle, Hera, Glenn Curtiss, Confederate Motorcycles, Curtiss Motorcycles, E bike

The Orchid is a luxurious Scandinavian-inspired tiny home

This modern take on the gabled farmhouse includes lots of clever space-saving ideas.
Tags: Design, News

NVIDIA Has Trained AI to Create Entire Virtual Worlds

With a background in industrial design, a good portfolio and some luck, you could land a job as a digital set designer for Hollywood. Their job involves, among other things, rendering cityscapes through which green-screened actors might run, fly or have car chases. But while the actors won't be replaced by computers yet, the days of designers specializing in cityscapes might be numbered.That's because researchers at NVIDIA have managed to harness the power of AI to render not just single scenes,...
Tags: Design, Tech, Nvidia, Bryan Catanzaro

Thoughts on Consumerism, Farm Life and the Design of Can Openers

Moving from New York City to a remote farm has taught me a lot about consumerism. For the previous 20 years I lived in SoHo. Anything I might want--food, coffee, clothes, kitchen goods, consumer products, electronics, tools, hardware, raw materials from wood to upholstery foam to plastics--from any brand was within a few blocks.On this 47-acre farm, my initial impression was that nothing was within a few blocks. If I needed something, that meant driving towards the interstate and a Walmart. I sp...
Tags: Amazon, Design, New York City, Walmart, Chinatown, OXO, SoHo Anything, Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Lidlifter

90 UK Theatres Announce Plan To Increase Diversity In Non-Stage Staff

“Rather than putting the onus on employers to address this issue alone, we decided to assist them by using the best knowledge we had available – our members’ experiences. We asked reps about the reality of theatre recruitment to establish how it really works.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, UK, Theatre, SJ, 11.27.18

Now Available on Xometry: HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Earlier we wrote up Xometry, the online, on-demand manufacturing platform that gives industrial designers instant quotes. With an existing network of producers equipped with machines that can do Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), and PolyJet, they've got digital fabrication pretty well-covered. But in an effort to be as comprehensive as possible, they've recently added yet another process to their offeri...
Tags: Design, Digital Fabrication, Nylon, Xometry

Nike Flower Shoes

Beautiful sculptures of Nike shoes created out of colorful stacked flowers. “Flower Shoes” by New York based artist Mr. Flower Fantastic “MFF”. Also check out: Wireframe Nike Sneake
Tags: New York, Design, Inspiration, Nike, Nike Flower Shoes, Mr Flower Fantastic

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